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Author Index, 1989, Volume 46

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R. A. Airapetyan
A generalization of the Kneser theorem on an embedded edge
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:3,  114–116
K. Alymkulov
A problem of singular perturbation with a limit cycle in a subsystem with fast time
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:5,  89–91
V. V. Andrievskii, V. I. Belyi, V. V. Maimeskul
Direct and inverse theorems for approximation of functions for rational modules in domains with quasiconformal boundary
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  12–20
L. G. Arabadzhyan
Factorization of Wiener–Hopf conservative integral operators
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:1,  3–10
V. I. Arnautov, A. V. Mikhalev
Compact groups and their group rings
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:6,  3–9
R. R. Ashurov
Localization conditions of square partial sums of a multiple trigonometric Fourier series in the classes of S. M. Nikol'skii
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:4,  3–7
M. Babayev
Best approximation by bilinear forms
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  21–33
I. K. Babenko, S. A. Bogatyi
Mapping a sphere into Euclidean space
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:3,  3–8
O. O. Barabanov
Coincidence of limit loads
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:1,  11–19
I. Barani
Permutations of series in infinite-dimensional spaces
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:6,  10–17
E. O. Basangova
Existence of an Euler mixed cycle in a partially oriented graph
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:4,  110–112
O. V. Belegradek
Forking in locally free algebras
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:5,  3–8
A. M. Belen'kii
Uniform convergence of the Fourier–Jacobi series on the orthogonality segment
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:6,  18–25
Yu. Ya. Belov
Splitting in a degenerate quasilinear parabolic equation
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:6,  26–31
V. I. Belyi, see V. V. Andrievskii
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  12–20
E. I. Berezhnoi
A correction theorem for a space of functions of generalized bounded variation
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:3,  116–118
R. F. Bikbaev
A new class of finite-gap solutions of the Landau-Lifshits $XXZ$ equation
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:1,  112–114
S. A. Bogatyi, see I. K. Babenko
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:3,  3–8
K. Kh. Boimatov
Coercive estimates and separability for second-order nonlinear differential operators
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:6,  110–112
A. A. Bolibrukh
The Riemann–Hilbert problem on the complex projective line
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:3,  118–120
A. A. Borisenko
Surfaces with Chern–Lashof absolute curvature equal to the area of the Grassman image
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:3,  9–11
O. V. Borodin
Solution of problems of Kotzig and Grünbaum concerning the isolation of cycles in planar graphs
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:5,  9–12
K. Buriev
An exceptional set in the Hardy–Littlewood problem for nonintegral powers
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:4,  127–128
V. A. Chatyrko
Hereditarily indecomposable nonmetrizable continua
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:3,  122–125
D. N. Cheban
A problem of J. Hale
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:1,  120–121
A. R. Chekhlov
Quasipure injective torsion-free Abelian groups
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:3,  93–99
S. E. Cheremshantsev
Asymptotic completeness and the absence of bound states in the quantum problem of scattering on a Brownian particle
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:4,  86–98
A. Ch. Chigogidze
$n$-Soft mappings of $n$-dimensional spaces
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:1,  88–95
M. A. Chinak
Meromorphic mappings that compress pseudovolume elements
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:6,  116–117
L. V. Danilov
Diophantine equations $x^m-Ay^n=k$
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:6,  38–45
V. G. Danilov
Global formulas for solutions of quasilinear parabolic equations with a small parameter and ill-posedness
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:1,  115–117
V. P. Dobritsa
Computable classes of constructive models with non-limit-equivalent indexations
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:4,  8–13
V. L. Dol'nikov
A theorem of Helly type for sets defined by systems of equations
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:5,  13–16
S. A. Dovbysh
Structure of the Kolmogorov set near separatrices of a two-dimensional mapping
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:4,  112–114
I. A. Drozhzhin
Supremally generating cones of the space of continuous functions
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:6,  46–52
Z. A. Dulatova
On constructivizability of Boolean algebras with a selected subalgebra
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:6,  53–56
V. G. Durnev
The Mal'tsev–Nielsen equation in a free metabelian group of rank two
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:6,  57–60
G. Dzhangibekov
Some two-dimensional singular integral operators
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:5,  91–93
M. V. Fedoryuk
Multidimensional lame wave functions
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:4,  76–85
V. F. Gaposhkin
Estimation of the moments of weighted sums for mixing processes
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  42–50
G. G. Gevorkyan
Uniqueness of Franklin series
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  51–58
S. V. Goryachev
Arithmetic with a local reflection principle for Rosser provability formulas
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:3,  12–21
D. Yu. Grigor'ev
Complexity of computations in commutative division of the USSR Academy of Sciences
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:1,  96–104
I. A. Ignatyuk
The Dyson equations for general lattice systems
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:1,  20–27
A. V. Isaev
Classification of spherical tube hypersurfaces having two minuses in the Levy signature form
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:1,  28–36
S. V. Ivanov
Group rings of Noetherian groups
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:6,  61–66
V. A. Kaimanovich
Harmonic and holomorphic functions on coverings of complex manifolds
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:5,  94–96
B. S. Kashin
Analogue of Men'shov's theorem ‘on correction’ for discrete orthonormal systems
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:6,  67–74
Yu. A. Kaz'min
A variant of the Abel–Goncharov interpolation problem
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  59–65
O. G. Kharlampovich
Finitely presented solvable groups and Lie algebras with unsolvable equality problem
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:3,  80–92
N. N. Kholshchevnikova
Sets of convergence to zero of lacunary trigonometric series
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  135–144
L. V. Kiseleva
On the zeros of the function $\zeta(s)$ in a neighborhood of the critical line
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:4,  114–115
A. Yu. Kolesov, Yu. S. Kolesov, E. F. Mishchenko, N. Kh. Rozov
Chaos phenomena in three-dimensional relaxation systems
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  153–155
Yu. S. Kolesov, see A. Yu. Kolesov
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  153–155
V. N. Kolokoltsov
Turnpikes and infinite extremals in Markov decision processes
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:4,  118–120
A. A. Korenovskii
Maximal function $f^#$ being in an Orlicz class
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  66–75
V. A. Koshcheev
Chebyshev systems of functions and vector fields on spheres
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:3,  22–30
V. P. Kotlyarov
Inversion of the Miura transformation
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:4,  14–24
S. E. Kozlov
Estimates for the areas of spherical representations of two-dimensional surfaces in Riemannian manifolds
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:3,  120–122
V. V. Kozlov, D. V. Treschev
Kovalevskaya numbers of generalized Toda chains
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:5,  17–28
S. B. Kozyrev
The structure of cross sections of a typical continuous function by polynomials
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:4,  116–118
Yu. V. Kryakin
Whitney constants
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  155–157
A. V. Krylov
Interior averaging of first-order partial differential systems
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:6,  112–113
V. V. Kucherenko, G. A. Trunov
Convergence rate of the methods of approximate factorization
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:5,  29–39
S. B. Kuksin
Perturbation of one-gap solutions of the Korteweg–de Vries equation
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:5,  96–98
V. M. Kuznichenko
Generalized Taylor series for the class of functions $H(\overline \rho,\overline m,r)$
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:4,  120–122
B. V. Levin, N. M. Timofeev
One additive problem
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:4,  25–33
V. V. Maimeskul, see V. V. Andrievskii
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  12–20
V. P. Maslov
A probabilistic-statistical model of quantum mechanics
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:1,  37–52
V. B. Matveev, A. O. Smirnov
Star-triangle equations and some properties of algebraic curves connected with the integrable chiral Potts model
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:3,  31–39
N. Ya. Medvedev
Relative convexity of subgroups of finite rank
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:4,  34–37
M. V. Men'shikov, K. D. Pelikh
Percolation with several defect types. An estimate of critical probability for a square lattice
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:4,  38–47
J. Mikesh
Letter to the editor
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:1,  122
A. V. Mikhalev, see V. I. Arnautov
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:6,  3–9
E. F. Mishchenko, see A. Yu. Kolesov
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  153–155
D. Nadzhmiddinov, Yu. N. Subbotin
Markov inequalities for polynomials on triangles
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  76–82
Yu. V. Nesterenko
Transcendence degree of some fields generated by values of the exponential function
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:3,  40–49
Nguyên Thị Thiêu Hoa
Diameters and quadrature formulas on periodic function classes, conjugate to' the Sobolev classes
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  83–93
V. P. Okhezin
On the homotopy invariance of the fixed-point property in the class of compact polyhedra
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:1,  117–118
O. G. Okunev
Weak topology of an associated space and $t$-equivalence
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:1,  53–59
A. V. Pajitnov
Modules over some localizations of the ring of Laurent polynomials
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:5,  40–49
L. A. Pastur
A limit theorem for sums of exponentials
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:3,  50–57
A. P. Pavlov
Absolute convergence of multiple Fourier series
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:4,  122–124
K. D. Pelikh, see M. V. Men'shikov
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:4,  38–47
V. M. Petechuk
Homomorphisms of linear groups over commutative rings
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:5,  50–61
Zh. V. Piyadina
An analog of the Hardy–Littlewood equation
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:3,  58–67
V. G. Pokrovskii
Existence of polyhedra which cannot be decomposed into simplexes of equal volume
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:4,  48–51
A. Yu. Popov
Functions integral at points of a geometric progression
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:3,  68–73
L. N. Pushkin
Metric variant of Cassel–Schmidt theorem
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:1,  60–66
V. G. Romanov
An inversion formula in a problem of integral geometry on ellipsoids
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:4,  124–126
E. A. Rovba
An approximation of $|\sin x|$ by rational Fourier series
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:4,  52–59
N. Kh. Rozov, see A. Yu. Kolesov
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  153–155
Yu. B. Rudyak
Relations in the piecewise-linear cobordism ring
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:6,  75–84
B. T. Rumov
Some theorems on the existence of $\alpha$-resolvable designs
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:5,  62–71
A. A. Sahakian
A theorem of Bohr for multiple trigonometric series
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  94–103
V. S. Samovol
A necessary and sufficient condition of smooth linearization of autonomous planar systems in a neighborhood of a critical point
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:1,  67–77
D. V. Semenov
The effect of diffusion on the $\alpha$-effect
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:5,  98–99
M. S. Sgibnev
Banach algebras and infinitely divisible distributions
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:4,  60–65
T. O. Shaposhnikova
Traces of multipliers in the space of Bessel potentials
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:3,  100–109
Yu. A. Shashkin
Euler characteristic and multiple coverings
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:3,  110–113
Yu. A. Shevchenko
On boundary behavior of arbitrary functions defined in a halfspace
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:5,  80–88
A. B. Shishkin
Local description of closed submodules in a special module of entire functions of exponential type
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:6,  94–100
A. V. Shkred
Linearization of spectral problems with the parameter in their boundary conditions and the properties of the M. V. Keldysh derived chains
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:4,  99–109
A. F. Sidorenko
Cycles in graphs and functional inequalities
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:5,  72–79
V. A. Skvortsov, A. A. Talalyan
Some uniqueness questions of multiple Haar and trigonometric series
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  104–113
A. O. Smirnov, see V. B. Matveev
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:3,  31–39
A. O. Smirnov
Elliptic solutions of integrable nonlinear equations
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:5,  100–102
V. N. Sorokin
Linear independence of logarithms of certain rational numbers
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:3,  74–79
S. B. Stechkin, P. L. Ul'yanov
In memory of Dimitrii Evgen'evich Men'shov (1892–1988)
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  5–11
A. M. Stepin, A. T. Tagi-zade
Combinatorial interpretations of the entropy of symbolic systems
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  114–121
Yu. N. Subbotin, see D. Nadzhmiddinov
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  76–82
A. B. Sukhov
Analytic continuation through generating manifolds
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:1,  119–120
A. T. Tagi-zade, see A. M. Stepin
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  114–121
A. A. Talalyan, see V. A. Skvortsov
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  104–113
V. E. Tarakanov
Covering numbers of regular multigraphs
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:4,  66–75
S. A. Telyakovskii
Integrability of the monotone majorant of the sum of a trigonometric series with quasiconvex coefficients
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  122–127
N. Temirgaliev, see S. M. Voronin
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  34–41
V. N. Temlyakov
Error estimates of quadrature formulas for classes of functions with bounded mixed derivative
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  128–134
N. M. Timofeev, see B. V. Levin
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:4,  25–33
O. A. Timoshin
Best approximation of partial differential operators
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:1,  78–87
O. A. Timoshin
A criterion for finiteness of best approximation of a differential polynomial
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:6,  114–116
D. V. Treschev, see V. V. Kozlov
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:5,  17–28
V. I. Trofimov
Certain asymptotic characteristics of groups
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:6,  85–93
G. A. Trunov, see V. V. Kucherenko
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:5,  29–39
S. P. Tsarev
The Hamilton property of stationary and inverse equations of condensed matter mechanics and mathematical physics
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:1,  105–111
P. L. Ul'yanov, see S. B. Stechkin
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  5–11
V. A. Vedernikov
Local formations of finite groups
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:6,  32–37
S. M. Voronin, N. Temirgaliev
Quadrature formulas associated with divisors of the field of Gaussian numbers
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  34–41
A. V. Yagzhev
Locally nilpotent subgroups of the holomorph of an abelian group
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:6,  118
N. M. Yataev
A correct boundary-value problem for a third-order degenerate operator equation
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:6,  101–109
V. A. Yudin
Spherical sums of Fourier series in $L_p$
Mat. Zametki, 1989, Volume 46:2,  145–152
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