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Author Index, 2009, Volume 85

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P. M. Akhmet'ev, O. V. Kunakovskaya
Integral Formula for a Generalized Sato–Levine Invariant in Magnetic Hydrodynamics
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:4,  524–537
N. Yu. Antonov
Almost Everywhere Divergent Subsequences of Fourier Sums of Functions from $\varphi(L)\cap H_1^\omega$
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:4,  502–515
I. V. Arzhantsev
On the Factoriality of Cox rings
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:5,  643–651
V. S. Atabekyan
Uniform Nonamenability of Subgroups of Free Burnside Groups of Odd Period
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:4,  516–523
I. V. Averyanov
Basis of Graded Identities of the Superalgebra $M_{1,2}(F)$
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:4,  483–501
V. F. Babenko, N. V. Parfinovich
Exact Values of Best Approximations for Classes of Periodic Functions by Splines of Deficiency 2
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:4,  538–551
S. A. Belyaev
Almost Continuability of Solutions of Differential Equations
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:1,  3–11
A. S. Blagoveshchenskii
The Generalized D'Alembert Operator on Compactified Pseudo-Euclidean Space
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:5,  652–660
A. A. Bobodzhanov, V. F. Safonov
“Splashes” in Fredholm Integro-Differential Equations with Rapidly Varying Kernels
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:2,  163–179
A. Yu. Bogdanov
Localization of the Positive Limit Set of an Almost Periodic Discrete System
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:2,  313–317
A. A. Bondarenko
Birational Composition of Quadratic Forms over a Local Field
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:5,  661–670
T. V. Borodich, see V. S. Monakhov
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:2,  227–233
P. A. Borodin
The Linearity Coefficient of the Metric Projection onto a Chebyshev Subspace
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:2,  180–188
R. Ya. Budylin
Decomposition of Matrices over a Two-Dimensional Local Field
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:6,  936–939
V. I. Buslaev
Analog of the Hadamard Formula for the First Ellipse of Meromorphy
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:4,  552–568
P. V. Bychkov, see V. N. Tyutyanov
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:4,  630–635
V. M. Chelnokov, V. L. Zefirova
A Matrix-Based Measure of Inter-Node Walk Relatedness in a Network
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:1,  119–130
V. N. Chugunov, see Kh. D. Ikramov
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:5,  702–710
D. V. Chuprakov, see E. M. Vechtomov
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:6,  803–816
M. Crupi, G. Restuccia
Monomial Modules and Graded Betti Numbers
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:5,  721–736
Ding Ren, see Wei Xiang Lin
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:5,  797–800
Yu. V. Dymchenko
Equality of the Capacity and the Modulus of a Condenser in Finsler Spaces
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:4,  594–602
A. A. Ershov
Asymptotic Expansion of the Solution of a Second-Order Equation
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:1,  134–138
M. M. Faddeev
On Spectral Properties of the Discrete Schrödinger Operator with Pure Imaginary Finite Potential
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:3,  451–455
A. V. Faminskii, see K. Sangare
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:1,  98–109
Yu. S. Fedorenko, see A. G. Losev
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:3,  480
V. E. Fedorov, see A. V. Urazaeva
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:3,  440–450
P. V. Fedotova, see I. Kh. Musin
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:6,  894–914
A. Yu. Fishkin
On the Number of Zeros of an Analytic Perturbation of the Identically Zero Function on a Compact Set
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:1,  110–118
O. E. Galkin
Sequences of Composition Operators in Spaces of Functions of Bounded $\Phi$-Variation
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:3,  330–341
V. F. Gaposhkin
On Independent and Stationary Subsystems of the Walsh System and Periodic Multiplicative Systems
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:3,  342–350
Sh. Ghalandarzadeh, Z. Khoshchehreh
$n$-Extended Quasi-Baer Rings
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:6,  826–839
M. G. Gimadislamov
Discreteness of the Spectrum of a Polar Differential Operation in the Space of Vector Functions
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:3,  351–355
A. A. Glazyrin
On Simplicial Partitions of Polytopes
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:6,  840–848
A. V. Glushko, A. S. Ryabenko
Localization Principle and an Estimate of the Rate of Damping of Oscillations in a Viscous Compressible Stratified Liquid
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:4,  585–593
V. V. Grushin
Asymptotic Behavior of Eigenvalues of the Laplace Operator in Thin Infinite Tubes
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:5,  687–701
Kh. D. Ikramov, V. N. Chugunov
On the Reduction of the Normal Hankel Problem to Two Particular Cases
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:5,  702–710
Jian-Lin Li
On the Logarithmic Coefficients and Integral Means of Univalent Functions
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:1,  131–133
B. S. Kalitin
Instability of Closed Invariant Sets of Semidynamical Systems. Method of Sign-Constant Lyapunov Functions
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:3,  382–394
L. V. Kaluzhynova, I. I. Marchenko
On the Magnitudes of Deviations of Entire Functions of Infinite Order from Rational Functions
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:1,  22–35
A. A. Kandayan
Multipoint Padé Approximations of the Beta Function
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:2,  189–203
Ag. Kh. Khanmamedov
The Inverse Scattering Problem for a Perturbed Difference Hill Equation
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:3,  456–469
Z. Khoshchehreh, see Sh. Ghalandarzadeh
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:6,  826–839
V. E. Kim
Hypercyclicity and Chaotic Character of Generalized Convolution Operators Generated by Gelfond–Leontev Operators
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:6,  849–856
A. P. Kolesnikov
Topological Splines in Locally Convex Spaces
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:6,  857–885
V. A. Kondrat'ev, I. A. Rudakov
Periodic Solutions of a Quasilinear Wave Equation
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:1,  36–53
V. A. Krasnov
Equivariant Topological Classification of the Fano Varieties of Real Four-Dimensional Cubics
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:4,  603–615
V. A. Krasnov
On the Fano Variety of a Class of Real Four-Dimensional Cubics
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:5,  711–720
V. A. Krasnov
Topological Classification of Real Three-Dimensional Cubics
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:6,  886–893
A. V. Krivko, see V. V. Kucherenko
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:1,  139–143
V. V. Kucherenko, A. V. Krivko
Existence Theorem for Hyperbolic Systems with a Multiplicity Change Point of at Most the Third Order
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:1,  139–143
A. Sh. Kuchkarov
A Simple Pursuit–Evasion Problem on a Ball of a Riemannian Manifold
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:2,  204–213
O. V. Kunakovskaya, see P. M. Akhmet'ev
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:4,  524–537
V. A. Kyrov
Criterion for the Nondegeneracy of a Transformation Group
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:1,  144–146
A. P. Laurincikas, R. Macaitiené
On the Joint Universality of Periodic Zeta Functions
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:1,  54–64
A. V. Lebedev
Nonlinear Prediction in Max-Autoregressive Processes
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:4,  636–640
X.-Q. Liu, J.-Y. Rong
On Hermitian Nonnegative-Definite Solutions to Matrix Equations
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:3,  470–475
E. D. Livshits
On a Greedy Algorithm in the Space $L_p[0,1]$
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:5,  788–791
A. G. Losev, Yu. S. Fedorenko
Letter to the Editor
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:3,  480
A. A. Lunev
Exact Constants in the Inequalities for Intermediate Derivatives in $n$-Dimensional Space
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:3,  476–479
A. A. Lunev, L. L. Oridoroga
Exact Constants in Generalized Inequalities for Intermediate Derivatives
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:5,  737–744
A. S. Lyapin
On the Limit Behavior of the Trajectory Attractor of a Nonlinear Hyperbolic Equation Containing a Small Parameter at the Highest Derivative
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:5,  745–753
R. Macaitienė, see A. P. Laurinčikas
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:1,  54–64
A. Maevskiy
Algorithm for Calculating the Roots of Polynomials with Coefficients in the Ring of Polynomials over an Arbitrary Integral Domain
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:1,  73–88
A. M. Magomedov
Condensing Timetables with Target Date Divisible by Each Instructor's Number of Teaching Hours
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:1,  65–72
R. S. Makin
On Eigenvalues for Some Classes of Positive Operators
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:2,  214–226
A. R. Malyarchuk, see R. A. Zatorskii
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:1,  12–21
I. I. Marchenko, see L. V. Kaluzhynova
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:1,  22–35
V. A. Markasheva, A. F. Tedeev
Local and Global Estimates of the Solutions of the Cauchy Problem for Quasilinear Parabolic Equations with a Nonlinear Operator of Baouendi–Grushin Type
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:3,  395–407
V. S. Medvedev, see E. V. Zhuzhoma
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:3,  356–372
O. A. Mokeeva, see V. N. Semenchuk
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:2,  273–282
V. S. Monakhov, T. V. Borodich
Solvability of any Group with Hall Supplements to Normalizers of Sylow Subgroups
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:2,  227–233
I. Kh. Musin, P. V. Fedotova
A Theorem of Paley–Wiener Type for Ultradistributions
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:6,  894–914
M. M. Musin
The Law of the Iterated Logarithm for Sums of Exponentially Stabilizing Functionals
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:2,  234–245
V. G. Naidenko
Contractibility of Half-Spaces of Partial Convexity
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:6,  915–926
N. Zh. Nauryzbaev, N. Temirgaliev
On the Order of Discrepancy of the Smolyak Grid
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:6,  947–950
A. V. Neklyudov
The Behavior of Solutions of Semilinear Elliptic Equations of Second Order of the Form $Lu=e^u$ in the Infinite Cylinder
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:3,  408–420
L. L. Oridoroga, see A. A. Lunev
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:5,  737–744
L. N. Orlova
The Geometry of a Quasilinear System of Two Partial Differential Equations Containing the First and the Second Partial Derivatives of Two Functions in Two Independent Variables
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:3,  421–432
V. I. Panzhenskij
Maximally Movable Riemannian Spaces with Torsion
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:5,  754–757
N. V. Parfinovich, see V. F. Babenko
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:4,  538–551
S. I. Pokhozhaev
On the Absence of Positive Solutions of Elliptic Equations in Plane Unbounded Domains
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:2,  261–272
V. I. Pokotilo
Semiclassical Approximation for the Non-Self-Adjoint Sturm–Liouville Problem with the Potential $q(x)=x^4-a^2x^2$
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:5,  792–796
A. Yu. Popov
On the Least Type of an Entire Function of Order $\rho$ with Roots of a Given Upper $\rho$-Density Lying on One Ray
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:2,  246–260
D. V. Portnyagin
Schauder Estimates and Complete Regularity of the Solutions of an Elliptic System
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:1,  89–97
M. A. Prokhorovich
Hausdorff Measures and Lebesgue Points for the Sobolev Classes $W^p_\alpha$, $\alpha>0$, on Spaces of Homogeneous Type
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:4,  616–621
V. Yu. Protasov
Graph Isomorphism and Equality of Simplices
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:5,  758–767
Yu. A. Pupyrev
Effectivization of a Lower Bound for $\|(4/3)^k\|$
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:6,  927–935
G. Restuccia, see M. Crupi
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:5,  721–736
M. A. Romanov
On the Error of Multidimensional Quadrature Formulas for Certain Classes of Functions
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:3,  433–439
V. S. Romanyuk
Nonlinear Diameters of Classes of Smooth Functions Defined on the Unit Sphere in $\mathbb R^{d}$
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:1,  147–152
J.-Y. Rong, see X.-Q. Liu
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:3,  470–475
I. A. Rudakov, see V. A. Kondrat'ev
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:1,  36–53
A. S. Ryabenko, see A. V. Glushko
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:4,  585–593
V. F. Safonov, see A. A. Bobodzhanov
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:2,  163–179
K. Sangare, A. V. Faminskii
Weak Solutions of a Mixed Problem in a Half-Strip for a Generalized Kawahara Equation
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:1,  98–109
È. N. Sattorov
On the Continuation of the Solutions of a Generalized Cauchy–Riemann System in Space
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:5,  768–781
V. N. Semenchuk, O. A. Mokeeva
Factorizable Groups
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:2,  273–282
D. A. Shabanov
On the Chromatic Number of Finite Systems of Subsets
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:6,  951–954
R. V. Shamin
Approximation of Evolution Differential Equations in Scales of Hilbert Spaces
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:2,  318–320
F. A. Shamoyan
On the Zeros of Analytic Functions in the Disk with a Given Majorant near Its Boundary
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:2,  300–312
O. K. Shibanov, see A. M. Zubkov
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:3,  373–381
A. A. Shkalikov, see O. A. Veliev
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:5,  671–686
V. A. Skvortsov, F. Tulone
Integration of Both the Derivatives with Respect to $\mathscr{P}$-Paths and Approximative Derivatives
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:2,  283–291
V. E. Tarakanov, R. A. Zatorskii
A Relationship between Determinants and Permanents
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:2,  292–299
A. F. Tedeev, see V. A. Markasheva
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:3,  395–407
S. A. Telyakovskii
Approximation by Bernstein Polynomials at the Points of Discontinuity of the Derivatives
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:4,  622–629
N. Temirgaliev, see N. Zh. Nauryzbaev
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:6,  947–950
F. Tulone, see V. A. Skvortsov
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:2,  283–291
D. N. Tulyakov
A System of Recurrence Relations for Rational Approximations of the Euler Constant
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:5,  782–787
V. N. Tyutyanov, P. V. Bychkov
Finite Groups with Two Noncomplemented Subgroups
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:4,  630–635
A. V. Urazaeva, V. E. Fedorov
On the Well-Posedness of the Prediction-Control Problem for Certain Systems of Equations
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:3,  440–450
A. V. Ustinov
The Mean Number of Steps in the Euclidean Algorithm with Least Absolute-Value Remainders
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:1,  153–156
S. B. Vakarchuk, V. I. Zabutnaya
Best Linear Approximation Methods for Functions of Taikov Classes in the Hardy spaces $H_{q,\rho}$, $q\ge1$, $0<\rho\le1$
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:3,  323–329
N. F. Valeev
Regular Solutions of a Multiparameter Inverse Spectral Problem
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:6,  940–943
R. R. Vasyukov
Orthogonality Measures for Orthogonal Matrix Polynomials with Periodic Coefficients of Recurrence Relations
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:6,  944–946
E. M. Vechtomov, D. V. Chuprakov
Extension of Congruences on Semirings of Continuous Functions
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:6,  803–816
O. A. Veliev, A. A. Shkalikov
On the Riesz Basis Property of the Eigen- and Associated Functions of Periodic and Antiperiodic Sturm–Liouville Problems
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:5,  671–686
O. L. Vinogradov
Sharp Inequalities for Approximations of Classes of Periodic Convolutions by Odd-Dimensional Subspaces of Shifts
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:4,  569–584
I. V. Vyugin
Fuchsian Systems with Completely Reducible Monodromy
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:6,  817–825
Xianglin Wei, Wenhua Lang, Ren Ding
About Convex 4-Isosceles 7-Point Sets
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:5,  797–800
Wenhua Lan, see Wei Xiang Lin
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:5,  797–800
V. I. Zabutnaya, see S. B. Vakarchuk
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:3,  323–329
R. A. Zatorskii, A. R. Malyarchuk
Triangular Matrices and Combinatorial Inversion Formulas
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:1,  12–21
R. A. Zatorskii, see V. E. Tarakanov
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:2,  292–299
V. L. Zefirova, see V. M. Chelnokov
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:1,  119–130
E. V. Zhuzhoma, V. S. Medvedev
Surface Basic Sets with Wildly Embedded Supporting Surfaces
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:3,  356–372
A. M. Zubkov, O. K. Shibanov
Time Required to Unify All Particles in the Scheme of Equiprobable Allocation into a Sequence of Cell Layers
Mat. Zametki, 2009, Volume 85:3,  373–381
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