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Author Index, 1986, Volume 39

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S. I. Adian, N. N. Repin
Exponential lower estimate of the degree of nilpotency of Engel Lie algebras
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:3,  444–452
S. S. Agayan, G. L. Bayadyan
Stable summation of Fourier–Haar series with approximate coefficients
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:1,  136–143
A. V. Andrunakievich, V. A. Andrunakievich
Completely semiprime and Abelian regular ideals of a ring
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:3,  311–319
V. A. Andrunakievich, see A. V. Andrunakievich
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:3,  311–319
A. G. Babenko
The exact constant in the Jackson inequality in $L^2$
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:5,  651–664
V. F. Babenko, S. A. Pichugov
An exact inequality for the derivative of a trigonometric polynomial having only real zeros
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:3,  330–336
A. I. Barvinok
Homological type of spaces of configurations of structurally stable type in $C^2$
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:1,  108–112
E. O. Basangova, M. M. Dragilev
Köthe spaces with multiple regular bases
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:5,  727–735
G. L. Bayadyan, see S. S. Agayan
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:1,  136–143
S. M. Berger
Projective objects in categories of locally convex spaces
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:1,  113–120
A. S. Blagoveshchenskii
Reconstruction of a function from known integrals of it that are taken along linear manifolds
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:6,  841–849
V. Ya. Bloshchitsyn
Canonical form of automorphisms of the group $\mathrm{SL}_2$ over rings close to fields
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:2,  175–181
V. F. Butuzov, L. V. Kalachev
Asymptotic approximation of solution of boundary-value problem for singularly disturbed parabolic equation in the critical case
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:6,  819–830
Zh. A. Chernyak
Potentially 2-connected integerpair sequences
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:6,  918–933
A. Ch. Chigogidze
Trivial fibrations with fiber a Tikhonov cube
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:5,  747–756
V. N. Demenko
$p$-Helson curves in the plane
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:3,  349–359
P. V. Dovbush
Boundary behavior of holomorphic functions of several complex variables
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:3,  360–366
M. M. Dragilev, see E. O. Basangova
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:5,  727–735
N. R. Emel'yanov
One approach to construction of effective algorithms for recognizing completeness in multivalued logics
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:5,  766–775
A. V. Filinovskii
Stabilization of the solutions of an exterior Dirichlet boundary-value problem for the equation of the oscillations of a plate
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:4,  586–596
G. A. Fomin
A property of orthogonal series in Jacobi polynomials
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:5,  684–690
V. P. Fonf
Semiimbeddings and $G_\delta$-imbeddings of Banach spaces
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:4,  550–561
A. L. Garkavi
Uniqueness of the best approximation in mean of vector-valued functions
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:3,  337–348
V. A. Glukhov
Summation of multiple Fourier series in multiplicative systems
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:5,  665–673
S. A. Gritsenko
A problem of I. M. Vinogradov
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:5,  625–640
S. P. Gul'ko, T. E. Khmyleva
Compactness is not preserved by the $t$-equivalence relation
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:6,  895–903
Ha Huy Bang
Nontriviality of the Sobolev–Orlich classes and spaces of infinite order on the line
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:3,  453–459
N. A. Il'yasov
Approximation of periodic functions by Zygmund means
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:3,  367–382
D. I. Ismoilov
An asymptotic formula in additive number theory
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:4,  465–482
A. V. Ivanov
Hereditary normality of $F$-bicompacta
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:4,  606–611
G. I. Ivchenko
Moments of separable statistics in a generalized distribution scheme
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:2,  284–294
Zh. Kaidasov, E. V. Shikin
Isometric immersion in $E^3$ of a convex domain of the Lobachevskii plane containing two horocircles
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:4,  612–617
L. V. Kalachev, see V. F. Butuzov
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:6,  819–830
I. B. Kalugin
Characterization of random mappings
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:3,  424–430
T. E. Khmyleva, see S. P. Gul'ko
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:6,  895–903
I. T. Kiguradze
Periodic solutions of systems of nonautonomous ordinary differential equations
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:4,  562–575
V. I. Kolyada
Relationships between the best approximations in different metrics
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:3,  383–387
V. P. Kondakov, S. D. Umalatov
Characterization of subspaces of certain sequence spaces
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:1,  60–69
A. S. Kondrat'ev
Irreducible subgroups of the group $GL(9,2)$
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:3,  320–329
A. B. Korchagin
$M$-curves of degree 9: New prohibitions
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:2,  277–283
T. M. Kosheleva
Existence of solutions to a nonhomogeneous partial differential equation in the class of functions not growing faster than a polynomial
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:5,  691–706
S. V. Kotov
A class of diophantine equations of norm form with polynomial right-hand side
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:3,  305–310
R. L. Krasauskas
Multiplicative infinite loop structure in algebraic $K$-theory
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:6,  850–858
V. N. Krivtsov
Embedding intuitionistic-type theory in negationless-type theory
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:1,  121–135
V. G. Kurbatov
An example in the theory of stability of equations with delay
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:2,  253–259
L. A. Kurdachenko
Residually finite $FC$-groups
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:4,  494–506
A. D. Kuzyk, M. N. Sheremeta
Entire functions of bounded $l$-distribution of values
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:1,  3–13
L. G. Labsker
A test for Chebyshev systems
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:2,  196–211
P. M. Lappo
Rate of convergence in the central limit theorem for sequences with mixing
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:2,  295–299
A. P. Laurincikas
Moments of the Riemann zeta-function on the critical line
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:4,  483–493
I. R. Liflyand
Exact order of the Lebesgue constants of hyperbolic partial sums of multiple Fourier series
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:5,  674–683
S. G. Lobanov
Sufficient conditions for the differentiability of mappings of locally convex spaces
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:1,  70–82
T. P. Lukashenko
Properties of the maximal function of a measure $\nu$ with respect to a measure $\mu$
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:2,  212–220
A. N. Lyul'ko
A family of solvable linear groups that do not satisfy the maximal condition on normal subgroups
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:4,  507–511
A. Sh. Malkhasyan
Periodicity exponent of solutions of equations in a free group
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:3,  413–423
S. S. Marchenkov
Existence of superposition bases in countable primitively recursively closed classes
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:2,  268–276
A. I. Martikainen
Order of growth of a random field
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:3,  431–437
A. G. Matveev
Representability of semiexact functors on the category of pointed cellular spaces
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:6,  869–876
V. G. Maz'ya, S. A. Nazarov
The vertex of a cone can be nonregular in the Wiener sense for a fourth-order elliptic equation
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:1,  24–28
S. N. Melikhov
Absolutely convergent series in the canonical inductive limits
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:6,  877–886
V. M. Millionshchikov
Formulas for the Lyapunov exponents of a family of endomorphisms of a metric vector bundle
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:1,  29–51
V. M. Millionshchikov
Topological spaces of smooth transformations of a Riemannian manifold
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:3,  395–412
E. I. Moiseev
Uniqueness of solution of Tricomi problem for equation of mixed type
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:5,  707–718
V. V. Napalkov
The strict topology in certain weighted spaces of functions
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:4,  529–538
S. A. Nazarov, see V. G. Maz'ya
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:1,  24–28
V. A. Nikiforov
Torsion-free Abelian groups with finite groups of automorphisms
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:5,  641–646
V. A. Nogin, B. S. Rubin
Inversion of parabolic potentials with $L_p$-densities
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:6,  831–840
È. F. Oja
Subspaces and factor-spaces isomorphic to $l_p$ in tensor products and in the spaces of operators
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:1,  83–96
A. A. Pekarskii
Estimates of the derivatives of rational functions in $L_p[-1,1]$
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:3,  388–394
V. M. Petechuk
Isomorphisms of groups rich in projective transvections
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:2,  186–195
S. A. Pichugov, see V. F. Babenko
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:3,  330–336
I. F. Pinelis
Probability inequalities for sums of independent random variables with values in a Banach space
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:3,  438–443
S. S. Platonov
Subspaces invariant under generalized shifts
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:4,  576–585
S. P. Ponomarev
Functions with a $\mathscr D_*$-integrable symmetric derivative
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:2,  221–227
Al. A. Privalov
Uniform convergence of Lagrange interpolation processes
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:2,  228–244
L. D. Pustyl'nikov
Asymptotic behavior of trajectories of a standard mapping
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:5,  719–726
N. N. Repin, see S. I. Adian
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:3,  444–452
A. V. Reztsov
Some extremal properties of nonnegative trigonometric polynomials
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:2,  245–252
V.-B. K. Rogov
The Mellin-Whittaker integral transform
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:6,  798–805
B. S. Rubin, see V. A. Nogin
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:6,  831–840
R. S. Sadyrkhanov
Mappings which are global homeomorphisms
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:2,  260–267
S. M. Sagitov
Limiting behavior of general branching processes
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:1,  144–155
Zh. S. Satarov
Defining relations in an elementary triangular group over rings
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:6,  785–790
T. N. Savitskaya
$k$-Invariants in kan fibrations with fiber $K(G,n)$
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:6,  904–917
A. M. Sedletskii
The Müntz–Szász problem
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:1,  97–107
D. B. Shakhmatov
Precalibers of $\sigma$-compact topological groups
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:6,  859–868
I. I. Shamaev
Countable extension of measures and $\sigma$-integrals with values in vector lattices
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:5,  757–765
M. N. Sheremeta, see A. D. Kuzyk
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:1,  3–13
V. G. Sheretov
Tests for extremality in a problem for quasiconformal mappings
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:1,  14–23
E. V. Shikin, see Zh. Kaidasov
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:4,  612–617
A. S. Shvedov
Formulas for volumes of cells
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:4,  597–605
A. N. Skorobogatov
Birational invariants of rational surfaces
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:5,  736–746
A. M. Slin'ko
Moduli and representations of nonassociative topological compact rings
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:6,  791–797
G. A. Sokolov
Lindelöf spaces of continuous functions
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:6,  887–894
S. A. Stepanov
Rational trigonometric sums on “algebraic varieties”
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:2,  161–174
S. Tazhetdinov
Normal structure of symplectic groups over a ring of stable rank 1
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:4,  512–517
D. S. Telyakovskii
Generalization of the Looman–Men'shov theorem
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:4,  539–549
N. Temirgaliev, see S. M. Voronin
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:1,  52–59
A. V. Timofeenko
The existence of Golod groups with infinite center
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:5,  647–650
G. K. Tolokonnikov
Classification of nearly associative function algebras by the method of functional equations
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:6,  806–818
A. A. Tuganbaev
Distributive rings of series
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:4,  518–528
S. D. Umalatov, see V. P. Kondakov
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:1,  60–69
E. M. Vechtomov
Boolean rings
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:2,  182–185
S. M. Voronin, N. Temirgaliev
Application of Banach measure to quadrature formulas
Mat. Zametki, 1986, Volume 39:1,  52–59
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