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Author Index, 2009, Volume 200

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V. M. Adukov
Wiener-Hopf factorization of piecewise meromorphic matrix-valued functions
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:8,  3–24
Yu. A. Aminov
Extrinsic geometric properties of the Rozendorn surface, an isometric immersion of the Lobachevskiǐ plane in $E^5$
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:11,  3–14
D. V. Artamonov
On the Lefschetz coincidence theorem
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:7,  3–38
L. Baratchart, M. L. Yattselev
Meromorphic approximants to complex Cauchy transforms with polar singularities
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:9,  3–40
V. V. Benyash-Krivets, V. P. Platonov
Groups of $S$-units in hyperelliptic fields and continued fractions
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:11,  15–44
A. M. Blokhin, D. L. Tkachev
Stability of a supersonic flow about a wedge with weak shock wave
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:2,  3–30
D. V. Bolotov
Foliations of nonnegative curvature on closed 3-dimensional manifolds
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:3,  3–16
P. A. Borodin
Approximation by simple partial fractions on the semi-axis
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:8,  25–44
V. I. Buslaev
An analogue of Fabry's theorem for generalized Padé approximants
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:7,  39–106
G. A. Chechkin, see T. A. Mel'nik
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:3,  49–74
I. A. Cheltsov
Extremal metrics on two Fano varieties
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:1,  97–136
V. V. Chepyzhov, see M. I. Vishik
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:4,  3–30
Yu. N. Drozhzhinov, B. I. Zavialov
Generalized functions asymptotically homogeneous along special transformation groups
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:6,  23–66
V. N. Dubinin
Quadratic forms involving Green's and Robin functions
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:10,  25–38
M. I. Dyachenko, E. D. Nursultanov
Hardy-Littlewood theorem for trigonometric series with $\alpha$-monotone coefficients
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:11,  45–60
S. N. Fedotov
Affine algebraic groups with periodic components
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:7,  145–160
E. I. Galakhov
Elliptic and parabolic inequalities with point singularities on the boundary
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:10,  3–24
V. V. Gorbatsevich
Some properties of the space of $n$-dimensional Lie algebras
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:2,  31–60
E. A. Gorin
Regularity of group algebras
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:8,  63–78
E. S. Gorskaya, I. M. Mitricheva (Shitova), V. Yu. Protasov, A. M. Raigorodskii
Estimating the chromatic numbers of Euclidean space by convex minimization methods
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:6,  3–22
A. V. Grishin, L. M. Tsybulya
On the multiplicative and $T$-space structure of the relatively free Grassmann algebra
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:9,  41–80
V. I. Guletskii
On the continuous part of codimension 2 algebraic cycles on three-dimensional varieties
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:3,  17–30
G. Haghighatdoost, A. A. Oshemkov
The topology of Liouville foliation for the Sokolov integrable case on the Lie algebra so(4)
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:6,  119–142
U. U. Zhamilov, U. A. Rozikov
The dynamics of strictly non-Volterra quadratic stochastic operators on the 2-simplex
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:9,  81–94
O. V. Kamlovskii
Frequency characteristics of linear recurrence sequences over Galois rings
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:4,  31–52
V. M. Kaplitskii
Asymptotic behaviour of the discrete spectrum of a quasi-periodic boundary value problem for a two-dimensional hyperbolic equation
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:2,  61–74
G. A. Karagulyan
On Riemann sums and maximal functions in $\mathbb R^n$
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:4,  53–82
R. N. Karasev
Theorems of Borsuk-Ulam type for flats and common transversals of families of convex compact sets
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:10,  39–58
I. V. Karzhemanov
On Fano threefolds with canonical Gorenstein singularities
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:8,  111–146
V. M. Kesel'man
The isoperimetric inequality on conformally parabolic manifolds
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:1,  3–36
B. N. Khabibullin
Zero sequences of holomorphic functions, representation of meromorphic functions. II. Entire functions
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:2,  129–158
B. N. Khabibullin, see E. G. Kudasheva
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:9,  95–126
D. V. Khristoforov
On uniform approximation of elliptic functions by Padé approximants
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:6,  143–160
A. V. Klimenko
The number of classes of Markov partitions for a hyperbolic automorphism of a 2-torus
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:8,  147–160
A. A. Klyachko, Yu. B. Mel'nikova
A short proof of the Khukhro-Makarenko theorem on large characteristic subgroups with laws
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:5,  33–36
A. A. Korotkevich
Integrable Hamiltonian systems on low-dimensional Lie algebras
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:12,  3–40
M. O. Korpusov, A. G. Sveshnikov
Blow-up of Oskolkov's system of equations
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:4,  83–108
E. G. Kudasheva, B. N. Khabibullin
The distribution of the zeros of holomorphic functions of moderate growth in the unit disc and the representation of meromorphic functions there
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:9,  95–126
Yu. N. Kuznetsova
Constructions of regular algebras $\mathscr L_p^w(G)$
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:2,  75–88
Yu. A. Labych, A. P. Starovoitov
Trigonometric Padé approximants for functions with regularly decreasing Fourier coefficients
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:7,  107–130
G. G. Magaril-Il'yaev, K. Yu. Osipenko
Optimal recovery of the solution of the heat equation from inaccurate data
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:5,  37–54
O. V. Markova
Upper bound for the length of commutative algebras
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:12,  41–62
M. Ya. Mazalov
The Dirichlet problem for polyanalytic functions
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:10,  59–80
T. A. Mel'nik, G. A. Chechkin
Asymptotic analysis of boundary-value problems in thick three-dimensional multi-level junctions
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:3,  49–74
Yu. B. Mel'nikova, see Ant. A. Klyachko
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:5,  33–36
K. A. Mikhailov, A. M. Raigorodskii
On the Ramsey numbers for complete distance graphs with vertices in $\{0,1\}^n$
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:12,  63–80
V. M. Misyakov
Structure of the Jacobson radical in the endomorphism ring of a mixed completely decomposable Abelian group
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:4,  109–112
I. M. Mitricheva (Shitova), see E. S. Gorskaya
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:6,  3–22
A. Yu. Neklyudov
Analogues of Chernoff's theorem and the Lie-Trotter theorem
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:10,  81–106
E. D. Nursultanov, see M. I. Dyachenko
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:11,  45–60
A. A. Oshemkov, see G. Haghighatdoost
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:6,  119–142
K. Yu. Osipenko, see G. G. Magaril-Il'yaev
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:5,  37–54
S. S. Platonov
Some problems in the theory of approximation of functions on compact homogeneous manifolds
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:6,  67–108
V. P. Platonov, see V. V. Benyash-Krivets
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:11,  15–44
I. V. Podvigin
Martingale ergodic and ergodic martingale processes with continuous time
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:5,  55–70
S. I. Pokhozhaev
Global solvability of the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation with bounded initial data
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:7,  131–144
S. G. Pribegin
Some summability methods for power series of functions in $H^p(D^n)$, $0<p<\infty$
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:2,  89–106
V. Yu. Protasov, M. E. Shirokov
Generalized compactness in linear spaces and its applications
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:5,  71–98
V. Yu. Protasov, see E. S. Gorskaya
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:6,  3–22
A. M. Raigorodskii, see K. A. Mikhailov
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:12,  63–80
A. M. Raigorodskii, see E. S. Gorskaya
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:6,  3–22
N. A. Rautian
On the boundedness of a class of fractional type integral operators
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:12,  81–106
A. O. Remizov
Geodesics on 2-surfaces with pseudo-Riemannian metric: singularities of changes of signature
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:3,  75–94
U. A. Rozikov, see U. U. Jamilov
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:9,  81–94
V. V. Ryzhikov
Spectral multiplicities and asymptotic operator properties of actions with invariant measure
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:12,  107–120
L. M. Samoilov
Algebraic algebras and prime varieties of associative algebras
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:5,  99–128
E. A. Sataev
Some properties of singular hyperbolic attractors
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:1,  37–80
I. I. Sharapudinov
The basis property of the Legendre polynomials in the variable exponent Lebesgue space $L^{p(x)}(-1,1)$
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:1,  137–160
E. V. Sharoiko
Hassett-Tschinkel correspondence and automorphisms of the quadric
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:11,  145–160
V. B. Sherstyukov
Representation of the reciprocal of an entire function by series of partial fractions and exponential approximation
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:3,  147–160
M. E. Shirokov, see V. Yu. Protasov
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:5,  71–98
V. P. Sklyarov
The sharp constant in Markov's inequality for the Laguerre weight
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:6,  109–118
A. N. Skorobogatov
Automorphisms and forms of toric quotients of homogeneous spaces
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:10,  107–122
V. E. Slyusarchuk
Conditions for the invertibility of the nonlinear difference operator $(\mathscr Rx)(n)=H(x(n),x(n+1))$, $n\in\mathbb Z$, in the space of bounded number sequences
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:2,  107–128
V. N. Sorokin
Generalized Pollaczek polynomials
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:4,  113–130
A. P. Starovoitov, see Yu. A. Labych
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:7,  107–130
S. A. Stepin, A. G. Tarasov
The resonance spectrum of a Schrödinger operator with a rapidly decaying potential
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:12,  121–156
S. P. Suetin
Strong asymptotics of polynomials orthogonal with respect to a complex weight
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:1,  81–96
A. G. Sveshnikov, see M. O. Korpusov
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:4,  83–108
A. G. Tarasov, see S. A. Stepin
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:12,  121–156
P. A. Terekhin
Banach frames in the affine synthesis problem
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:9,  127–146
N. V. Timofeeva
On the new compactification of moduli of vector bundles on a surface. II
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:3,  95–118
D. L. Tkachev, see A. M. Blokhin
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:2,  3–30
A. A. Tolstonogov
Mosco convergence of integral functionals and its applications
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:3,  119–146
A. Yu. Trynin
A generalization of the Whittaker-Kotel'nikov-Shannon sampling theorem for continuous functions on a closed interval
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:11,  61–108
A. V. Tsarev
Pure subrings of the rings $\mathbb Z_\chi$
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:10,  123–150
L. M. Tsybulya, see A. V. Grishin
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:9,  41–80
D. N. Tulyakov
Difference equations having bases with powerlike growth which are perturbed by a spectral parameter
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:5,  129–158
D. V. Tunitsky
On some categories of Monge-Ampère systems of equations
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:11,  109–144
A. V. Ustinov
The solution of Arnold's problem on the weak asymptotics of Frobenius numbers with three arguments
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:4,  131–160
M. I. Vishik, V. V. Chepyzhov
Trajectory attractors of reaction-diffusion systems with small diffusion
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:4,  3–30
A. S. Vorontsov
Invariants of Lie algebras representable as semidirect sums with a commutative ideal
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:8,  45–62
V. Ya. Yakubov
Differential equations whose solution of the Cauchy problem displays nonclassical behaviour with respect to the parameter $\lambda$
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:10,  151–160
M. Yattselev, see L. Baratchart
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:9,  3–40
V. A. Yurko
Recovering Sturm-Liouville operators from spectra on a graph with a cycle
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:9,  147–160
B. I. Zavialov, see Yu. N. Drozhzhinov
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:6,  23–66
E. N. Zhabitskaya
The average length of reduced regular continued fractions
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:8,  79–110
M. M. Zhdanova
Completely integrable Hamiltonian systems on semidirect sums of Lie algebras
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:5,  3–32
V. A. Zolotarev
Functional models for commutative systems of linear operators and de Branges spaces on a Riemann surface
Mat. Sb., 2009, Volume 200:3,  31–48
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