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Author Index, 1992, Volume 183

A B D F G H I K L M N O P R S T U V Y Z Full List
O. N. Ageev
On the centralizer of rigid transformations
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:4,  20–48
S. M. Ageev
Classifying spaces for free actions, and the Hilbert–Smith conjecture
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:1,  143–151
A. A. Akopian, O. V. Gevorgyan, A. A. Sahakian
On two-dimensional polynomial interpolation
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:6,  111–126
I. A. Aliev, A. D. Gadzhiev
Weighted estimates of multidimensional singular integrals generated by the generalized shift operator
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:9,  45–66
A. I. Aptekarev
Asymptotics of orthogonal polynomials in a neighborhood of the endpoints of the interval of orthogonality
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:5,  43–62
V. G. Bardakov
On the theory of braid groups
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:6,  3–42
A. S. Belov
On upper estimates of the partial sums of a trigonometric series in terms of lower estimates
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:11,  55–74
F. A. Bogomolov
Stable cohomology of groups and algebraic varieties
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:5,  3–28
A. A. Borisov, L. A. Borisov
Singular toric Fano varieties
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:2,  134–141
L. A. Borisov, see A. A. Borisov
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:2,  134–141
A. I. Bulgakov
Integral inclusions with nonconvex images, and their applications to boundary value problems for differential inclusions
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:10,  63–86
Zh. Bustamante, G. López Lagomasino
Hermite–Padé approximation for Nikishin systems of analytic functions
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:11,  117–138
V. A. Dem'yanenko
Elliptic functions and Fermat's equation
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:9,  15–28
V. V. Dubinin
Cubature formulas for classes of functions with bounded mixed difference
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:7,  23–34
V. V. Fedorchuk, V. V. Filippov
Manifolds with noncoinciding inductive dimensions
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:9,  29–44
V. V. Filippov, see V. V. Fedorchuk
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:9,  29–44
A. D. Gadzhiev, see I. A. Aliev
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:9,  45–66
R. N. Ganikhodzhaev
Quadratic stochastic operators, Lyapunov functions, and tournaments
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:8,  119–140
O. V. Gevorgyan, see A. A. Akopian
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:6,  111–126
V. N. Gorbuzov, V. Yu. Tyshchenko
Particular integrals of systems of ordinary differential equations
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:3,  76–94
G. M. Gubreev
On a class of unconditional bases in Hilbert spaces and on the problem of similarity of dissipative Volterra operators
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:9,  105–146
E. G. Guseinov
The Plemelj–Privalov theorem for generalized Hölder classes
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:2,  21–37
I. Hambleton, A. F. Kharshiladze
A spectral sequence in surgery
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:9,  3–14
G. G. Ilyuta
Monodromy groups of boundary singularities
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:5,  29–42
A. O. Ivanov, I. V. Ptitsyna, A. A. Tuzhilin
Classification of closed minimal networks on flat two-dimensional tori
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:12,  3–44
B. V. Kapitonov
Ates of the rate of stabilization of solutions of exterior mixed problems for a class of evolution systems
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:7,  81–114
A. I. Karol'
Complex powers of the Schrödinger operator with a homogeneous, degenerate potential
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:1,  65–88
N. M. Kasumov
Calderón–Zygmund theory for kernels with nondiscrete sets of singularities
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:9,  89–104
G. G. Kazaryan
Strictly hypoelliptic operators with constant coefficients
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:2,  121–133
B. N. Khabibullin
On the type of entire and meromorphic functions
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:11,  35–44
S. V. Khabirov
Infinite-parameter families of solutions of nonlinear differential equations
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:11,  45–54
A. F. Kharshiladze, see I. Hambleton
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:9,  3–14
N. N. Kholshchevnikova
The generalized Bari theorem for the Walsh system
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:10,  3–12
A. Yu. Khrennikov
On the theory of infinite-dimensional superspace: reflexive Banach supermodules
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:11,  75–98
A. Yu. Khrennikov
The infinite-dimensional Liouville equation
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:1,  20–44
V. M. Klimkin
On some properties of regular set functions
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:6,  155–176
A. A. Klyachin, V. M. Miklyukov
Traces of functions with spacelike graphs, and the extension problem under restrictions on the gradient
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:7,  49–64
V. N. Kokarev
The normal image of a complete relatively minimal surface
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:2,  112–120
A. Yu. Kolesov, Yu. S. Kolesov
Relaxation cycles in systems with delay
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:8,  141–159
Yu. S. Kolesov, see A. Yu. Kolesov
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:8,  141–159
A. B. Kostin, see A. I. Prilepko
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:4,  49–68
M. D. Kovalev
The problem of cutting subspaces
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:12,  77–102
I. F. Krasichkov-Ternovskii
Spectral synthesis in a complex domain for a differential operator with constant coefficients. II. The module method
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:1,  3–19
I. F. Krasichkov-Ternovskii
Spectral synthesis in a complex domain for a differential operator with constant coefficients. III: Ample submodules
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:6,  55–86
I. F. Krasichkov-Ternovskii
Spectral synthesis in a complex domain for a differential operator with constant coefficients. IV: Synthesis
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:8,  23–46
S. N. Kudryavtsev
Some problems in approximation theory for a class of functions of finite smoothness
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:2,  3–20
L. M. Lerman, Ya. L. Umanskii
Classification of four-dimensional integrable Hamiltonian systems and Poisson actions of $\mathbb{R}^2$ in extended neighborhoods of simple singular points. I
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:12,  141–176
A. L. Levin, E. B. Saff
$L_p$ extensions of Gonchar's inequality for rational functions
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:6,  97–110
I. K. Lifanov, L. N. Poltavskii
Generalized Fourier operators and their application to the justification of some numerical methods in aerodynamics
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:5,  79–114
Yu. E. Linke
Supplements to Michael's theorem on continuous selections, and their applications
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:11,  19–34
G. López Lagomasino, see J. Bustamante González
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:11,  117–138
D. Sh. Lundina, V. A. Marchenko
Compactness of the set of multisoliton solutions of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:4,  3–19
V. A. Marchenko, see D. Sh. Lundina
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:4,  3–19
E. M. Matveev
On fundamental units of certain fields
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:7,  35–48
V. M. Miklyukov
Maximal tubes and bands in Minkowski space
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:12,  45–76
V. M. Miklyukov, see A. A. Klyachin
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:7,  49–64
S. P. Mishchenko
On varieties of Lie algebras not containing a three-dimensional simple algebra
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:6,  87–96
F. Kh. Mukminov
On decay of a solution of the first mixed problem for the linearized system of Navier–Stokes equations in a domain with noncompact boundary
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:10,  123–144
Yu. V. Muranov
Natural mappings of relative Wall groups
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:2,  38–51
V. V. Napalkov, R. S. Yulmukhametov
Weighted Fourier–Laplace transforms of analytic functionals on the disk
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:11,  139–144
S. A. Nazarov, B. A. Plamenevskii
Elliptic problems with radiation conditions on edges of the boundary
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:10,  13–44
Yu. A. Neretin
Categories of bistochastic measures, and representations of some infinite-dimensional groups
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:2,  52–76
Nguyen Tien Zung
The complexity of integrable Hamiltonian systems on a prescribed three-dimensional constant-energy submanifold
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:4,  87–117
Yu. A. Nikolaevskii
Classification of multidimensional submanifolds in Euclidean space with a totally geodesic Gauss image
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:6,  127–154
S. V. Onipchuk
Regular semihypergroups
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:6,  43–54
G. P. Panasenko
Asymptotic solutions of the system of elasticity theory for rod and frame structures
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:1,  89–113
Pham Huu Tiep
Basic spin representations of alternating groups, Gow lattices, and Barnes–Wall lattices
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:11,  99–116
B. A. Plamenevskii, see S. A. Nazarov
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:10,  13–44
S. I. Pokhozhaev
On entire radial solutions of some quasilinear elliptic equations
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:11,  3–18
L. N. Poltavskii, see I. K. Lifanov
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:5,  79–114
I. Yu. Popov
The Helmholtz resonator and the theory of operator extensions in a space with indefinite metric
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:3,  3–37
A. I. Prilepko, A. B. Kostin
On certain inverse problems for parabolic equations with final and integral observation
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:4,  49–68
I. V. Ptitsyna (Shklyanko), see A. O. Ivanov
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:12,  3–44
L. D. Pustyl'nikov
On the spectrum of the discrete inhomogeneous wave equation, and vibrations of a discrete string
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:3,  38–54
E. V. Radkevich
On conditions for the existence of a classical solution of the modified Stefan problem (the Gibbs–Thomson law)
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:2,  77–101
V. K. Rogov
Eigenfunctions of the Beltrami–Laplace operator on homogeneous pseudo-Riemannian symmetric spaces of rank 1
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:3,  95–132
V. V. Ryzhikov
Mixing, rank, and minimal self-joining of actions with an invariant measure
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:3,  133–160
E. B. Saff, see A. L. Levin
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:6,  97–110
A. A. Sahakian, see A. A. Akopian
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:6,  111–126
A. Sakabekov
Initial-boundary value problems for the Boltzmann system of moment equations in an arbitrary approximation
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:9,  67–88
N. N. Savel'ev
Adding relations to instanton homology groups of Seifert fibered homology spheres
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:12,  125–140
P. N. Savel'ev
Dissipativity in the plane
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:1,  130–142
E. N. Selivanova
Classification of geodesic flows of Liouville metrics on the two-dimensional torus up to topological equivalence
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:4,  69–86
V. I. Semenov
An extension principle for quasiconformal deformations of the plane
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:9,  147–159
I. A. Shevchuk
Approximation of monotone functions by monotone polynomials
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:5,  63–78
E. G. Sklyarenko
On Zeeman's filtration in homology
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:12,  103–116
S. M. Skryabin
Sharp estimnew series of simple Lie algebras of characteristic 3
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:8,  3–22
I. V. Skrypnik
A necessary condition for regularity of a boundary point for a quasilinear parabolic equation
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:7,  3–22
H. Stahl
Best uniform rational approximation of $|x|$ on $[-1,1]$
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:8,  85–118
M. A. Sychev
On the question of regularity of the solutions of variational problems
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:4,  118–142
P. M. Tamrazov
Methods of studying extremal metrics and moduli in a twisted Riemannian manifold
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:3,  55–75
G. E. Tkebuchava
On unconditional convergence with respect to systems of products of bases
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:10,  109–122
D. V. Tunitsky
Regular isometric immersion in the large of two-dimensional metrics of nonpositive curvature
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:7,  65–80
A. A. Tuzhilin, see A. O. Ivanov
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:12,  3–44
V. Yu. Tyshchenko, see V. N. Gorbuzov
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:3,  76–94
Ya. L. Umanskii, see L. M. Lerman
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:12,  141–176
V. A. Vassiliev
Geometry of local lacunae of hyperbolic operators with constant coefficients
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:1,  114–129
M. P. Vishnevskii
On the stabilization of solutions of weakly coupled cooperative parabolic systems
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:10,  45–62
A. Yu. Volovikov
A theorem of Bourgin–Yang type for $\mathbb{Z}_p^n$-action
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:7,  115–144
R. S. Yulmukhametov, see V. V. Napalkov
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:11,  139–144
D. V. Yur'ev
On the determination of the radius of univalence of a regular function from its Taylor coefficients
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:1,  45–64
P. A. Zalesskii
The structure of the congruence kernel for $\mathrm{SL}_2$ in the case of a global field of positive characteristic
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:12,  117–124
M. I. Zelikin
On the theory of the matrix Riccati equation. II
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:10,  87–108
P. E. Zhidkov
On the existence of a countable set of solutions in a problem of polaron theory
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:2,  102–111
V. V. Zhikov
On passage to the limit in nonlinear variational problems
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:8,  47–84
V. A. Zolotarev
The Lax–Phillips scattering scheme on groups, and a functional model of a Lie algebra
Mat. Sb., 1992, Volume 183:5,  115–144
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