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Author Index, 1993, Volume 184

A B C D F G I K L M N O P R S T U V Z Full List
K. S. Abdukhalikov
Integral invariant lattices in Lie algebras of type $A_{p^m-1}$
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:4,  61–104
A. V. Abrosimov
A description of locally biholomorphic automorphisms of standard quadrics of codimension two
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:10,  3–52
L. A. Aizenberg, A. M. Kytmanov
On the possibility of holomorphic extension, into a domain, of functions defined on a connected piece of its boundary. II
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:1,  3–14
A. A. Arkhipova
Partial regularity of solutions of quasilinear elliptic systems with nonsmooth condition on the conormal derivative
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:2,  87–104
O. E. Arsen'eva
Selfdual geometry of generalized Kählerian manifolds
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:8,  137–148
A. V. Arutyunov, S. M. Aseev, V. I. Blagodatskikh
First-order necessary conditions in the problem of optimal control of a differential inclusion with phase constraints
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:6,  3–32
S. M. Aseev, see A. V. Arutyunov
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:6,  3–32
G. S. Balashova
On conditions for extending the trace and imbedding for Banach spaces of infinitely differentiable functions
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:1,  105–128
D. Barrios, G. L. Lopes, E. Torrano
Zeros and asymptotics of polynomials satisfying three-term recurrence relations with complex coefficients
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:11,  63–92
L. P. Bedratyuk
On symmetric invariants of some modular Lie algebras
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:9,  149–160
V. I. Blagodatskikh, see A. V. Arutyunov
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:6,  3–32
V. P. Burichenko
Invariant lattices in the Steinberg module and their isometry groups
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:12,  145–156
A. P. Buslaev
Some properties of the spectrum of nonlinear equations of Sturm–Liouville type
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:9,  3–20
G. A. Chechkin
Averaging of boundary value problems with a singular perturbation of the boundary conditions
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:6,  99–150
A. G. Chkhartishvili, E. V. Shikin
The method of tracking domains in search problems
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:10,  107–134
N. V. Denisova, see V. V. Kozlov
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:9,  125–148
V. L. Dol'nikov
Transversals of families of sets in $\mathbb{R}^n$ and a connection between the Helly and Borsuk theorems
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:5,  111–132
A. Dress, S. S. Ryshkov
Some systems of generators of the group $\operatorname{GL}(n,\mathbb Z)$ for $n\leqslant 5$
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:1,  149–156
N. I. Dubrovin
Rational closures of group rings of left-ordered groups
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:7,  3–48
M. I. Dyachenko
Norms of Dirichlet kernels and some other trigonometric polynomials in $L_p$-spaces
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:3,  3–20
S. D. Furta
On asymptotic solutions of systems of differential equations with deviating argument in certain critical cases
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:2,  43–56
G. G. Gevorkyan
On uniqueness of multiple trigonometric series
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:11,  93–130
V. V. Goryainov
Fractional iteration of probability generating functions and imbedding discrete branching processes in continuous processes
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:5,  55–74
G. V. Grishina
Behavior of solutions of a nonlinear variational problem in a neighborhood of singular points of the boundary and at infinity
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:3,  81–110
R. V. Guseinov
On anisotropic Hardy inequalities and their applications
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:6,  33–66
Ya. Sh. Il'yasov
On the existence of periodic solutions of semilinear elliptic equations
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:6,  67–82
A. A. Ilyin
Partly dissipative semigroups generated by the Navier–Stokes system on two-dimensional manifolds, and their attractors
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:1,  55–88
N. V. Ilyushechkin
On some classes of smooth transformations in the space of symmetric matrices
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:9,  89–102
E. A. Kalita
On singular points of solutions of nonlinear higher-order elliptic equations and systems
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:7,  117–143
G. A. Karagulian
On the order of growth $o(\log\log n)$ of the partial sums of Fourier–Stieltjes series of random measures
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:1,  15–40
E. I. Khukhro
Finite $p$-groups admitting $p$-automorphisms with few fixed points
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:12,  53–64
E. I. Khukhro
Local nilpotency in varieties of groups with operators
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:3,  137–160
V. S. Klimov
Evolution parabolic inequalities with multivalued operators
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:8,  37–54
A. A. Klyachin, V. M. Miklyukov
Existence of solutions with singularities for the maximal surface equation in Minkowski space
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:9,  103–124
Yu. S. Kolesov
Bifurcation of invariant tori of parabolic systems with small diffusion
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:3,  121–136
A. W. Komarov
Operators in a topological module of entire functions commuting with differentiation on a submodule
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:5,  133–143
A. A. Kon'kov
On the dimension of the solution space of elliptic systems in unbounded domains
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:12,  23–52
Yu. A. Konyaev
On a method of studying certain problems in perturbation theory
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:12,  133–144
V. V. Kozlov, N. V. Denisova
Symmetries and the topology of dynamical systems with two degrees of freedom
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:9,  125–148
A. S. Krivosheev
On indicators of entire functions and extension of solutions of a homogeneous convolution equation
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:8,  81–108
S. N. Kudryavtsev
Recovery of the values of harmonic functions at a point from their values at other points
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:4,  3–22
A. M. Kytmanov, see L. A. Aizenberg
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:1,  3–14
Le Tu Quoc Thang
Varieties of representations and their cohomology-jump subvarieties for knot groups
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:2,  57–82
L. M. Lerman, Ya. L. Umanskii
Classification of four-dimensional integrable Hamiltonian systems and Poisson actions of $\mathbb{R}^2$ in extended neighborhoods of simple singular points. II
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:4,  105–138
A. V. Letchikov
A criterion for linear drift, and the central limit theorem for one-dimensional random walks in a random environment
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:5,  85–110
S. G. Lobanov
Peano's theorem is false for any infinite-dimensional Fréchet space
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:2,  83–86
G. L. Lopes, see D. Barrios Rolanía
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:11,  63–92
V. E. Maiorov
Kolmogorov's $(n,\delta)$-widths of spaces of smooth functions
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:7,  49–70
A. A. Makhnev
On strongly regular extensions of generalized quadrangles
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:12,  123–132
K. G. Malyutin
The problem of multiple interpolation in the half-plane in the class of analytic functions of finite order and normal type
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:2,  129–144
I. Yu. Maslyakov
Strictly sharp irreducible characters of symmetric and alternating groups
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:8,  55–80
E. M. Matveev
On linear and multiplicative relations
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:4,  23–40
V. M. Miklyukov, see A. A. Klyachin
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:9,  103–124
I. V. Mingalev, see V. V. Vedenyapin
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:11,  21–38
O. V. Mingalev, see V. V. Vedenyapin
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:11,  21–38
F. Kh. Mukminov
Of the first mixed problem for the system of Navier–Stokes equations in domains with noncompact boundaries
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:4,  139–160
R. Ts. Musaelyan
The existence of infinite polygons in a two-dimensional metric of variable negative curvature
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:8,  149–160
S. M. Natanzon
Topological invariants and moduli of hyperbolic $n=2$ Riemann supersurfaces
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:5,  19–38
A. A. Nechaev
Cycle types of linear substitutions over finite commutative rings
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:3,  21–56
V. A. Oskolkov
On some questions in the theory of entire functions
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:1,  129–148
P. V. Paramonov
$C^m$-approximations by harmonic polynomials on compact sets in $\mathbb R^n$
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:2,  105–128
A. L. Pavlov
The Cauchy problem for Sobolev–Gal'pern type equations in spaces of functions of power growth
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:11,  3–20
S. I. Pokhozhaev
Sharp a priori estimates for a quasilinear degenerate elliptic problem
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:8,  3–16
B. Priwitzer
New examples of integrable Hamiltonian systems on semidirect sums of Lie algebras
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:10,  135–143
V. A. Prokhorov
On a theorem of Adamian, Arov, and Krein
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:1,  89–104
V. A. Prokhorov
Rational approximation of analytic functions
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:2,  3–32
V. M. Prokip
On common unital divisors of matrix polynomials over an arbitrary field
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:4,  41–50
E. V. Radkevich
On the spectrum of the pencil in the Verigin–Muskat problem
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:9,  41–88
V. A. Rodin
The tensor BMO-property of the sequence of partial sums of a multiple Fourier series
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:10,  91–106
K. V. Runovskii
On families of linear polynomial operators in $L_p$-spaces, $0<p<1$
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:2,  33–42
S. S. Ryshkov, see A. Dress
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:1,  149–156
R. K. Seifullaev
Integral operators of potential type and their boundary properties
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:3,  57–80
F. A. Shamoyan
Closed ideals in algebras of functions analytic in the disk and smooth up to its boundary
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:8,  109–136
A. B. Shidlovskii
Transcendence of the values of $E$-functions that are solutions of second order linear differential equations
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:5,  75–84
E. V. Shikin, see A. G. Chkhartishvili
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:10,  107–134
M. M. Sirazhudinov
On the Riemann–Hilbert problem for first order elliptic systems in multiply connected domains
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:11,  39–62
I. V. Skrypnik
Asymptotics of solutions of nonlinear elliptic problems in perforated domains
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:10,  67–90
A. S. Solodovnikov
Global structure of semireducible Riemannian spaces of class $C^\infty$
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:5,  3–18
K. N. Soltanov
On nonlinear equations of the form $F(x,u,Du,\Delta u)=0$
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:11,  131–160
S. A. Stepin
Spectrum and completeness of natural oscillations of the atmosphere with temperature stratification
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:6,  83–98
M. F. Sukhinin
On three principles of solvability of operator equations
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:1,  41–54
E. Torrano, see D. Barrios Rolanía
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:11,  63–92
I. G. Tsar'kov
On global existence of an implicit function
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:7,  79–116
A. Tungatarov
On the theory of the Carleman–Vekua equation with a singular point
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:3,  111–120
Ya. L. Umanskii, see L. M. Lerman
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:4,  105–138
V. V. Vedenyapin, I. V. Mingalev, O. V. Mingalev
On discrete models of the quantum Boltzmann equation
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:11,  21–38
È. B. Vinberg
The smallest field of definition of a subgroup of the group $\mathrm{PSL}_2$
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:10,  53–66
V. V. Volchkov
New theorems on the mean for solutions of the Helmholtz equation
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:7,  71–78
V. A. Volevich
Construction of an analogue of Bowen–Ruelle–Sinai (measure for a multidimensional lattice of interacting hyperbolic mappings
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:8,  17–36
M. V. Zaicev
The base rank of varieties of Lie algebras
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:9,  21–40
Yu. V. Zaika
Zeros of holomorphic functions, and integral operators for observing dynamical systems
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:12,  65–86
V. I. Zenkov
A uniqueness theorem and intersections of nilpotent subgroups in finite groups
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:6,  151–159
V. V. Zharinov
On spectral sequences of evolution systems with constraints
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:5,  39–54
A. A. Zhensykbaev
Spline approximation and optimal recovery of operators
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:12,  3–22
P. P. Zhuk
Asymptotic behavior of the $s$-step method of steepest descent for eigenvalue problems in Hilbert space
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:12,  87–122
I. V. Zhuravlev
Sufficient conditions for local quasiconformality of mappings with bounded distortion
Mat. Sb., 1993, Volume 184:4,  51–60
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