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Author Index, 1997, Volume 188

A B C D F G H I K L M N O P R S T V Z Full List
K. S. Abdukhalikov
Modular permutation representations of $\operatorname {PSL}(n,p)$
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:8,  3–12
O. N. Ageev
The spectral type of the rearrangements $T_{\alpha,\beta}$
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:8,  13–44
Yu. A. Aminov
Geometry of the Grassmann image of a local isometric immersion of Lobachevskii $n$-dimensional isometric immersion of Lobachevskii $n$-dimensional
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:1,  3–28
S. Kh. Aranson, E. V. Zhuzhoma, V. S. Medvedev
On continuity of geodesic frameworks of flows on surfaces
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:7,  3–22
A. A. Arsen'ev
Estimate of the solution of the scattering problem for a one-dimensional trapping potential
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:12,  3–10
I. V. Arzhantsev
On actions of reductive groups with one-parameter family
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:5,  3–20
A. N. Bakhvalov
Divergence everywhere of the Fourier series of continuous functions of several variables
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:8,  45–62
T. O. Banakh, T. N. Radul
Topology of spaces of probability measures
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:7,  23–46
V. V. Benyash-Krivets, V. I. Chernousov
Representation varieties of the fundamental groups of non-orientable surfaces
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:7,  47–92
V. G. Boltyanskii
Hindering systems for convex bodies
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:3,  3–16
A. Yu. Borisovich
Bifurcation of a capillary minimal surface in a weak gravitational field
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:3,  17–48
P. A. Borodin
Quasiorthogonal sets and conditions for a Banach space to be a Hilbert space
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:8,  63–74
V. I. Chernousov, see V. V. Benyash-Krivets
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:7,  47–92
V. I. Chernousov, see A. A. Ryzhikov
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:9,  127–156
L. I. Danilov
Measure-valued almost periodic functions and almost periodic selections of multivalued maps
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:10,  3–24
A. A. Davydov
Periodic $\lambda$-rings and exponents of finite groups
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:8,  75–82
N. V. Denisova
The structure of infinitesimal symmetries of geodesic flows on a two-dimensional torus
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:7,  107–122
M. I. Dyachenko
Spherical partial sums of the double Fourier series of functions of bounded generalized variation
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:1,  29–58
V. V. Filippov
Homology properties of the sets of solutions to ordinary
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:6,  139–160
V. A. Geiler, M. M. Senatorov
Structure of the spectrum of the Schrodinger operator with magnetic field in a strip and infinite-gap potentials
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:5,  21–32
B. D. Gel'man
Topological properties of the set of fixed points of a multivalued map
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:12,  33–56
M. L. Gerver, E. A. Kudryavtseva
A universal sequence in the classical travel-time inversion problem
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:4,  3–56
B. I. Golubov
Boundedness of the Hardy and the Hardy–Littlewood operators in the spaces $\operatorname {Re}H^1$ and $\mathrm {BMO}$
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:7,  93–106
A. A. Gonchar, E. A. Rakhmanov, V. N. Sorokin
Hermite–Pade approximants for systems of Markov-type functions
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:5,  33–58
V. Z. Grines
On the topological classification of structurally stable diffeomorphisms of surfaces with one-dimensional attractors and repellers
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:4,  57–94
A. Ya. Helemskii
Approximately finite-dimensional $C^*$-algebras with projective Hilbert modules, their Bratteli diagrams, and $K_0$-groups
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:10,  131–148
V. M. Ipatova
Attractors of approximations to non-autonomous evolution equations
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:6,  47–56
D. N. Ivanov
$\mathscr H$-bijections of groups and $\mathscr H_R$-isomorphisms of group rings
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:6,  27–46
V. L. Kamynin, see I. A. Vasin
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:3,  49–64
Kim Ann Chi, A. I. Kostrikin
Certain balanced groups and 3-manifolds
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:2,  3–24
Kim Ann Chi, A. I. Kostrikin
Letter to the Editor
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:9,  157
A. Yu. Kolesov, Yu. S. Kolesov, N. Kh. Rozov
Chaos of 'split torus' type in three-dimensional relaxation systems
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:11,  3–18
Yu. S. Kolesov, see A. Yu. Kolesov
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:11,  3–18
V. V. Kornienko
On the spectra of first order irregular operator equations
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:8,  103–124
A. I. Kostrikin, see Kim Ann Chi
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:2,  3–24
A. I. Kostrikin, see Kim Ann Chi
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:9,  157
I. F. Krasichkov-Ternovskii
The fundamental principle for invariant subspaces of analytic functions. III
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:10,  25–68
I. F. Krasichkov-Ternovskii
The fundamental principle for invariant subspaces of analytic functions. I
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:2,  25–56
I. F. Krasichkov-Ternovskii
The fundamental principle for invariant subspaces of analytic functions. II
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:6,  57–98
B. S. Kruglikov
The image in $H^2(Q^3;\mathbb R)$ of the set of presymplectic forms with a prescribed kernel
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:1,  73–82
E. P. Krugova
On translates of convex measures
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:2,  57–66
E. A. Kudryavtseva, see M. L. Gerver
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:4,  3–56
M. I. Kuznetsov
Maximal tori of a general Lie algebra of Cartan type
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:9,  55–82
G. I. Laptev
Weak solutions of second-order quasilinear parabolic equations with double non-linearity
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:9,  83–112
V. L. Levin
On duality theory for non-topological variants of the mass transfer problem
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:4,  95–126
T. P. Lukashenko
Coefficients with respect to orthogonal-like decomposition systems
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:12,  57–72
G. G. Magaril-Il'yaev, V. M. Tikhomirov
Kolmogorov-type inequalities for derivatives
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:12,  73–106
V. M. Manuilov
Diagonalization of operators over continuous fields of $C^*$-algebras
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:6,  99–118
V. S. Medvedev, see S. Kh. Aranson
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:7,  3–22
Yu. V. Muranov, D. Repovš
Groups of obstructions to surgery and splitting for a manifold pair
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:3,  127–142
Yu. A. Neretin
On the correspondence between boson Fock space and the $L^2$ space with respect to Poisson measure
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:11,  19–50
M. A. Olshanetsky, V.-B. K. Rogov
$q$-integral representations of modified $q$-Bessel functions and $q$-Macdonald functions
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:8,  125–148
A. Yu. Ol'shanskii
On subgroup distortion in finitely presented groups
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:11,  51–98
M. A. Ol'shanskii
On the Stokes problem with model boundary conditions
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:4,  127–144
O. E. Orel
A criterion for orbital equivalence of integrable Hamiltonian systems in the vicinity of elliptic orbits. An orbital invariant in the Lagrange problem
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:7,  139–160
K. Yu. Osipenko
On the precise values of $n$-widths for classes defined by cyclic variation diminishing operators
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:9,  113–126
D. V. Osipov
Adele constructions of direct images of differentials and symbols
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:5,  59–84
E. Yu. Panov
An approximation scheme for measure-valued solutions of a first-order quasilinear equation
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:1,  83–108
E. Yu. Panov
A class of systems of quasilinear conservation laws
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:5,  85–112
O. G. Parfenov
Widths of the unit ball in $H^\infty$ in weighted spaces $L_q(\mu)$
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:8,  149–157
V. M. Petrogradsky
Growth of polynilpotent varieties of Lie algebras and rapidly growing entire functions
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:6,  119–138
A. P. Petukhov
Periodic wavelets
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:10,  69–94
S. S. Platonov
Approximations on compact symmetric spaces of rank 1
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:5,  113–130
Yu. G. Prokhorov
On the existence of complements of the canonical divisor for Mori conic bundles
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:11,  99–120
N. N. Pustovoitov
Estimates of the best approximations of periodic functions by trigonometric polynomials in terms of averaged differences and the multidimensional Jackson's theorem
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:10,  95–108
T. N. Radul, see T. O. Banakh
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:7,  23–46
E. A. Rakhmanov, see A. A. Gonchar
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:5,  33–58
D. D. Repovš, see Yu. V. Muranov
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:3,  127–142
V.-B. K. Rogov, see M. A. Olshanetsky
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:8,  125–148
N. Kh. Rozov, see A. Yu. Kolesov
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:11,  3–18
A. A. Ryzhikov, V. I. Chernousov
On the classification of the maximal arithmetic subgroups of simply connected groups
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:9,  127–156
V. V. Ryzhikov
Intertwinings of tensor products, and the stochastic centralizer of dynamical systems
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:2,  67–94
M. M. Senatorov, see V. A. Geiler
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:5,  21–32
E. A. Sevast'yanov
Haar problem for sign-sensitive approximations
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:2,  95–128
I. I. Sharapudinov
Estimating the $L_p$-norm of an algebraic polynomial in terms of its values at the nodes of a uniform grid
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:12,  135–156
A. N. Shchetinin
Quotient spaces modulo tori ad transitive actions of Lie groups. II
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:10,  149–157
E. G. Sklyarenko
On enclosure homology
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:2,  129–136
V. V. Smagin
Estimates of the rate of convergence of projective and projective-difference methods for weakly solvable parabolic equations
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:3,  143–160
A. O. Smirnov
On a class of elliptic potentials of the Dirac operator
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:1,  109–128
A. S. Sorokin
Structural formulae for some classes of analytic functions in a finitely connected domain
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:12,  107–134
V. N. Sorokin, see A. A. Gonchar
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:5,  33–58
G. D. Stepanov
Effective criteria for the strong sign-regularity and the oscillation property of the Green's functions of two-point boundary-value problems
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:11,  121–159
S. A. Stepin
Non-selfadjoint singular perturbations and spectral properties of the Orr–Sommerfeld boundary-value problem
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:1,  129–146
N. A. Strelkov
Universally optimal wavelets
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:1,  147–160
V. M. Tikhomirov, see G. G. Magaril-Il'yaev
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:12,  73–106
P. I. Topalov
Tensor invariants of natural mechanical systems on compact surfaces, and the corresponding integrals
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:2,  137–157
R. M. Trigub
Multipliers in the Hardy spaces $H_p(D^m)$ with $p\in (0,1]$ and approximation properties of summability methods for power series
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:4,  145–160
S. N. Tronin
Products in categories of fractions and universal inversion of homomorphisms
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:10,  109–130
D. V. Tunitsky
Equivalence and characteristic connections of the Monge–Ampere equations
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:5,  131–157
E. E. Tyrtyshnikov, see N. L. Zamarashkin
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:8,  83–92
I. A. Vasin, V. L. Kamynin
Asymptotic behaviour of the solutions of inverse problems for parabolic equations with irregular coefficients
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:3,  49–64
V. L. Vereshchagin
Global asymptotic formulae for the fourth Painleve transcendent
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:12,  11–32
È. B. Vinberg
Groups defined by periodic paired relations
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:9,  3–12
V. V. Volchkov
Solution of the support problem for several function classes
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:9,  13–30
Ya. B. Vorobets
Ergodicity of billiards in polygons
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:3,  65–112
N. L. Zamarashkin, E. E. Tyrtyshnikov
Distribution of eigenvalues and singular values of Toeplitz matrices under weakened conditions on the generating function
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:8,  83–92
M. M. Zarichnyi
Absorbing sets for $n$-dimensional spaces in absolute Borel and projective classes
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:3,  113–126
M. I. Zelikin
On the connection generated by the problem of minimizing a multiple integral
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:1,  59–72
D. V. Zhdanovich
Outer automorphisms of locally simple Lie algebras
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:9,  31–54
P. E. Zhidkov
Completeness of systems of eigenfunctions for the Sturm–Liouville operator with potential depending on the spectral parameter and for one non-linear problem
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:7,  123–138
A. Yu. Zhirov
Solenoidal representations and the homology of hyperbolic attractors of diffeomorphisms of surfaces
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:6,  3–26
E. V. Zhuzhoma, see S. Kh. Aranson
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:7,  3–22
K. A. Zubrilin
On the largest nilpotent ideal in algebras satisfying Capelli identities
Mat. Sb., 1997, Volume 188:8,  93–102
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