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Author Index, 2007, Volume 198

A B C D E G I K L M N O P R S T U V Y Z Full List
S. M. Ageev
Axiomatic method of partitions in the theory of Nöbeling spaces. I. Improvement of partition connectivity
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:3,  3–50
S. M. Ageev
Axiomatic method of partitions in the theory of Nöbeling spaces. II. Unknotting theorem
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:5,  3–32
S. M. Ageev
Axiomatic method of partitions in the theory of Nöbeling spaces. III. Consistency of the axiom system
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:7,  3–30
Yu. A. Aminov
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:5,  160
M. I. Anokhin
Splittability of $p$-ary functions
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:7,  31–44
I. A. Antipova
Inversion of many-dimensional Mellin transforms and solutions of algebraic equations
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:4,  3–20
B. N. Apanasov, I. Kim
Cartan angular invariant and deformations of rank 1 symmetric spaces
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:2,  3–28
L. G. Arabadzhyan, A. S. Khachatryan
A class of integral equations of convolution type
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:7,  45–62
V. A. Artamonov
Semisimple finite-dimensional Hopf algebras
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:9,  3–28
Sh. U. Azhgaliev, N. Temirgaliev
Informativeness of all the linear functionals in the recovery of functions in the classes $H_p^\omega$
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:11,  3–20
A. Ballester-Bolinches, C. Calvo, L. A. Shemetkov
On partially saturated formations of finite groups
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:6,  3–24
A. S. Belov, S. A. Telyakovskii
Refinement of the Dirichlet–Jordan and Young's theorems on Fourier series of functions of bounded variation
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:6,  25–40
I. I. Bogdanov, A. È. Guterman
Monotone matrix transformations defined by the group inverse and simultaneous diagonalizability
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:1,  3–20
D. I. Borisov, R. R. Gadyl'shin
The spectrum of a self-adjoint differential operator with rapidly oscillating coefficients on the axis
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:8,  3–34
J. Brinkhuis, V. M. Tikhomirov
Duality and calculus of convex objects (theory and applications)
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:2,  29–66
V. P. Burichenko
The 2-cohomology of the group $\Omega^-(4,q)$ with coefficients in the natural module
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:9,  29–42
C. Calvo, see A. Ballester-Bolinches
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:6,  3–24
V. V. Chepyzhov, see M. I. Vishik
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:12,  3–36
V. I. Danchenko
Lengths of lemniscates. Variations of rational functions
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:8,  51–58
A. A. Davydov, H. Mena Matos
Generic phase transitions and profit singularities in Arnol'd's model
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:1,  21–42
S. P. Degtyarev, A. F. Tedeev
$L_1$$L_\infty$ estimates of solutions of the Cauchy problem for an anisotropic degenerate parabolic equation with double non-linearity and growing initial data
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:5,  45–66
A. Dickenstein, T. M. Sadykov
Bases in the solution space of the Mellin system
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:9,  59–80
V. N. Dubinin, S. I. Kalmykov
A majoration principle for meromorphic functions
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:12,  37–46
S. I. Dudov
Relations between several problems of estimating convex compacta by balls
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:1,  43–58
A. A. Dushistova
Partitioning of the interval $[0,1]$ induced by the Brocot sequences
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:5,  67–94
V. Ya. Èiderman
Cartan-type estimates for potentials with Cauchy kernels and real-valued kernels
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:8,  115–160
N. B. Engibaryan, A. Kh. Khachatryan
Integro-differential equation of non-local wave interaction
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:6,  89–106
R. R. Gadyl'shin, see D. I. Borisov
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:8,  3–34
A. M. Gaisin
Dirichlet series with real coefficients that are unbounded on the positive half-axis
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:6,  41–64
V. A. Galaktionov, S. I. Pokhozhaev, A. E. Shishkov
Convergence in gradient systems with branching of equilibria
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:6,  65–88
B. I. Golubov
Dyadic distributions
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:2,  67–90
A. M. Gomilko, H. Zwart, Yu. Tomilov
Inverse operator of the generator of a $C_0$-semigroup
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:8,  35–50
V. V. Gorbatsevich
Transitive Lie groups on $S^1\times S^{2m}$
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:9,  43–58
G. A. Grigoryan
Special factorization of a non-invertible integral Fredholm operator of the second kind with Hilbert–Schmidt kernel
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:5,  33–44
I. M. Guseinov, I. M. Nabiev
The inverse spectral problem for pencils of differential operators
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:11,  47–66
A. È. Guterman, see I. I. Bogdanov
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:1,  3–20
A. M. Il'in, B. I. Suleimanov
Asymptotic behaviour of a special solution of Abel's equation relating to a cusp catastrophe. II. Large values of the parameter $t$
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:9,  81–106
R. S. Ismagilov
Racah operators for principal series of representations of the group $\mathrm {SL}(2,\mathbb C)$
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:3,  77–90
G. E. Ivanov
A criterion of smooth generating sets
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:3,  51–76
S. I. Kalmykov, see V. N. Dubinin
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:12,  37–46
B. N. Khabibullin
Zero sequences of holomorphic functions, representation of meromorphic functions, and harmonic minorants
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:2,  121–160
A. Kh. Khachatryan, see N. B. Engibaryan
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:6,  89–106
A. S. Khachatryan, see L. G. Arabadzhyan
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:7,  45–62
D. A. Khrychev
Moments of solutions of evolution equations and suboptimal programmed controls
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:7,  123–160
I. Kim, see B. N. Apanasov
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:2,  3–28
A. Yu. Kolesov, N. Kh. Rozov, V. A. Sadovnichii
The problem of birth of autowaves in parabolic systems with small diffusion
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:11,  67–106
L. M. Kozhevnikova
Uniqueness classes for solutions in unbounded domains of the first mixed problem for the equation $u_t=Au$ with quasi-elliptic operator $A$
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:1,  59–102
S. V. Kozyrev
Wavelets and spectral analysis of ultrametric pseudodifferential operators
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:1,  103–126
S. V. Lapin
$D_\infty$-differential $E_\infty$-algebras and spectral sequences of fibrations
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:10,  3–30
A. P. Laurincikas
Voronin-type theorem for periodic Hurwitz zeta-functions
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:2,  91–102
V. B. Lazareva, A. M. Shelekhov
On triangulations of the plane by pencils of conics
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:11,  107–134
E. D. Livshits
Optimality of the greedy algorithm for some function classes
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:5,  95–114
I. V. Losev
Calculating Cartan spaces for affine homogeneous spaces
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:10,  31–56
K. G. Malyutin, N. Sadik
Representation of subharmonic functions in a half-plane
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:12,  47–62
H. Mena Matos, see A. A. Davydov
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:1,  21–42
R. V. Mikhailov
Asphericity and approximation properties of crossed modules
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:4,  79–94
S. V. Mikhailov
Transcendence type for almost all points in real $m$-dimensional space
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:10,  67–88
M. V. Milovanov
Complete involutive sets of functions on the cotangent bundles of compact solvmanifolds
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:5,  115–136
A. E. Mironov
Discrete analogues of Dixmier operators
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:10,  57–66
P. V. Morozov
Calculation of the Fomenko–Zieschang invariants in the Kovalevskaya–Yehia integrable case
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:8,  59–82
N. G. Moshchevitin
Sets of the form $\mathscr A+\mathscr B$ and finite continued fractions
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:4,  95–116
I. M. Nabiev, see I. M. Guseinov
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:11,  47–66
N. N. Nekhoroshev
Fractional monodromy in the case of arbitrary resonances
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:3,  91–136
I. V. Oseledets
Lower bounds for separable approximations of the Hilbert kernel
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:3,  137–144
S. E. Pastukhova
Degenerate equations of monotone type: Lavrent'ev phenomenon and attainability problems
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:10,  89–118
M. G. Plotnikov
Several properties of generalized multivariate integrals and theorems of the du Bois-Reymond type for Haar series
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:7,  63–90
S. I. Pokhozhaev, see V. A. Galaktionov
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:6,  65–88
P. S. Popov
Extension of the Hermitian $K$-theory functor and signature of topological manifolds
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:8,  83–102
M. A. Pribyl
Spectral analysis of linearized stationary equations of a compressible viscous fluid
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:10,  119–140
Yu. G. Prokhorov
The degree of $\mathbb Q$-Fano threefolds
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:11,  153–174
Yu. G. Prokhorov
On Fano–Enriques threefolds
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:4,  117–134
V. Yu. Protasov
Approximation by dyadic wavelets
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:11,  135–152
V. Yu. Protasov
Closed geodesics on the surface of a simplex
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:2,  103–120
V. V. Przyjalkowski
Gromov–Witten invariants of Fano threefolds of genera 6 and 8
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:3,  145–158
V. V. Przyjalkowski
Quantum cohomology of smooth complete intersections in weighted projective spaces and in singular toric varieties
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:9,  107–122
N. Kh. Rozov, see A. Yu. Kolesov
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:11,  67–106
I. A. Rudakov
Periodic solutions of a quasilinear wave equation with variable coefficients
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:7,  91–108
V. V. Ryzhikov
Weak limits of powers, simple spectrum of symmetric products, and rank-one mixing constructions
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:5,  137–159
N. Sadik, see K. G. Malyutin
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:12,  47–62
V. A. Sadovnichii, see A. Yu. Kolesov
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:11,  67–106
T. M. Sadykov, see A. Dickenstein
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:9,  59–80
L. I. Sazonov
On the existence of a generalized solution of the conjugation problem for the Navier–Stokes system
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:12,  63–86
Yu. V. Selivanov
Lower bounds for homological dimensions of Banach algebras
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:9,  133–160
M. S. Sgibnev
Homogeneous conservative Wiener–Hopf equation
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:9,  123–132
A.M. Shelekhov, see V. B. Lazareva
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:11,  107–134
L. A. Shemetkov, see A. Ballester-Bolinches
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:6,  3–24
A. E. Shishkov, see V. A. Galaktionov
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:6,  65–88
I. D. Shkredov
Examples of sets with large trigonometric sums
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:12,  105–140
K. A. Shramov
$\mathbb Q$-factorial quartic threefolds
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:8,  103–114
A. P. Starovoitov, N. A. Starovoitova
Padé approximants of the Mittag-Leffler functions
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:7,  109–122
N. A. Starovoitova, see A. P. Starovoitov
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:7,  109–122
S. A. Stepin, A. G. Tarasov
Asymptotic distribution of resonances for one-dimensional Schrödinger operators with compactly supported potential
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:12,  87–104
S. P. Suetin
Trace formulae for a class of Jacobi operators
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:6,  107–138
B. I. Suleimanov, see A. M. Il'in
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:9,  81–106
A. G. Tarasov, see S. A. Stepin
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:12,  87–104
A. F. Tedeev, see S. P. Degtyarev
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:5,  45–66
S. A. Telyakovskii, see A. S. Belov
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:6,  25–40
N. Temirgaliev, see Sh. U. Azhgaliev
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:11,  3–20
V. M. Tikhomirov, see J. Brinkhuis
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:2,  29–66
S. V. Tikhonov
A complete metric in the set of mixing transformations
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:4,  135–158
E. S. Titi, see M. I. Vishik
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:12,  3–36
Yu. Tomilov, see A. M. Gomilko
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:8,  35–50
A. Yu. Trynin
Tests for pointwise and uniform convergence of sinc approximations of continuous functions on a closed interval
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:10,  141–158
A. V. Ustinov
Calculation of the variance in a problem in the theory of continued fractions
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:6,  139–158
M. I. Vishik, E. S. Titi, V. V. Chepyzhov
On convergence of trajectory attractors of the 3D Navier–Stokes-$\alpha$ model as $\alpha$ approaches 0
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:12,  3–36
V. V. Volchkov
Local two-radii theorem in symmetric spaces
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:11,  21–46
Vit. V. Volchkov
Functions with ball mean values equal to zero on compact two-point homogeneous spaces
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:4,  21–46
V. I. Yudovich
Convection of a very viscous and non-heat-conductive fluid
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:1,  127–158
D. B. Zot'ev
Contact degeneracies of closed 2-forms
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:4,  47–78
H. Zwart, see A. M. Gomilko
Mat. Sb., 2007, Volume 198:8,  35–50
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