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Author Index, 1963, Volume 60(102)

B D H I K L O P R S T U V Z Full List
F. A. Berezin
On the Lee model
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1963, Volume 60(102):4,  425–446
D. L. Berman
Extremal problems in the theory of polynomial operators
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1963, Volume 60(102):3,  354–365
Ya. S. Bugrov
Polyharmonic functions in a half-plane
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1963, Volume 60(102):4,  486–498
N. A. Davydov
The $(c)$-property of the Cesàro and Abel–Poisson methods and theorems of Tauberian type
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1963, Volume 60(102):2,  185–206
Hu Go-din
Measures in $\sigma$-topological and topological spaces
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1963, Volume 60(102):3,  257–269
A. M. Il'in, R. Z. Khas'minskii
Asymptotic behavior of solutions of parabolic equations and an ergodic property of non-homogeneous diffusion processes
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1963, Volume 60(102):3,  366–392
G. A. Kamenskii
Theorems on ranges of values and a boundary-value problem for a second-order non-linear differential equation
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1963, Volume 60(102):1,  3–16
R. Z. Khas'minskii, see A. M. Il'in
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1963, Volume 60(102):3,  366–392
A. H. Livshits
Summation of mappings and the concept of center in categories
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1963, Volume 60(102):2,  159–184
P. I. Lizorkin
Generalized Liouville differentiation and the functional spaces $L_p^r(E_n)$. Imbedding theorems
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1963, Volume 60(102):3,  325–353
A. L. Onishchik
Transitive compact transformation groups
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1963, Volume 60(102):4,  447–485
V. P. Palamodov
Regularization in a certain class of non-integrable functions and its connection with the problem of division
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1963, Volume 60(102):3,  270–292
V. I. Ponomarev
Paracompacta: their projection spectra and continuous mappings
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1963, Volume 60(102):1,  89–119
Al. A. Privalov
Interpolation on sets of measure zero
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1963, Volume 60(102):1,  29–38
M. L. Rasulov
The contour integral method and its application to the solution of multi-dimensional mixed problems for differential equations of parabolic type
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1963, Volume 60(102):4,  393–410
K. A. Rodosskii
On some trigonometric sums
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1963, Volume 60(102):2,  219–234
I. Kh. Sabitov
On the rigidity of certain surfaces of revolution
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1963, Volume 60(102):4,  506–519
N. S. Satskaya
On a differential equation with a small parameter
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1963, Volume 60(102):4,  499–505
B. M. Shain
Representation of semigroups by means of binary relations
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1963, Volume 60(102):3,  293–303
R. N. Shcherbakov
Equi-affine invariant non-holonomic congruences of a line complex
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1963, Volume 60(102):2,  131–158
M. L. Shersnev
The characterization of the dimension of a metric space by means of dimensionality properties of mappings of it into a Euclidean space
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1963, Volume 60(102):2,  207–218
E. G. Sklyarenko
On the topological structure of locally bicompact groups and their factor spaces
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1963, Volume 60(102):1,  63–88
V. A. Skvortsov
Some properties of the $CP$-integral
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1963, Volume 60(102):3,  304–324
Sh. I. Strelitz
An analogue of a theorem of Fuchs for solving linear partial differential equations
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1963, Volume 60(102):2,  121–130
M. S. Tsalenko
Completion of categories by free and direct joins of objects
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1963, Volume 60(102):2,  235–256
P. L. Ul'yanov
Weyl factors for unconditional convergence
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1963, Volume 60(102):1,  39–62
A. M. Vasil'ev
Invariant affine connections in a space of linear elements
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1963, Volume 60(102):4,  411–424
A. V. Zarelua
On a theorem of Hurewicz
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 1963, Volume 60(102):1,  17–28
Математический сборник (новая серия) - 1947–1963
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