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Author Index, 2011, Volume 89

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G. I. Andriyanov
On the Completeness of a System of Analytic Functions
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:2,  163–177
A. A. Anijarov, see B. E. Kanguzhin
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:6,  856–867
I. V. Antjushina, N. M. Bliznyakov
Newton Diagrams, Odd Points, and the Index of Singular Points of Planar Vector Fields
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:6,  803–807
L. G. Arabadzhyan
An Infinite Algebraic System in the Irregular Case
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  3–11
M. Yu. Balakhnev
First-Order Differential Substitutions for Equations Integrable on $\mathbb S^n$
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:2,  178–189
A. G. Baskakov, A. A. Vorobjev, M. Yu. Romanova
Hyperbolic Operator Semigroups and Lyapunov's Equation
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:2,  190–203
V. V. Belyaev, D. A. Shved
Groups of Outer Finitary Automorphisms
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:4,  635–636
O. E. Bezushchak, M. V. Zaitsev
Exponents of Identities of Group Rings
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:5,  643–651
P. V. Bibikov
Separation Indices of Irreducible Root Systems
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:2,  316–318
A. M. Bikchentaev
Commutation of Projections and Trace Characterization on von Neumann Algebras. II
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:4,  483–494
N. M. Bliznyakov, see I. V. Antjushina
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:6,  803–807
A. A. Borisenko
One-to-One Projectability of Closed Surfaces in a Spherical Space
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  120–121
A. A. Borisenko, E. V. Petrov
Surfaces in the Three-Dimensional Heisenberg Group on Which the Gauss Map Has Bounded Jacobian
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:5,  794–796
S. Bouarroudj, A. V. Lebedev, F. Vagemann
Deformations of the Lie Algebra $\mathfrak{o}(5)$ in Characteristics $3$ and $2$
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:6,  808–824
R. N. Boyarinov
On Large Values of the Function $S(t)$ on Short Intervals
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:4,  495–502
R. N. Boyarinov
On the Zeros of the Riemann Zeta Function of Large Multiplicity
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:5,  652–657
A. S. Bratus', M. V. Safro
Asymptotics of Eigenvalues of the Jacobi Matrix of a System of Semilinear Parabolic Equations
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:2,  204–213
Yu. V. Bykov
Lattices in One-Dimensional Quaternionic Linear Space that Are Invariant with Respect to Finite Linear Groups
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  122–126
A. M. Chebotarev, T. V. Tlyachev, A. A. Radionov
Squeezed States and Their Applications to Quantum Evolution
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:4,  614–634
V. N. Chugunov, see N. L. Zamarashkin
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:4,  503–507
V. V. Chugunova
Asymptotically Optimally Reliable Circuits in the Basis $\{x_1\mathbin& x_2\mathbin& x_3,x_1\vee x_2\vee x_3,\overline x_1\}$ for Inverse Faults at the Inputs of Elements
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:3,  440–458
N. L. Chuprikov
The WKB Method and Differential Consequences of the Riccati Equation
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:6,  929–937
N. Ciric, D. Kostic
On the Boundedness of Lagrange Multipliers of the Kuhn–Tucker Theorem Applied to the Problem of Tikhonov Function Minimization
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:3,  424–439
M. Crupi, M. La Barbiera
Ideals Generated by Reverse Lexicographic Segments
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  53–69
V. B. Didenko
On the Spectral Properties of Differential Operators with Unbounded Operator Coefficients Determined by a Linear Relation
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:2,  226–240
Yu. A. Farkov
Discrete Wavelets and the Vilenkin–Chrestenson Transform
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:6,  914–928
E. I. Ganzha
Euler Integrals and Multi-Integrals of Linear Partial Differential Equations
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  19–33
V. F. Gaposhkin, Yu. S. Semenov
An Example Related to the Sidon Property for $m$-Dependent Systems
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:3,  350–354
A. L. Gavrilyuk, A. A. Makhnev
On Terwilliger Graphs in Which the Neighborhood of Each Vertex is Isomorphic to the Hoffman–Singleton Graph
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:5,  673–685
Sh. Ghalandarzadeh, P. Malakooti Rad, S. Shirinkam
On Annihilators of Polynomial Near-Rings
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:3,  342–349
V. A. Gorkavyy, E. N. Nevmerzhitskaja
An Analog of Bianchi Transformations for Two-Dimensional Surfaces in the Space $S^3\times \mathbb{R}^1$
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:6,  833–845
I. V. Gorokhova
Small Transverse Vibrations of Visco-Elastic Rods
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:6,  825–832
M. R. Haddadi, H. Mazaheri
Best Approximation in Vector Spaces
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:5,  788–793
A. Hajikarimi
Cofiniteness with Respect to a Serre Subcategory
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  109–119
Z. Sh. Ibragimov, see S. A. Imomkulov
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:4,  637–640
A. A. Illarionov
Estimates of the Number of Relative Minima of Lattices
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:2,  249–259
S. A. Imomkulov, Z. Sh. Ibragimov
Pluripolarity of the Graphs of Gonchar Quasi-Analytic Functions
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:4,  637–640
N. G. Inozemtseva, P. N. Sysoev
An Asymptotics Theorem for Low-Energy Compton Scattering in the Degenerate Case
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  131–133
T. V. Iofina
On the Order of Approximation by Riesz Means in Multiplicative Systems in the Classes $E_X[\varepsilon]$
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:4,  508–523
R. S. Ismagilov, K. V. Uskov
Asymptotics of the $n$-Widths of a Wiener Spiral in Complex Hilbert Space
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:5,  686–693
R. S. Ismagilov, Sh. Sh. Sultanov
Differential Operators Symmetric with Respect to an Indefinite Metric
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:6,  846–855
R. V. Ivanov
Optimal Stopping Problem in a Model with Compensated Refusal of Reward
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:2,  241–248
S. F. Kamornikov
On a Class of Lattice Semigroup Functors
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:3,  355–364
B. E. Kanguzhin, A. A. Anijarov
Well-Posed Problems for the Laplace Operator in a Punctured Disk
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:6,  856–867
I. N. Katkovskaya
Riesz' Compactness Criterion for the Space of Measurable Functions
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  134–138
V. N. Knyagina, V. S. Monakhov
Subgroups of a Finite Group Commuting with Biprimary Subgroups
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:4,  524–529
Yu. Yu. Kochetkov
On the Geometry of Galois Cubic Fields
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  139–144
V. N. Kolokoltsov
Stochastic Monotonicity and Duality for One-Dimensional Markov Processes
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:5,  694–704
O. V. Kolpakova
New Estimates of the Remainder in an Asymptotic Formula in the Multidimensional Dirichlet Divisor Problem
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:4,  530–546
V. A. Koshelev
Computer Solution of the Almost Empty Hexagon Problem
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:3,  477–480
D. Kostic, see N. Ciric
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:3,  424–439
S. Sh. Kozhegel'dinov
The al-Husayn Equation $x^4+y^2=z^2$
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:3,  365–377
V. V. Krasil'shchikov, A. V. Shutov
Description and Exact Maximum and Minimum Values of the Remainder in the Problem of the Distribution of Fractional Parts
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  43–52
V. A. Krasnov
Rigid Isotopy Classification of Real Quadric Line Complexes and Associated Kummer Surfaces
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:5,  705–718
V. A. Krasnov
Real $GM$-Biquadrics
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:6,  868–878
V. G. Krotov, M. A. Prokhorovich
The Rate of Convergence of Steklov Means on Metric Measure Spaces and Hausdorff Dimension
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  145–148
M. La Barbiera, see M. Crupi
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  53–69
S. V. Lapin
Extension of the Multiplication Operation in $E_\infty$-Algebras to an $A_\infty$-Morphism of $E_\infty$-Algebras and Cartan Objects in the Category of May Algebras
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:5,  719–737
A. Laurinčikas
A Growth Estimate for the Mellin Transform of the Riemann Zeta Function
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  70–81
A. V. Lebedev, see S. Bouarroudj
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:6,  808–824
Yu. E. Linke
Universal Spaces of Subdifferentials of Sublinear Operators Ranging in the Cone of Bounded Lower Semicontinuous Functions
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:4,  547–557
V. F. Lubyshev
Existence of Multiple Solutions of Higher-Order Nonlinear Elliptic Equations
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:2,  260–271
A. M. Magomedov
Existence of a Trade-Off Factorization of a Partially $4$-Homogeneous Graph
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:3,  378–383
G. S. Makanin
Parametrization of the Solutions of the Equation $x_1x_2…x_{n-1}x_n=x_nx_{n-1}…x_2x_1$ in a Free Monoid
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:6,  879–884
V. A. Makarichev
Asymptotics of the Basis Functions of Generalized Taylor Series for the Class $H_{\rho,2}$
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:5,  738–754
A. A. Makhnev, see A. L. Gavrilyuk
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:5,  673–685
P. Malakooti, see Sh. Ghalandarzadeh
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:3,  342–349
V. P. Maslov
Mathematical Solution of the Gibbs Paradox
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:2,  272–284
H. Mazaheri, see M. R. Haddadi
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:5,  788–793
R. A. Mekhtiev
Invariants of the Homoclinic Trajectories of a Two-Dimensional Diffeomorphism
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:5,  755–770
A. V. Meleshkina
On the Coefficients of Expansions in Bases of Smooth Functions of Several Variables
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:6,  938–943
V. L. Miroshnichenko, see Yu. S. Volkov
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  127–130
O. I. Mokhov
Deformations of Poisson Structures by Closed $3$-Forms
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:6,  944–947
V. S. Monakhov, see V. N. Knyagina
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:4,  524–529
V. F. Moskva, A. M. Raigorodskii
New Lower Bounds for the Independence Numbers of Distance Graphs with Vertices in $\{-1,0,1\}^n$
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:2,  319–320
I. M. Nabiev
Solution of the Inverse Quasiperiodic Problem for the Dirac System
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:6,  885–893
V. E. Nazaikinskii
Degenerate Wave Equation with Localized Initial Data: Asymptotic Solutions Corresponding to Various Self-Adjoint Extensions
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:5,  797–800
E. N. Nevmerzhitskaja, see V. A. Gorkavyy
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:6,  833–845
A. W. Niukkanen
Transformation of the Triple Series of Gelfand, Graev, and Retakh into a Series of the Same Type and Related Problems
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:3,  384–392
M. Otelbaev
Examples of Equations of Navier–Stokes Type Not Strongly Solvable in the Large
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:5,  771–779
Q. X. Pan, L. Y. Jang
A Maschke-Type Theorem for Weak $(A,B)$-Doi–Hopf Modules
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  82–90
P. V. Paramonov
On $C^m$-Extension of Subharmonic Functions from Lyapunov–Dini Domains to $\mathbb R^N$
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  149–152
E. V. Petrov, see A. A. Borisenko
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:5,  794–796
S. I. Pokhozhaev
Weighted Identities for the Solutions of Generalized Korteweg–de Vries Equations
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:3,  393–409
I. V. Polyakov
Example of a Divergent Fourier Series in the Vilenkin System
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:5,  780–787
D. V. Poplavsky
Completeness Theorem for Singular Differential Pencils
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:4,  558–576
M. Prasolov
Small Braids with Large Ultra Summit Set
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:4,  577–588
S. N. Preobrazhenskii
New Estimate in Vinogradov's Mean-Value Theorem
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:2,  285–299
M. A. Prokhorovich, see V. G. Krotov
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  145–148
A. A. Radionov, see A. M. Chebotarev
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:4,  614–634
A. O. Radomskii
On an Inequality of Sidon Type for Trigonometric Polynomials
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:4,  589–595
A. M. Raigorodskii, see V. F. Moskva
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:2,  319–320
D. D. Repovš, see A. Yu. Vesnin
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  12–18
R. V. Romanov, M. A. Tikhomirov
On the Self-Adjoint Subspace of the One-Velocity Transport Operator
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  91–103
M. Yu. Romanova, see A. G. Baskakov
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:2,  190–203
A. P. Rozovskaya, D. A. Shabanov
Improvement of the Lower Bound in the Kostochka Problem of Panchromatic Coloring of a Hypergraph
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:6,  948–950
Yu. G. Rykov
On the Generalization of Conservation Law Theory to Certain Degenerate Parabolic Systems of Equations Describing Processes of Compressible Two-Phase Multicomponent Filtration
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:2,  300–315
K. B. Sabitov
Nonlocal Problem for a Parabolic-Hyperbolic Equation in a Rectangular Domain
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:4,  596–602
T. A. Safonova
Asymptotic Integration of Systems of Quasidifferential Equations of Second Order
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:6,  951–953
M. V. Safro, see A. S. Bratus'
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:2,  204–213
A. M. Sedletskii
Bases of Exponentials in Weighted Spaces Generated by Zeros of Functions of Sine Type
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:6,  894–913
V. N. Semenchuk, S. N. Shevchuk
Characterization of Classes of Finite Groups with the Use of Generalized Subnormal Sylow Subgroups
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  104–108
Yu. S. Semenov, see V. F. Gaposhkin
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:3,  350–354
D. A. Shabanov, see A. P. Rozovskaya
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:6,  948–950
S. N. Shevchuk, see V. N. Semenchuk
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  104–108
S. Shirinkam, see Sh. Ghalandarzadeh
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:3,  342–349
A. V. Shutov, see V. V. Krasil'shchikov
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  43–52
D. A. Shved, see V. V. Belyaev
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:4,  635–636
A. V. Slovesnov
The Limit Integral Torsion of Closed Analytic Curves
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  153–156
O. V. Sukhova
Curvatures of the Tangent Bundle with a Special Almost Product Metric
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:4,  603–607
Sh. Sh. Sultanov, see R. S. Ismagilov
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:6,  846–855
P. N. Sysoev, see N. G. Inozemtseva
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  131–133
S. Thianwan
New Iterations with Errors for Approximating Common Fixed Points for two Generalized Asymptotically Quasi-Nonexpansive Nonself-Mappings
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:3,  410–423
M. A. Tikhomirov, see R. V. Romanov
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  91–103
T. V. Tlyachev, see A. M. Chebotarev
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:4,  614–634
I. G. Tsar'kov
Properties of Sets Admitting Stable $\varepsilon$-Selections
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:4,  608–613
E. E. Tyrtyshnikov, see N. L. Zamarashkin
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:4,  503–507
K. V. Uskov, see R. S. Ismagilov
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:5,  686–693
F. Vagemann, see S. Bouarroudj
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:6,  808–824
V. M. Valov
Extenders and $\varkappa$-Metrizable Compacta
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:3,  331–341
A. Yu. Vesnin, D. Repovš
Two-Sided Bounds for the Volume of Right-Angled Hyperbolic Polyhedra
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  12–18
A. G. Vladimirov
Effectivity Properties of Intuitionistic Set Theory with Collection Scheme
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:5,  658–672
P. Vojčák
A Characterization of Hyers–Lang Differentiability in Terms of a Tangent Cone
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:2,  214–225
Yu. S. Volkov, V. L. Miroshnichenko
Approximation of Derivatives by Jumps of Interpolating Splines
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  127–130
S. S. Volosivets
Generalization of the Multiplicative Fourier Transform and Its Properties
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:3,  323–330
A. A. Vorobjev, see A. G. Baskakov
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:2,  190–203
V. A. Yurko
Inverse Problem for Sturm–Liouville Operators on Hedgehog-Type Graphs
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:3,  459–471
A. B. Zaitsev
On the Closure of the Sum of Two Uniform Algebras on Compact Sets in $\mathbb C$
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  34–42
M. V. Zaitsev, see O. E. Bezushchak
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:5,  643–651
N. L. Zamarashkin, E. E. Tyrtyshnikov, V. N. Chugunov
Functions Generating Normal Toeplitz Matrices
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:4,  503–507
E. N. Zhabitskaya
Mean Value of Sums of Partial Quotients of Continued Fractions
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:3,  472–476
L.-yu. Zhang, see Q. X. Pan
Mat. Zametki, 2011, Volume 89:1,  82–90
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