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Author Index, 2005, Volume 196

A B C D E F G I K L M N O P R S T U V W Z Full List
Yu. A. Alkhutov
Hölder continuity of $p(x)$-harmonic functions
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:2,  3–28
I. Alvarez Rocha, see A. I. Aptekarev
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:8,  3–20
A. I. Aptekarev, G. López Lagomasino, I. Alvarez Rocha
Ratio asymptotics of Hermite–Padé polynomials for Nikishin systems
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:8,  3–20
O. Yu. Aristov
On approximation of flat Banach modules by free modules
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:11,  3–32
I. V. Artamkin
Generating functions for modular graphs and Burgers's equation
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:12,  3–32
A. V. Arutyunov, see E. R. Avakov
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:9,  3–22
E. R. Avakov, A. V. Arutyunov
Inverse function theorem and conditions of extremum for abnormal problems with non-closed range
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:9,  3–22
L. A. Beklaryan
The structure of a group quasisymmetrically conjugate to a group of affine transformations of the real line
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:10,  3–20
O. P. Belyaeva, see A. I. Bulgakov
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:10,  21–78
M. S. Bespalov
Explicit form of the Dirichlet kernel for Walsh series and transformations
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:7,  3–26
A. A. Bobodzhanov, V. F. Safonov
Singularly perturbed integro-differential systems with contrast structures
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:2,  29–56
V. I. Bogachev, A. V. Kolesnikov, K. V. Medvedev
Triangular transformations of measures
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:3,  3–30
S. A. Bogatyi, V. M. Valov
Roberts-type embeddings and conversion of transversal Tverberg's theorem
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:11,  33–52
A. B. Bogatyrev
Effective solution of the problem of the optimal stability polynomial
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:7,  27–50
A. R. Borisyuk
Global bifurcations on a Klein bottle. The general case
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:4,  3–22
A. I. Bulgakov, O. P. Belyaeva, A. A. Grigorenko
On the theory of perturbed inclusions and its applications
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:10,  21–78
N. G. Chebochko
Deformations of classical Lie algebras with homogeneous root system in characteristic two. I
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:9,  125–156
V. V. Chepyzhov, see A. Goritsky
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:4,  23–50
V. V. Chepyzhov, see M. I. Vishik
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:6,  17–42
K. I. Chernyshov
Cauchy operator of a non-stationary linear differential equation with a small parameter at the derivative
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:8,  75–118
V. N. Dubinin
Schwarz's lemma and estimates of coefficients for regular functions with free domain of definition
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:11,  53–74
B. Ducomet, see A. A. Zlotnik
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:12,  33–84
Yu. M. Dyukarev
Indeterminacy of interpolation problems in the Stieltjes class
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:3,  61–88
I. E. Egorova, see L. B. Golinskii
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:6,  43–70
V. R. Fatalov
The Laplace method for small deviations of Gaussian processes of Wiener type
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:4,  135–160
Z. Yu. Fazullin, see Kh. Kh. Murtazin
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:12,  123–156
A. A. Felikson, see P. V. Tumarkin
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:9,  103–124
O. N. German
Sails and norm minima of lattices
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:3,  31–60
L. B. Golinskii, I. E. Egorova
Limit sets for the discrete spectrum of complex Jacobi matrices
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:6,  43–70
A. Yu. Goritskii, V. V. Chepyzhov
Dichotomy property of solutions of quasilinear equations in problems on inertial manifolds
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:4,  23–50
V. A. Gorkavyy
Bianchi congruences of two-dimensional surfaces in $E^4$
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:10,  79–102
A. A. Grigorenko, see A. I. Bulgakov
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:10,  21–78
S. V. Grigor'eva, V. Yu. Pakhotinskikh, A. A. Uspenskii, V. N. Ushakov
Construction of solutions in certain differential games with phase constraints
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:4,  51–78
A. A. Ilyin
Lieb–Thirring integral inequalities and their applications to attractors of the Navier–Stokes equations
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:1,  33–66
A. O. Ivanov, I. M. Nikonov, A. A. Tuzhilin
Sets admitting connection by graphs of finite length
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:6,  71–110
B. N. Khabibullin
Spectral synthesis for the intersection of invariant subspaces of holomorphic functions
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:3,  119–142
Ag. Kh. Khanmamedov
Direct and inverse scattering problems for the perturbed Hill difference equation
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:10,  137–160
G. L. Kharatishvili, T. A. Tadumadze
Variation formulae for the solutions of delay differential equations with discontinuous initial conditions
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:8,  49–74
A. E. Khar'kov, see Yu. S. Kolesov
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:2,  57–84
A. V. Kolesnikov, see V. I. Bogachev
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:3,  3–30
Yu. S. Kolesov, A. E. Khar'kov
Similarity and difference in the dynamics of plane and 3-dimensional non-linear waves
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:2,  57–84
V. A. Kolmykov
The Coxeter transformation: deltoids, trefoils, and decay numbers
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:1,  67–80
V. N. Konovalov
Impact of the shape of functions on the orders of piecewise polynomial and rational approximation
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:5,  3–30
L. M. Kozhevnikova
Stabilization of a solution of the first mixed problem for a quasi-elliptic evolution equation
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:7,  67–100
V. V. Kozlov, T. V. Madsen
Uniform distribution and Voronoi convergence
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:10,  103–110
I. F. Krasichkov-Ternovskii, G. N. Shilova
Absolute completeness of systems of exponentials on convex compact sets
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:12,  85–98
L. K. Kusainova
Multipliers in weighted Sobolev spaces
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:8,  21–48
S. V. Lapin
$D_\infty$-differential $E_\infty$-algebras and multiplicative spectral sequences
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:11,  75–108
G. López Lagomasino, see A. I. Aptekarev
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:8,  3–20
V. G. Lysov
Strong asymptotics of the Hermite–Padé approximants for a system of Stieltjes functions with Laguerre weight
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:12,  99–122
T. V. Madsen, see V. V. Kozlov
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:10,  103–110
E. M. Matveev
The index of multiplicative groups of algebraic numbers
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:9,  59–70
K. V. Medvedev, see V. I. Bogachev
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:3,  3–30
R. V. Mikhailov
Residual nilpotence and residual solubility of groups
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:11,  109–126
A. V. Mikhalev, I. A. Pinchuk
Steinberg conformal algebras
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:5,  31–52
Kh. Kh. Murtazin, Z. Yu. Fazullin
Non-nuclear perturbations of discrete operators and trace formulae
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:12,  123–156
V. E. Nazaikinskii, A. Yu. Savin, B. Yu. Sternin, B.-W. Schulze
On the index of elliptic operators on manifolds with edges
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:9,  23–58
I. M. Nikonov
Universal Karoubi characteristic classes of approximately finite algebras
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:2,  85–96
I. M. Nikonov, see A. O. Ivanov
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:6,  71–110
Yu. B. Orochko
Deficiency indices of a one-term symmetric differential operator of even order degenerate in the interior of an interval
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:5,  53–82
D. V. Osipov
Central extensions and reciprocity laws on algebraic surfaces
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:10,  111–136
V. Yu. Pakhotinskikh, see S. V. Grigor'eva
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:4,  51–78
S. E. Pastukhova
Homogenization of elasticity problems on periodic composite structures
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:7,  101–142
I. A. Pinchuk, see A. V. Mikhalev
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:5,  31–52
A. Yu. Plakhov, D. Torres
Newton's aerodynamic problem in media of chaotically moving particles
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:6,  111–160
M. Yu. Planida
Asymptotics of the eigenelements of the Laplacian with singular perturbations of boundary conditions on narrow and thin sets
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:5,  83–120
M. G. Plotnikov
Uniqueness for multiple Haar series
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:2,  97–116
N. V. Plotnikova
Systems of linear differential equations with $\pi$-derivative and linear differential inclusions
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:11,  127–140
A. Yu. Popov, I. V. Tikhonov
Exponential solubility classes in a problem for the heat equation with a non-local condition for the time averages
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:9,  71–102
Yu. G. Prokhorov
On the degree of Fano threefolds with canonical Gorenstein singularities
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:1,  81–122
A. M. Raigorodskii
The Erdős–Hadwiger problem and the chromatic numbers of finite geometric graphs
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:1,  123–156
A. K. Ramazanov
Characterization of the best polynomial approximation with a sign-sensitive weight to a continuous function
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:3,  89–118
A. S. Sadullaev
Pluriharmonic continuation in a fixed direction
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:5,  145–156
V. F. Safonov, see A. A. Bobodzhanov
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:2,  29–56
G. V. Sandrakov
Homogenization of variational inequalities for obstacle problems
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:4,  79–98
E. A. Sataev
Non-existence of stable trajectories in non-autonomous perturbations of systems of Lorenz type
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:4,  99–134
S. V. Savchenko
Laurent expansion for the determinant of the matrix of scalar resolvents
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:5,  121–144
A. Yu. Savin, see V. E. Nazaikinskii
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:9,  23–58
B.-W. Schulze, see V. E. Nazaikinskii
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:9,  23–58
D. A. Shakin
Piecewise lexsegment ideals in exterior algebras
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:2,  139–160
E. V. Shchepin, see A. Yu. Volovikov
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:1,  3–32
V. V. Shchigolev
On extensions and branching rules for modules close to completely splittable
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:8,  119–160
G. N. Shilova, see I. F. Krasichkov-Ternovskii
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:12,  85–98
A. I. Shtern
Topological groups with finite von Neumann algebras of type I
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:3,  143–160
I. I. Skrypnik
Removability of isolated singularities of solutions of quasilinear parabolic equations with absorption
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:11,  141–160
D. A. Stepanov
Non-rational divisors over non-degenerate $cDV$-points
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:7,  143–156
B. Yu. Sternin, see V. E. Nazaikinskii
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:9,  23–58
T. A. Tadumadze, see G. L. Kharatishvili
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:8,  49–74
I. V. Tikhonov, see A. Yu. Popov
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:9,  71–102
A. A. Tolstonogov
Bogolyubov's theorem under constraints generated by a lower semicontinuous differential inclusion
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:2,  117–138
D. Torres, see A. Yu. Plakhov
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:6,  111–160
P. V. Tumarkin, A. A. Felikson
Reflection subgroups of Euclidean reflection groups
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:9,  103–124
A. A. Tuzhilin, see A. O. Ivanov
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:6,  71–110
V. N. Ushakov, see S. V. Grigor'eva
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:4,  51–78
A. A. Uspenskii, see S. V. Grigor'eva
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:4,  51–78
V. M. Valov, see S. A. Bogatyi
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:11,  33–52
M. I. Vishik, V. V. Chepyzhov
Non-autonomous Ginzburg–Landau equation and its attractors
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:6,  17–42
A. Yu. Volovikov, E. V. Shchepin
Antipodes and embeddings
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:1,  3–32
P. Widemier
Vector-valued Lizorkin–Triebel spaces and sharp trace theory for functions in Sobolev spaces with mixed $L_p$-norm for parabolic problems
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:6,  3–16
A. A. Zlotnik, B. Ducomet
Stabilization rate and stability for viscous compressible barotropic symmetric flows with free boundary for a general mass force
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:12,  33–84
W. V. Zudilin
Ramanujan-type formulae and irrationality measures of some multiples of $\pi$
Mat. Sb., 2005, Volume 196:7,  51–66
Математический сборник - 1992–2005 Sbornik: Mathematics (from 1967)
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