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Author Index, 2002, Volume 193

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Yu. A. Alkhutov
$L_p$-solubility of the Dirichlet problem for the heat equation in non-cylindrical domains
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:9,  3–40
M. I. Anokhin
Decidability of classes of algebraic systems in polynomial time
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:2,  3–34
A. I. Aptekarev
Sharp constants for rational approximations of analytic functions
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:1,  3–72
D. Z. Arov, M. A. Nudelman
Tests for the similarity of all minimal passive realizations of a fixed transfer function (scattering or resistance matrix)
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:6,  3–24
I. K. Babenko
Löwner's conjecture, the Besicovitch barrel, and relative systolic geometry
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:4,  3–16
A. N. Bakhvalov
Continuity in $\Lambda$-variation of functions of several variables and convergence of multiple Fourier series
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:12,  3–20
M. B. Banaru
Hermitian geometry of 6-dimensional submanifolds of the Cayley algebra
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:5,  3–16
A. G. Baskakov, K. I. Chernyshov
Spectral analysis of linear relations and degenerate operator semigroups
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:11,  3–42
G. V. Belyi
Another proof of the three points theorem
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:3,  21–24
V. I. Bogachev, M. Röckner, W. Stannat
Uniqueness of solutions of elliptic equations and uniqueness of invariant measures of diffusions
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:7,  3–36
S. I. Bogataya, S. A. Bogatyi, H. Zieschang
Composites of open maps
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:3,  3–20
S. A. Bogatyi
$k$-Regular maps into Euclidean spaces and the Borsuk–Boltyanskii problem
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:1,  73–82
S. A. Bogatyi, see S. I. Bogataya
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:3,  3–20
A. B. Bogatyrev
Effective approach to least deviation problems
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:12,  21–40
D. I. Borisov
Boundary-value problem in a cylinder with frequently changing type of boundary
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:7,  37–68
I. N. Brui
Methods of summability of trigonometric series and function spaces
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:4,  17–36
A. I. Bulgakov, V. V. Skomorokhov
Approximation of differential inclusions
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:2,  35–52
V. I. Buslaev
On the Baker–Gammel–Wills conjecture in the theory of Padé approximants
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:6,  25–38
F. Campana, Th. Peternell, A. V. Pukhlikov
Generalized Tsen's theorem and rationally connected Fano fibrations
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:10,  49–74
J. J. Carmona, P. V. Paramonov, K. Yu. Fedorovskiy
On uniform approximation by polyanalytic polynomials and the Dirichlet problem for bianalytic functions
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:10,  75–98
G. S. Chakvetadze
Topological and metric properties of a one-dimensional dynamical system in laser physics
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:8,  101–140
I. A. Cheltsov, J. Park
Total log canonical thresholds and generalized Eckardt points
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:5,  149–160
K. I. Chernyshov, see A. G. Baskakov
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:11,  3–42
O. V. Druzhinina, A. A. Shestakov
Generalized direct Lyapunov method for the analysis of stability and attraction in general time systems
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:10,  17–48
M. I. Dyachenko, K. S. Kazarian
On sets of convergence and divergence of multiple orthogonal series
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:9,  41–62
N. B. Engibaryan
Conservative systems of integral convolution equations on the half-line and the entire line
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:6,  61–82
I. Yu. Fedorov
Divisorial contractions to 3-dimensional $cDV$ points
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:7,  149–160
K. Yu. Fedorovskiy, see J. J. Carmona
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:10,  75–98
A. A. Felikson
Coxeter decompositions of hyperbolic simplexes
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:12,  134–156
A. V. Filinovskii
Stabilization of solutions of the first mixed problem for the wave equation in domains with non-compact boundaries
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:9,  107–138
V. V. Filippov
On the existence of periodic solutions of equations with strongly increasing principal part
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:11,  139–160
R. R. Gadyl'shin
Analogues of the Helmholtz resonator in homogenization theory
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:11,  43–70
A. M. Gaisin
Solution of the Polya problem
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:6,  39–60
B. D. Gel'man
Borsuk–Ulam theorem in infinite-dimensional Banach spaces
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:1,  83–92
B. I. Golubov
A modified strong dyadic integral and derivative
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:4,  37–60
V. V. Goryainov
Koenigs function and fractional iterates of probability generating functions
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:7,  69–86
A. V. Grishin
An application of generalized polynomials to the estimation of the multiplicity of certain varieties of associative algebras
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:3,  25–36
A. K. Gushchin
A condition for the compactness of operators in a certain class and its application to the analysis of the solubility of non-local problems for elliptic equations
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:5,  17–36
K. S. Kazarian, see M. I. Dyachenko
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:9,  41–62
N. N. Kholshchevnikova
Union of sets of uniqueness for multiple Walsh and multiple trigonometric series
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:4,  135–160
V. F. Kirichenko, L. I. Vlasova
Concircular geometry of nearly Kähler manifolds
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:5,  53–76
V. F. Kirichenko, A. R. Rustanov
Differential geometry of quasi-Sasakian manifolds
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:8,  71–100
G. B. Kleiner
Multivectors of rank 2 over fields and commutative rings
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:5,  77–94
V. S. Klimov
Infinite-dimensional version of Morse theory for Lipschitz functionals
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:6,  105–122
G. M. Kobel'kov
Symmetric approximations of the Navier–Stokes equations
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:7,  87–108
A. V. Kochergin
A mixing special flow over a circle rotation with almost Lipschitz function
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:3,  51–78
A. Yu. Kolesov, N. Kh. Rozov
Impact of quadratic non-linearity on the dynamics of periodic solutions of a wave equation
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:1,  93–118
V. A. Kolmykov
Coxeter transformations and spectra of operations
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:3,  37–50
V. L. Kurakin
Trace representation of linear recurring sequences
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:6,  123–142
S. V. Lapin
$D_\infty$-differential $A_\infty$-algebras and spectral sequences
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:1,  119–142
N. V. Lebedeva, see G. M. Vainikko
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:10,  3–16
I. K. Lifanov, see G. M. Vainikko
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:10,  3–16
I. K. Lifanov, L. N. Poltavskii
Pseudodifference operators and uniform convergence of divided differences
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:2,  53–80
G. G. Magaril-Il'yaev, K. Yu. Osipenko
Optimal recovery of functions and their derivatives from Fourier coefficients prescribed with an error
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:3,  79–100
P. E. Markov, O. Trejos
On the rigidity of a glued piecewise convex surface
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:2,  81–96
H. Matevossian, S. V. Pikulin
On the homogenization of semilinear elliptic operators in perforated domains
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:3,  101–114
V. S. Medvedev, see E. V. Zhuzhoma
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:6,  83–104
M. V. Medvedeva
Embeddings of classes of continuous functions in classes of functions of bounded generalized variation
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:7,  109–130
O. V. Mel'nikov
Aspherical pro-$p$-groups
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:11,  71–104
A. A. Milyutin
Conditions for the non-negativity of integral quadratic forms with constant coefficients on a half-axis
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:4,  61–86
V. A. Mirzoyan
Submanifolds with semiparallel tensor fields as envelopes
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:10,  99–112
P. V. Morozov
The Liouville classification of integrable systems of the Clebsch case
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:10,  113–138
Yu. A. Neretin
Beta-integrals and finite orthogonal systems of Wilson polynomials
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:7,  131–148
M. A. Nudelman, see D. Z. Arov
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:6,  3–24
A. A. Oblomkov
Spectral properties of two classes of periodic difference operators
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:4,  87–112
A. A. Oshemkov, see T. G. Vozmischeva
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:8,  3–38
K. Yu. Osipenko, see G. G. Magaril-Il'yaev
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:3,  79–100
E. Yu. Panov
Maximum and minimum generalized entropy solutions to the Cauchy problem for a first-order quasilinear equation
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:5,  95–112
P. V. Paramonov, see J. J. Carmona
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:10,  75–98
J. Park, see I. A. Cheltsov
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:5,  149–160
S. V. Pchelintsev
On central ideals of finitely generated binary $(-1,1)$-algebras
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:4,  113–134
Th. Peternell, see F. Campana
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:10,  49–74
S. V. Pikulin, see H. Matevossian
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:3,  101–114
K. Pileckas
Asymptotics of solutions of the stationary Navier–Stokes system of equations in a domain of layer type
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:12,  69–104
V. E. Podolskii, see V. A. Sadovnichii
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:2,  129–152
L. N. Poltavskii, see I. K. Lifanov
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:2,  53–80
A. Yu. Popov
Bounds for convergence and uniqueness in Abel–Goncharov interpolation problems
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:2,  97–128
O. N. Popov
Modules over a polynomial ring obtained from representations of finite-dimensional associative algebras
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:3,  115–134
A. V. Pukhlikov, see F. Campana
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:10,  49–74
A. V. Pukhlikov
Birationally rigid Fano hypersurfaces with isolated singularities
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:3,  135–160
A. M. Raigorodskii
The Borsuk problem for integral polytopes
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:10,  139–160
A. O. Remizov
Implicit differential equations and vector fields with non-isolated singular points
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:11,  105–124
M. Röckner, see V. I. Bogachev
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:7,  3–36
N. Kh. Rozov, see A. Yu. Kolesov
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:1,  93–118
V. N. Rusak, A. P. Starovoitov
Padé approximants for entire functions with regularly decreasing Taylor coefficients
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:9,  63–92
A. R. Rustanov, see V. F. Kirichenko
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:8,  71–100
V. A. Sadovnichii, V. E. Podolskii
Traces of operators with relatively compact perturbations
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:2,  129–152
F. A. Shamoyan
Weakly invertible elements in anisotropic weighted spaces of holomorphic functions in a polydisc
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:6,  143–160
A. A. Shestakov, see O. V. Druzhinina
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:10,  17–48
A. I. Shtern
Criteria for weak and strong continuity of representations of topological groups in Banach spaces
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:9,  139–156
V. V. Skomorokhov, see A. I. Bulgakov
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:2,  35–52
W. Stannat, see V. I. Bogachev
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:7,  3–36
A. P. Starovoitov, see V. N. Rusak
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:9,  63–92
N. M. Suchkov
On periodic groups with Abelian centralizers of involutions
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:2,  153–160
S. P. Suetin
Approximation properties of the poles of diagonal Padé approximants for certain generalizations of Markov functions
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:12,  105–133
S. A. Telyakovskii
Estimates of the integral modulus of continuity of functions with rarely changing Fourier coefficients
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:9,  93–106
S. V. Tikhonov, V. I. Yanchevskii
The indices of central simple algebras over function fields of projective spaces over $P_{n,r}$-fields
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:11,  125–138
O. Trejos, see P. E. Markov
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:2,  81–96
R. M. Trigub, see V. P. Zastavnyi
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:12,  41–68
A. A. Tuganbaev
Structure of distributive rings
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:5,  113–128
A. V. Tushev
Just infinite modules over metabelian groups of finite rank
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:5,  129–148
G. M. Vainikko, N. V. Lebedeva, I. K. Lifanov
Numerical solution of a singular and a hypersingular integral equation on an interval and the delta function
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:10,  3–16
L. I. Vlasova, see V. F. Kirichenko
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:5,  53–76
T. G. Vozmischeva, A. A. Oshemkov
Topological analysis of the two-centre problem on the two-dimensional sphere
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:8,  3–38
O. S. Yakimova
Righteous isometries of weakly symmetric spaces
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:1,  143–156
S. A. Yakshin
Commutative $A_\infty$-algebras and the functor $\mathscr D$
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:10,  161–176
V. I. Yanchevskii, see S. V. Tikhonov
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:11,  125–138
Yu. G. Zarhin
Endomorphism rings of certain Jacobians in finite characteristic
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:8,  39–48
V. P. Zastavnyi, R. M. Trigub
Positive-definite splines of special form
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:12,  41–68
M. I. Zelikin
Chattering on optimal trajectories of Hölder problems
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:5,  37–52
E. V. Zhuzhoma, V. S. Medvedev
On non-orientable two-dimensional basic sets on 3-manifolds
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:6,  83–104
H. Zieschang, see S. I. Bogataya
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:3,  3–20
W. V. Zudilin
On the irrationality measure for a $q$-analogue of $\zeta(2)$
Mat. Sb., 2002, Volume 193:8,  49–70
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