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Author Index, 2002, Volume 71

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D. A. Abanin
Stability Zones in Whitney's Extension Problem for Ultradifferentiable Functions
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:2,  163–167
Zh. I. Abdullaev, see S. N. Lakaev
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:5,  686–696
A. Kh. Abduvaitov, see Sh. A. Ayupov
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:3,  473–476
N. F. Abuzyarova
Finitely Generated Submodules in the Module of Entire Functions Determined by Restrictions on the Indicator Function
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:1,  3–17
S. M. Ageev, D. Repovš
The Jaworowski Method in the Problem of the Preservation of Extensor Properties by the Orbit Functor
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:3,  470–473
P. M. Akhmet'ev, D. Repovš, I. Maleshich
On Milnor's Invariants of 4-Component Links
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:4,  496–507
V. A. Antonov, I. A. Tyurina, A. P. Cheskidov
On Finite Groups with Restrictions on Centralizers
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:4,  483–495
A. V. Arutyunov
Positive Quadratic Forms on Intersections of Quadrics
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:1,  27–36
I. V. Arzhantsev
On the Stability of Diagonal Actions
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:6,  803–806
F. G. Avkhadiev, D. V. Maklakov
New Equations of Convolution Type Obtained by Replacing the Integral by Its Maximum
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:1,  18–26
Sh. A. Ayupov, A. A. Rakhimov, A. Kh. Abduvaitov
Real $W^*$-Algebras with Abelian Hermitian Part
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:3,  473–476
J.-G. Bak, see A. A. Shkalikov
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:5,  643–651
M. V. Balashov
An Analog of the Krein–Mil'man Theorem for Strongly Convex Hulls in Hilbert Space
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:1,  37–42
M. V. Balashov
On the $P$-Property of Compact Convex Sets
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:3,  323–333
L. A. Beklaryan
On Analogs of the Tits Alternative for Groups of Homeomorphisms of the Circle and of the Line
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:3,  334–347
A. S. Belov
Remarks on Mean Convergence (Boundedness) of Partial Sums of Trigonometric Series
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:6,  807–817
K. O. Besov
On the Continuity of the Generalized Nemytskii Operator on Spaces of Differentiable Functions
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:2,  168–181
I. L. Bloshanskii
A Criterion for Weak Generalized Localization in the Class $L_1$ for Multiple Trigonometric Series from the Viewpoint of Isometric Transformations
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:4,  508–521
A. S. Bobkova, A. Yu. Kolesov, N. Kh. Rozov
The “Duck Survival” Problem in Three-Dimensional Singularly Perturbed Systems with Two Slow Variables
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:6,  818–831
A. R. Borisyuk
Global Bifurcations on the Klein bottle. The Unimodal Case
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:3,  348–363
I. N. Brui
Conservative Means of Orthogonal Series and the Spaces $L^p[0;1]$, $p\in (1;\infty )$
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:2,  182–193
A. M. Chebotarev
What Is a Quantum Stochastic Differential Equation from the Point of View of Functional Analysis?
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:3,  448–469
A. M. Chebotarev, S. Yu. Shustikov
Conditions Sufficient for the Conservativity of a Minimal Quantum Dynamical Semigroup
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:5,  761–781
V. V. Chepyzhov, see M. I. Vishik
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:2,  194–213
A. P. Cheskidov, see V. A. Antonov
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:4,  483–495
V. V. Chistyakov
Multi-Valued Mappings of Bounded Generalized Variation
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:4,  611–632
V. N. Chugunov, see E. E. Tyrtyshnikov
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:1,  130–134
S. P. Chulkov
On the Milnor Number of an Equivariant Singularity
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:6,  950–953
G. V. Egorov
Example of a Five-Sheeted Exotic Covering over $\mathbb C^2$
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:4,  532–547
I. Yu. Fedorov
Blow-Ups of Three-Dimensional Terminal Singularities: The $cA$ Case
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:3,  440–447
Sh. K. Formanov
The Stein–Tikhomirov Method and a Nonclassical Central Limit Theorem
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:4,  604–610
P. S. Gevorgyan
On a Movability Criterion
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:2,  311–315
J. Godula, V. V. Starkov
Boundary Behavior in a Stolz Angle of Analytic Functions on the Disk
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:5,  652–661
V. V. Goncharov, S. A. Timoshin
Letter to the Editor
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:2,  320
M. I. Graev
Relatively Closed Operators Associated to a Pair of Grassmannians
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:1,  61–74
Kh. D. Ikramov
On the Matrix Equation $X^{-1}X^*=A$
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:4,  548–553
P. L. Ivankov
Simultaneous Approximations with Regard to the Specific Character of the Homogeneous Case
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:3,  390–397
I. M. Karabash
On the Similarity of $J$-Self-Adjoint Differential Operators of Odd Order to Normal Operators
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:3,  476–480
G. A. Karagulian
Exponential Estimates of the Calderón–Zygmund Operator and Related Questions about Fourier Series
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:3,  398–411
A. P. Karmazin
The Set of Pre-Ends and the Ideal Boundary of a Manifold without Boundary
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:4,  554–557
V. O. Kazak, see G. A. Sviridyuk
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:2,  292–297
A. Yu. Kolesov, see A. S. Bobkova
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:6,  818–831
P. G. Kononenko
Affine Types of $L$-Polyhedra for 5-lattices
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:3,  412–430
N. L. Kudryavtsev
Fractional Differences and Lizorkin–Triebel Spaces
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:6,  845–854
V. L. Kurakin
Hopf Algebra Dual to a Polynomial Algebra over a Commutative Ring
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:5,  677–685
S. N. Lakaev, Zh. I. Abdullaev
Spectrum of the Three-Particle Schrödinger Difference Operator on a Lattice
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:5,  686–696
G. I. Laptev
Increasing Monotone Operators in Banach Space
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:2,  214–226
G. G. Laptev
Nonexistence of Solutions of Elliptic Differential Inequalities in Conic Domains
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:6,  855–866
S. V. Larin, A. I. Sozutov
On the Structure of Locally Graded $\overline T$-Groups
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:4,  633–636
A. V. Lebedev
Extremes of Subexponential Shot Noise
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:2,  227–231
V. V. Maiorov, E. A. Timofeev
Statistical Estimation of Generalized Dimensions
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:5,  697–712
D. V. Maklakov, see F. G. Avkhadiev
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:1,  18–26
I. Maleshich, see P. M. Akhmet'ev
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:4,  496–507
M. D. Mamaghani
Rewriting Systems and the Complete Growth Series for Triangular Coxeter Groups
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:3,  431–439
O. V. Man'ko
The Maslov Complex Germ in the Case of a Degenerate Rest Point of the Hamiltonian
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:6,  946–950
V. P. Maslov
Statistical Ensemble and Quantization of Thermodynamics
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:4,  558–566
I. K. Matsak
Relative Stability of Extremal Random Functions
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:5,  787–790
V. G. Mosin
Primitive Ideals in the Algebra of Regular Functions on Quantum $(m\times n)$ Matrices
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:2,  318–320
I. Kh. Musin
Surjectivity of Linear Differential Operators in a Weighted Space of Infinitely Differentiable Functions
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:5,  713–724
H. S. Mustafaev
Banach Algebras with Bounded Groups of Generators, and the Schur Property
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:5,  725–731
É. A. Nazirova, Ya. T. Sultanaev
On the Deficiency Indices of Singular Differential Operators in the Degenerate Case
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:1,  144–147
Yu. M. Nechepurenko
Estimates for the Norm of Green's Matrix Based on the Integral Performance Criterion for Dichotomy and Hausdorff Set Bounds
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:2,  232–238
M. I. Neiman-Zade
Elliptic Operators with Singular Coefficients
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:5,  790–793
Nguyen Minh Tri
Some Examples of Nonhypoelliptic Infinitely Degenerate Elliptic Differential Operators
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:4,  567–580
A. W. Niukkanen, O. S. Paramonova
Linear Transformations and Reduction Formulas for the Gelfand Hypergeometric Functions Associated with the Grassmannians $G_{2,4}$ and $G_{3,6}$
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:1,  88–99
I. Ya. Novikov
Asymptotics of the Roots of Bernstein Polynomials Used in the Construction of Modified Daubechies Wavelets
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:2,  239–253
R. Sh. Omanadze
Major Sets, Classes of Simple Sets, and $Q$-Complete Sets
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:1,  100–108
O. S. Paramonova, see A. W. Niukkanen
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:1,  88–99
L. M. Pavlotskaya
Turing Machines Connected to the Undecidability of the Halting Problem
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:5,  732–741
I. P. Pavlotsky, M. Strianese
Extremal Points of Integral Curves of Second-Order Ordinary Differential Equations and Their Local Stability
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:5,  742–750
M. Yu. Planida
On the Convergence of Solutions of Singularly Perturbed Boundary-Value Problems for the Laplace Operator
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:6,  867–877
V. V. Pod'yapol'skii
Completeness of the Root Function System of a Nonlocal Problem in $L_p$
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:6,  878–889
A. O. Prishlyak
Morse–Smale Vector Fields without Closed Trajectories on 3-Manifolds
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:2,  254–260
O. V. Pugachev
The Space of Simple Configurations is Polish
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:4,  581–589
A. A. Rakhimov, see Sh. A. Ayupov
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:3,  473–476
D. D. Repovš, see S. M. Ageev
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:3,  470–473
D. D. Repovš, see P. M. Akhmet'ev
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:4,  496–507
S. E. Roganova
Moduli Spaces of Maslov Complex Germs
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:5,  751–760
A. S. Romanyuk
Approximation of Classes of Periodic Functions in Several Variables
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:1,  109–121
N. Kh. Rozov, see A. S. Bobkova
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:6,  818–831
T. S. Rybnikova
On Infinite Systems of Linear Autonomous and Nonautonomous Stochastic Equations
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:6,  890–901
C. S. Rjutin
Uniform Continuity of Generalized Rational Approximations
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:2,  261–270
V. Kh. Salikhov, G. G. Viskina
Algebraic Relations between the Hypergeometric E-Function and Its Derivatives
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:6,  832–844
V. S. Samovol
Local Smooth Transformations of Differential Equations Preserving Linear Automorphisms
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:4,  590–603
A. Yu. Savin, B. Yu. Sternin
The Eta-Invariant and Pontryagin Duality in $K$-Theory
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:2,  271–291
E. S. Semenov
Hugoniót–Maslov Conditions for Vortex Singular Solutions of the Shallow Water Equations
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:6,  902–913
R. V. Shamin
Spaces of Initial Data for Parabolic Functional–Differential Equations
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:4,  636–640
N. A. Shananin
Propagation of the Invariance of Germs of Solutions of Quasilinear Differential Equations with Weighted Derivatives
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:1,  135–143
A. A. Shkalikov, J. Bak
Multipliers in Dual Sobolev Spaces and Schrödinger Operators with Distribution Potentials
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:5,  643–651
È. È. Shnol'
An Extremal Problem about Probability Distributions
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:6,  937–945
S. Yu. Shustikov, see A. M. Chebotarev
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:5,  761–781
M. Skeide
Dilations, Product Systems, and Weak Dilations
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:6,  914–923
A. S. Sobolev
Infinite-Dimensional Hamiltonian and Lagrangian Systems with Constraints
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:1,  148–152
A. S. Sobolev
The Proof of the Dirac Conjecture for a Class of Finite-Dimensional Dirac Hamiltonian Systems
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:5,  793–797
M. M. Sorokina, see V. A. Vedernikov
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:1,  43–60
A. I. Sozutov, see S. V. Larin
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:4,  633–636
V. V. Starkov, see J. Godula
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:5,  652–661
B. Yu. Sternin, see A. Yu. Savin
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:2,  271–291
M. Strianese, see I. P. Pavlotsky
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:5,  742–750
S. P. Strunkov
To the Thue–Siegel–Roth Theorem
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:5,  797–800
Ya. T. Sultanaev, see È. A. Nazirova
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:1,  144–147
G. A. Sviridyuk, V. O. Kazak
The Phase Space of an Initial-Boundary Value Problem for the Hoff Equation
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:2,  292–297
V. M. Tararin
On $\operatorname {c}$-3-Transitive Automorphism Groups of Cyclically Ordered Sets
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:1,  122–129
S. Tazhetdinov
Subnormal Structure of Two-Dimensional Linear Groups over Full Rings
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:6,  924–930
E. A. Timofeev, see V. V. Maiorov
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:5,  697–712
S. A. Timoshin, see V. V. Goncharov
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:2,  320
A. A. Tolstonogov
Strongly Exposed Points of Decomposable Sets in Spaces of Bochner Integrable Functions
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:2,  298–306
E. E. Tyrtyshnikov, V. N. Chugunov
Augmentation and Modification Problems for Hermitian Matrices
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:1,  130–134
I. A. Tyurina, see V. A. Antonov
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:4,  483–495
A. V. Ustinov
A Discrete Analog of Euler's Summation Formula
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:6,  931–936
S. B. Vakarchuk
$K$-Functionals and Exact Values of n-Widths of Certain Classes in the Spaces $C(2\pi )$ and $L_1(2\pi )$
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:4,  522–531
N. F. Valeev
On the Density of Discrete Spectra of Sturm–Liouville Singular Operators
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:2,  307–311
V. A. Vedernikov, M. M. Sorokina
$\omega$-Fibered Formations and Fitting Classes of Finite Groups
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:1,  43–60
M. I. Vishik, V. V. Chepyzhov
Trajectory and Global Attractors of Three-Dimensional Navier–Stokes Systems
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:2,  194–213
G. G. Viskina, see V. Kh. Salikhov
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:6,  832–844
E. S. Volkova
The Axiom of $\Phi$-Holomorphic Planes for Normal Killing Type Manifolds
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:3,  364–372
K. A. Volosov
A Property of the Ansatz of Hirota's Method for Quasilinear Parabolic Equations
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:3,  373–389
V. A. Yurko
On Higher-Order Differential Operators with Singularity inside the Interval
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:1,  152–156
A. B. Zaitsev
Uniform Approximability of Functions by Polynomials of Special Classes on Compact Sets in $\mathbb R^2$
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:1,  75–87
L. V. Zhizhiashvili
On Pointwise Divergence of Trigonometric Series of General Type
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:2,  315–317
S. A. Zlobin
Integrals Expressible as Linear Forms in Generalized Polylogarithms
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:5,  782–787
W. V. Zudilin
Integrality of Power Expansions Related to Hypergeometric Series
Mat. Zametki, 2002, Volume 71:5,  662–676
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