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Author Index, 1981, Volume 30

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M. A. Abel'
Description of closed ideals in algebras of continuous vector-valued functions
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:5,  775–785
S. S. Agayan, A. G. Sarukhanyan
Recurrence formulas for the construction of Williamson-type matrices
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:4,  603–617
R. Zh. Aleev
A condition for a component of the centralizer of an involution to be standard
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:2,  161–170
A. B. Aleksandrov
$A$-integrability of the boundary values of harmonic functions
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:1,  59–72
Yu. E. Alenitsyn
Least area of the image of a multiconnected domain in the class of $p$-sheeted conformal mappings
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:6,  807–812
I. V. Aliev, S. Ya. Yakubov
Second-order differential-operator equations with discrete spectrum on the whole axis
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:2,  187–196
Yu. A. Alkhutov
Regularity of boundary points relative to the Dirichlet problem for second-order elliptic equations
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:3,  333–342
S. N. Antonov
Analytic properties of quasistable distributions
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:4,  595–602
R. R. Ashurov
Divergence of spectral expansions connected with elliptic operators
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:2,  225–235
R. R. Ashurov
Nonexistence of localization of spectral decompositions associated with elliptic operators
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:4,  535–542
A. A. Azamov
A class of nonlinear differential games
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:4,  619–625
A. S. Barashko
Infimums of step-counting functions of enumeration of sets
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:3,  397–406
A. S. Belov
The Szidon–Zygmund inequality in the theory of lacunary trigonometric series
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:4,  501–515
S. A. Chobanyan, see W. Linde
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:1,  133–142
A. A. Danilevich
Some boundary properties of sequences of vector-valued analytic functions
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:1,  73–81
V. A. Dem'yanenko
Recurrence relations for the coefficients of a modular curve
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:1,  13–19
M. M. Dragilev
Compatibly regular bases in nonnuclear Köthe spaces
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:6,  819–822
M. S. Eremin
Equivalence in $A_R$ of an integrodifferential operator of a certain form and the Euler operator
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:2,  249–254
M. V. Fedoryuk, see V. P. Maslov
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:5,  763–768
V. N. Filippov
Spectral synthesis in certain spaces of entire functions of exponential type
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:4,  527–534
V. P. Fonf
Polyhedral Banach spaces
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:4,  627–634
A. L. Garkavi
Minimax balayage theorem and an inscribed ball problem
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:1,  109–121
M. G. Gimadislamov
Criteria for the discreteness of the spectrum of a hypoelliptic operator
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:5,  685–693
V. Ya. Golodets
Isomorphism of approximatively finite type $\mathrm{III}_1$ factors with an almost-periodic weight
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:5,  669–678
B. I. Golubov
Asymptotic behavior of singular multiple integrals for differentiable functions
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:5,  749–762
A. N. Grishkov
Irreducible representations of modular Lie algebras
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:1,  21–26
P. Ya. Grushko
Realization of the structure functions
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:5,  713–721
A. P. Gubachev
Phragmen–Lindelöf type theorem for quasilinear elliptic equations in a cylindrical domain
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:2,  197–201
G. M. Gubreev, A. I. Kovalenko
Tests for completeness of root subspaces of a differentiation operator with abstract boundary conditions
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:4,  543–552
D. Ismoilov
Primitive integral points on the surface of an elliptic cone
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:4,  469–479
A. V. Ivanov
$\omega$-High injective groups
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:2,  171–178
Z. Kadelburg
Asymptotic of “the spectral functions” of two non-self-adjoint boundary-value problems
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:5,  659–667
V. A. Kalinin
Extending embeddings and homeomorphisms of subsets of the Tikhonov cube
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:3,  421–437
G. A. Kalyabin
Criteria for the multiplicativity and for the imbedding into $C$ of Besov–Lizorkin–Triebel type spaces
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:4,  517–526
V. G. Kanovei
Theory of Zermelo without power set axiom and the theory of Zermelo–Frenkel without power set axiom are relatively consistent
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:3,  407–419
N. K. Karapetyants
Necessary conditions for the boundedness of an operator with nonnegative quasihomogeneous kernel
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:5,  787–794
Yu. N. Karpov
A characterization of the normal distribution
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:5,  769–774
B. A. Kats
Boundary-value problems with infinite indices and non-one-to-one shifts
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:6,  847–856
E. R. Khakimullin
Asymptotic behavior of the maximum occupancy in an equiprobable scheme of allocation of particles by complexes
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:2,  277–289
V. A. Khatskevich
Invariant subspaces of focusing plus-operators
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:5,  695–702
L. B. Khodak
Approximation of functions by algebraic polynomials in the metric $L_p$ for $0<p<1$
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:3,  321–332
V. F. Kirichenko
Geometry of homogeneous $K$-spaces
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:4,  569–582
M. V. Klibanov
Certain inverse problems for parabolic equations
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:2,  203–210
V. B. Korotkov
Unitary equivalence of linear operators to bi-Carleman integral operators
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:2,  255–260
V. D. Koshmanenko
Closure of extension of linear forms with passage to a new space
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:6,  857–864
A. I. Kovalenko, see G. M. Gubreev
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:4,  543–552
V. M. Kruglov
Central limit theorem and the law of large numbers
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:4,  583–593
V. Linde, V. I. Tarieladze, S. A. Chobanyan
A probability-theoretical characterization of summing operators
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:1,  133–142
A. A. Lobuzov
First boundary-value problem for a parabolic equation in an abstract Wiener space
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:2,  211–223
O. M. Makarov
Dual problems of multiplication of a vector by a matrix
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:5,  641–648
A. A. Makhnev
Elementary $TI$-subgroups of finite groups
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:2,  179–184
I. T. Mamedov
Behavior near the boundary of the solutions of degenerate second-order elliptic equations
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:3,  343–352
V. P. Maslov, M. V. Fedoryuk
Logarithmic asymptotic of the Laplace integrals
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:5,  763–768
G. V. Matveev
The Hasse principle for lattices in a full matrix algebra
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:6,  801–805
M. V. Mikhailuk
Computation of a basis of symmetric functions in finite fields
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:2,  291–304
S. P. Mishchenko
Varieties of centrally metabelian Lie algebras over a field of characteristic zero
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:5,  649–657
È. M. Muhamadiev
Investigations in the theory of bounded and periodic solutions of differential equations
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:3,  443–460
V. L. Nikolova-Dzhakova
A holomorphic curve in a ball whose limit set contains the bounding sphere
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:1,  101–108
G. A. Noskov
Primitive elements in a free group
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:4,  497–500
A. A. Novruzov
Regularity of the boundary points for second-order degenerate linear elliptic equations
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:3,  353–362
V. I. Nyaga
Singular matrix operators on a composite contour
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:4,  553–560
A. I. Ognev
Metric properties of a certain class of mappings of a segment
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:5,  723–736
A. I. Orlov
The connection between mean quantities and admissible transformations of scale
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:4,  561–568
V. G. Pokrovskii
Section of an $n$-dimensional cube into congruent parallelepipeds
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:6,  881–887
A. P. Ponomarev, N. Kh. Rozov
Differentiability of the support function of Pontryagin's alternating integral
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:6,  865–870
N. Kh. Rozov, see A. P. Ponomarev
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:6,  865–870
I. P. Ryazantseva
Equations with semimonotone discontinuous mappings
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:1,  143–152
A. G. Sarukhanyan, see S. S. Agayan
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:4,  603–617
L. I. Sazonov
Normal solvability of two-dimensional Toeplitz operators
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:2,  261–268
P. V. Semenov
Reflection group of a Banach space
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:3,  387–369
E. T. Shavgulidze
Hahn–Jordan decomposition for smooth measures
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:3,  439–442
I. M. Shchepochkina
Functorialness of the correspondence between orbits and representations
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:1,  45–58
A. A. Shkalikov
Property of the eigenvectors of quadratic operator pencils of being a basis
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:3,  371–385
A. A. Shmelev
Simultaneous approximations of exponentials by elements of a field $Q_1$
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:1,  3–12
A. S. Shvedov
Coapproximation of piecewise-monotone functions by polynomials
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:6,  839–846
E. N. Sinyukova
Geodesic mappings of certain special Riemannian spaces
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:6,  889–894
P. I. Sovertkov
Christoffel problem in pseudo-Euclidean space $E_{n-1,1}$
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:5,  737–748
I. Szalay
Absolute summability of trigonometric series
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:6,  823–837
V. I. Tarieladze, see W. Linde
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:1,  133–142
G. M. Tashchiyan
Classical formula for the asymptotic behavior of the spectrum of elliptic equations, degenerate on the boundary of the domain
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:6,  871–880
I. Tazhimuratov
Periodic solutions of a system of first-order partial differential equations
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:3,  363–369
V. T. Todorov
Solution of a problem of P. S. Aleksandrov on $V^{\prime p}$-continua
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:1,  129–131
N. V. Velichko
Weak topology of spaces of continuous functions
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:5,  703–712
N. Ya. Vilenkin
Computation of an integral containing Bessel functions
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:2,  185–186
M. M. Vinogradov
Extensions of fields and extensions of linear differential operators
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:2,  237–248
L. P. Vlasov
Continuity of the metric projection
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:6,  813–818
V. V. Vodop'yanov
Relationship between minimal scales and the $K$-method of interpolation
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:5,  679–684
N. T. Vorob'ev
Embedding of local screens
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:2,  305–311
S. Ya. Yakubov, see I. V. Aliev
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:2,  187–196
A. M. Yakubovich
Variants of the axiom of choice in the simple theory of types
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:2,  269–276
V. K. Zakharov
Characterization of orthocompleteness and divisibility of modules with the help of an inner order
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:1,  27–43
V. K. Zakharov
Divisibility on countably dense ideals and countable orthocompleteness of modules
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:4,  481–496
E. V. Zhuzhoma
Singular Reeb foliations on the $n$-dimensional torus
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:1,  123–127
N. L. Zmatrakov
Convergence of third derivatives of interpolational cubic splines in the metrics of $L_p$ ($1\leqslant p\leqslant\infty$)
Mat. Zametki, 1981, Volume 30:1,  83–99
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