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Author Index, 1989, Volume 180

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I. V. Abramov, E. A. Roganov
Quasiconformal homotopies of elementary space mappings
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:10,  1347–1354
A. M. Akhmedov, see D. È. Allakhverdiev
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:5,  603–624
B. P. Allakhverdiev, G. Sh. Guseinov
On the spectral theory of dissipative difference operators of second order
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:1,  101–118
D. È. Allakhverdiev, A. M. Akhmedov
Some classes of generalized spectral operators and their applications
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:5,  603–624
V. V. Andrievskii, V. I. Belyi, V. V. Maimeskul
Approximation of solutions of the equation $\overline\partial^jf=0$, $j\geqslant1$, in domain with quasiconformal boundary
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:11,  1443–1461
D. V. Anosov
On infinite curves on the Klein bottle
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:1,  39–56
Yu. A. Bahturin
Lie superalgebras with bounded degrees of irreducible representations
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:2,  195–206
M. I. Belishev
Wave bases in multidimensional inverse problems
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:5,  584–602
V. I. Belyi, see V. V. Andrievskii
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:11,  1443–1461
G. D. Berishvili
Symplectic structure on a Grassmannian fibration
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:4,  435–442
F. A. Bogomolov
Brauer groups of fields of invariants of algebraic groups
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:2,  279–293
A. Ch. Chigogidze
$n$-shapes and $n$-cohomotopy groups of compacta
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:3,  322–335
Yu. N. Drozhzhinov, B. I. Zavialov
Multidimensional Abelian and Tauberian comparison theorems
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:9,  1234–1258
A. S. Dzhumadil'daev
Deformations of the Lie algebras $W_n(\mathbf m)$
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:2,  168–186
A. S. Dzhumadil'daev
Cohomology of truncated coinduced representations of Lie algebras of positive characteristic
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:4,  456–468
A. V. Faminskii
The Cauchy problem for odd-order quasilinear equations
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:9,  1183–1210
A. A. Fomin
Torsion-free Abelian groups of rank 3
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:9,  1155–1170
V. A. Galaktionov, S. P. Kurdyumov, A. A. Samarskii
On the method of stationary states for quasilinear parabolic equations
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:8,  995–1016
I. M. Gel'fand, M. I. Graev
Hypergeometric functions associated with the Grassmannian $G_{3,6}$
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:1,  3–38
G. G. Gevorkyan
On the uniqueness of trigonometric series
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:11,  1462–1474
M. I. Graev, see I. M. Gel'fand
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:1,  3–38
R. I. Grigorchuk
On the Hilbert–Poincaré series of graded algebras associated with groups
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:2,  207–225
G. Sh. Guseinov, see B. P. Allahverdiev
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:1,  101–118
A. Ya. Helemskii
The homological essence of Connes amenability: injectivity of the predual bimodule
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:12,  1680–1690
I. A. Ikromov
Invariant estimates of two-dimensional trigonometric integrals
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:8,  1017–1032
V. A. Iskovskikh
Double projection from a line on Fano threefolds of the first kind
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:2,  260–278
R. S. Ismagilov
The spectrum of dynamical systems and the Riesz products
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:7,  888–912
R. P. Ivanov
Measurable strategies in differential games
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:1,  119–135
N. M. Ivochkina
Solution of the Dirichlet problem for curvature equations of order $m$
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:7,  867–887
B. V. Kapitonov
On exponential decay as $t\to\infty$ of solutions of an exterior boundary value problem for the Maxwell system
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:4,  469–490
B. N. Khabibullin
On the growth of entire functions of exponential type along the imaginary axis
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:5,  706–719
Yu. B. Khakimdzhanov
On the cohomology of some nilpotent Lie algebras
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:5,  658–675
O. G. Kharlampovich
The word problem for solvable Lie algebras and groups
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:8,  1033–1066
A. Yu. Khrennikov
The correspondence principle in quantum field theory and relativistic boson string theory
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:6,  763–786
V. M. Klimkin
Uniform boundedness of a family of nonadditive set functions
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:3,  385–396
A. Yu. Kolesov
Duck trajectories of relaxation systems connected with violation of the normal switching conditions
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:10,  1428–1438
A. S. Kondrat'ev
Prime graph components of finite simple groups
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:6,  787–797
A. G. Korolev
On boundedness of generalized solutions of elliptic differential equations with nonpower nonlinearities
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:1,  78–100
E. L. Korotyaev
On scattering in an external, homogeneous, time-periodic magnetic field
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:4,  491–512
V. A. Kozlov
The strong zero theorem for an elliptic boundary value problem in an angle
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:6,  831–849
I. F. Krasichkov-Ternovskii
An interpretation of the Beurling–Malliavin theorem on the radius of completeness
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:3,  397–423
Ya. S. Krylyuk
Indices of standard maximal subalgebras of Cartan-type $p$-algebras of finite characteristic
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:5,  563–583
V. G. Kurbatov
On the invertibility of almost periodic operators
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:7,  913–923
S. P. Kurdyumov, see V. A. Galaktionov
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:8,  995–1016
I. A. Kuzin
Solvability of some elliptic problems with critical exponent of nonlinearity
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:11,  1475–1485
Yu. V. Kuz'min
On some properties of free Abelian extensions
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:6,  850–862
M. I. Kuznetsov
Classification of simple graded Lie algebras with nonsemisimple component $L_0$
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:2,  147–158
A. P. Laurincikas
A limit theorem for the Riemann Zeta-function close to the critical line. II
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:6,  733–749
Lê Hông Vân
The minimal $\Phi$-Lagrangian surfaces in almost Hermitian manyfolds
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:7,  924–936
E. F. Lelikova
On the asymptotics of the fundamental solution of a parabolic equation in the critical case
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:8,  1119–1131
S. Z. Levendorskii
On types of degenerate elliptic operators
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:4,  513–528
V. G. Litvinov
Control of the shape of the domain in elliptic sistems and choice of the optimal domain in the Stokes problem
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:6,  723–732
S. F. Lukomskii
On certain classes of sets of uniqueness of multiple Walsh series
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:7,  937–945
V. V. Maimeskul, see V. V. Andrievskii
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:11,  1443–1461
N. G. Makarov
On a class of exceptional sets in the theory of conformal mappings
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:9,  1171–1182
V. V. Makeev
The Knaster problem and almost spherical sections
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:3,  424–431
V. G. Maz'ya, A. A. Soloviev
On an integral equation for the Dirichlet problem in a plane domain with cusps on the boundary
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:9,  1211–1233
O. V. Mel'nikov, A. A. Sharomet
The Galois group of a multidimensional local field of positive characteristic
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:8,  1132–1147
V. M. Miklyukov, V. G. Tkachev
Some properties of the tubular minimal surfaces of arbitrary codimension
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:9,  1278–1295
I. Kh. Musikaev, M. A. Taitslin
On dynamic theories of free algebras
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:3,  307–321
P. I. Naumkin, I. A. Shishmarev
A periodic problem for Whitham's equation
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:7,  946–968
Yu. A. Neretin
Holomorphic extensions of representations of the group of the diffeomorphisms of the circle
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:5,  635–657
Nguyen Khac Viet
On minimal models of algebraic curves
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:5,  625–634
Nguyên Thị Thiêu Hoa
Some extremal problems on classes of functions determined by linear differential operators
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:10,  1355–1395
V. V. Nikulin
Del Pezzo surfaces with log-terminal singularities
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:2,  226–243
V. N. Obraztsov
An imbedding theorem for groups and its corollaries
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:4,  529–541
V. A. Oskolkov
On the completeness and quasipower basis property of systems $ż^nf(\lambda_nz)\}$
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:3,  375–384
A. V. Pajitnov
On the sharpness of Novikov type inequalities for manifolds with free Abelian fundamental group
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:11,  1486–1523
A. N. Parshin
On the application of ramified coverings in the theory of Diophantine equations
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:2,  244–259
A. P. Petukhov
On the dependence of the properties of the set of points of discontinuity of a function on the degree of its polynomial Hausdorff approximations
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:7,  969–988
Pham Huu Tiep
Irreducible orthogonal decompositions in Lie algebras
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:10,  1396–1414
A. A. Premet
Regular Cartan subalgebras and nilpotent elements in restricted Lie algebras
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:4,  542–557
E. A. Roganov, see I. V. Abramov
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:10,  1347–1354
V. K. Rogov
The Fourier–Mellin–Whittacker transform on horospheres of homogeneous pseudo-riemannian symmetric space of rank 1
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:3,  336–353
B. S. Rubin
Multiplier operators connected with the Cauchy problem for the wave equation. Difference regularization
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:11,  1524–1547
A. N. Rudakov
Integral-valued bilinear forms and vector bundles
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:2,  187–194
Yu. B. Rudyak
Orientability of bundles: obstruction theory and applications to $K$-theory
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:11,  1561–1582
A. A. Samarskii, see V. A. Galaktionov
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:8,  995–1016
G. V. Sandrakov
Averaging principles for eguations with rapidly oscillatory coefficients
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:12,  1634–1679
M. V. Sapir
A minimal variety of associative algebras with unsolvable word problem
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:12,  1691–1708
Yu. I. Sapronov
Semiregular corner singularities of smooth functions
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:10,  1299–1310
V. V. Sazonov, see B. A. Zalesskii
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:12,  1587–1613
N. A. Shananin
On a class of Fourier integrals
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:6,  750–762
I. I. Sharapudinov
Asymptotic properties of orthogonal Hahn polynomials in a discrete variable
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:9,  1259–1277
A. A. Sharomet, see O. V. Mel'nikov
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:8,  1132–1147
V. V. Shevchik
On the Fourier transformation as a dense-imbedding operator
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:5,  700–705
I. A. Shishmarev, see P. I. Naumkin
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:7,  946–968
I. E. Shparlinski, see S. A. Stepanov
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:8,  1067–1072
V. P. Shunkov
On Frobenius pairs of the form $(F\leftthreetimes V,V)$
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:10,  1311–1324
A. A. Soloviev, see V. G. Maz'ya
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:9,  1211–1233
A. N. Starkov
Ergodic decomposition of flows on homogeneous spaces of finite volume
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:12,  1614–1633
S. A. Stepanov, I. E. Shparlinski
On the construction of a primitive normal basis in a finite field
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:8,  1067–1072
V. I. Sushchanskii
Wreath products and periodic factorable groups
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:8,  1073–1091
M. A. Taitslin, see I. Kh. Musikaev
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:3,  307–321
V. G. Tkachev, see V. M. Miklyukov
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:9,  1278–1295
D. V. Treschev
The mechanism of destruction of resonance tori of Hamiltonian systems
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:10,  1325–1346
O. V. Troshkin
A two-dimensional flow problem for steady-state Euler equations
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:3,  354–374
I. G. Tsar'kov
The inequality of Jackson type for abstract functions
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:5,  676–699
V. G. Turaev
Three-dimensional Poincaré complexes: homotopy classification and splitting
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:6,  809–830
V. A. Ufnarovskii
On the use of graphs for computing a basis, growth and Hilbert series of associative algebras
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:11,  1548–1560
V. V. Ulyanov, see B. A. Zalesskii
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:12,  1587–1613
V. V. Uspenskii
Topological groups and Dugundji compacta
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:8,  1092–1118
G. M. Vainikko
On the smoothness of the solutions of multidimensional weakly singular integral equations
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:12,  1709–1723
S. K. Vodop'yanov
Potential theory on homogeneous groups
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:1,  57–77
V. E. Voskresenskii
Local volume computations in the Siegel–Tamagawa formula
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:4,  443–455
A. L. Yakymiv
On the number of $A$-permutations
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:2,  294–303
M. V. Zaicev
Locally representable varieties of Lie algebras
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:6,  798–808
M. V. Zakharyaschev
Modal companions of superintuitionistic logics: syntax, semantics, and preservation theorems
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:10,  1415–1427
B. A. Zalesskii, V. V. Sazonov, V. V. Ulyanov
A precise estimate of the rate of convergence in the Central Limit Theorem in Hilbert space
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:12,  1587–1613
B. I. Zavialov, see Yu. N. Drozhzhinov
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:9,  1234–1258
E. I. Zel'manov
On some problems of groups theory and Lie algebras
Mat. Sb., 1989, Volume 180:2,  159–167
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