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Author Index, 2011, Volume 202

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M. A. Alshanskiy, I. V. Mel'nikova
Regularized and generalized solutions of infinite-dimensional stochastic problems
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:11,  3–30
A. B. Antonevich, V. I. Bakhtin, A. V. Lebedev
Crossed product of a $C^*$-algebra by an endomorphism, coefficient algebras and transfer operators
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:9,  3–34
A. I. Aptekarev, V. G. Lysov, D. N. Tulyakov
Random matrices with external source and the asymptotic behaviour of multiple orthogonal polynomials
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:2,  3–56
A. A. Ardentov, Yu. L. Sachkov
Extremal trajectories in a nilpotent sub-Riemannian problem on the Engel group
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:11,  31–54
A. V. Arutyunov, D. Yu. Karamzin
Regular zeros of quadratic maps and their application
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:6,  3–28
Yu. V. Averboukh
Nash equilibrium in differential games and the construction of the programmed iteration method
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:5,  3–28
V. I. Bakhtin, see A. B. Antonevich
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:9,  3–34
A. D. Baranov, K. Yu. Fedorovskiy
Boundary regularity of Nevanlinna domains and univalent functions in model subspaces
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:12,  3–22
Ya. V. Bazaikin, E. G. Malkovich
$\mathrm{Spin}(7)$-structures on complex linear bundles and explicit Riemannian metrics with holonomy group $\mathrm{SU}(4)$
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:4,  3–30
L. A. Beklaryan
The linear theory of functional differential equations: existence theorems and the problem of pointwise completeness of the solutions
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:3,  3–36
A. V. Belyaev
Asymptotic behaviour of singular points of solutions of the problem of heavy $n$-dimensional body motion in the Lagrange case
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:11,  55–74
A. V. Budanov
Ideals of generalized matrix rings
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:1,  3–10
R. Ya. Budylin
An adelic construction of Chern classes
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:11,  75–96
A. I. Bufetov, B. M. Gurevich
Existence and uniqueness of the measure of maximal entropy for the Teichmüller flow on the moduli space of Abelian differentials
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:7,  3–42
A. I. Bufetov
Pressure and equilibrium measures for actions of amenable groups on the space of configurations
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:3,  37–46
R. A. Devyatov
Neighbourly polytopes with few vertices
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:10,  31–54
A. A. Dolgoborodov, E. A. Sevast'yanov
Extremal properties of sequences of zeros of analytic functions in spaces with mixed norm
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:8,  3–20
E. P. Dolzhenko
Bounds for the moduli of continuity for conformal mappings of domains near their accessible boundary arcs
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:12,  57–106
A. V. Drutsa
Existence ‘in the large’ of a solution to the system of equations of large-scale ocean dynamics on a manifold
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:10,  55–86
V. N. Dubinin
Boundary values of the Schwarzian derivative of a regular function
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:5,  29–44
V. Zh. Dumanyan
Solvability of the Dirichlet problem for a general second-order elliptic equation
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:7,  75–94
A. I. Efimov
A proof of the Kontsevich-Soǐbel'man conjecture
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:4,  65–84
A. Elagin
Cohomological descent theory for a morphism of stacks and for equivariant derived categories
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:4,  31–64
N. B. Engibaryan
Differential equations where the derivative is taken with respect to a measure
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:2,  93–106
K. Yu. Fedorovskiy, see A. D. Baranov
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:12,  3–22
A. M. Gaisin, Zh. G. Rakhmatullina
An estimate for the sum of a Dirichlet series in terms of the minimum of its modulus on a vertical line segment
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:12,  23–56
A. N. Gorbachev, A. M. Stepin
On the structure of invariant measures for set-valued maps
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:9,  35–52
V. V. Goryainov, O. S. Kudryavtseva
One-parameter semigroups of analytic functions, fixed points and the Koenigs function
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:7,  43–74
M. M. Grinenko
Three-dimensional quartics containing a plane
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:2,  57–92
B. M. Gurevich, see A. I. Bufetov
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:7,  3–42
N. S. Gusel'nikov
Triangular set functions and the Nikodym, Brooks-Jewett, and Vitali-Hahn-Saks theorems on convergent sequences of measures
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:6,  29–50
L. A. Ignatochkina
Generalization for transformations of $T^1$-bundle which induced by conformal transformations of their base
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:5,  45–62
D. P. Il'yutko
Framed $4$-graphs: Euler tours, Gauss circuits and rotating circuits
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:9,  53–76
N. V. Isaenkova, see E. V. Zhuzhoma
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:3,  47–68
A. M. Izosimov
Classification of almost toric singularities of Lagrangian foliations
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:7,  95–116
A. G. Kachurovskii, V. V. Sedalishchev
Constants in estimates for the rates of convergence in von Neumann's and Birkhoff's ergodic theorems
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:8,  21–40
G. A. Karagulyan
Characterization of the sets of divergence for sequences of operators with the localization property
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:1,  11–36
D. Yu. Karamzin, see A. V. Arutyunov
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:6,  3–28
I. R. Kayumov
Convergence of series of simple partial fractions in $L_p(\mathbb R)$
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:10,  87–98
V. M. Kesel'man
The relative isoperimetric inequality on a conformally parabolic manifold with boundary
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:7,  117–134
A. Kh. Khanmamedov
The inverse scattering problem for a discrete Sturm-Liouville equation on the line
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:7,  147–160
A. S. Khripunova, see S. E. Pastukhova
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:9,  135–160
A. Yu. Kolesov, N. Kh. Rozov
The theory of relaxation oscillations for Hutchinson's equation
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:6,  51–82
M. O. Korpusov
Blow-up of ion acoustic waves in a plasma
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:1,  37–64
V. N. Krupski
On symbolic models for Single-Conclusion Logic of Proofs
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:5,  63–76
E. A. Kudryavtseva, T. A. Lepskii
The topology of Lagrangian foliations of integrable systems with hyperelliptic Hamiltonian
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:3,  69–106
O. S. Kudryavtseva, see V. V. Goryainov
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:7,  43–74
A. B. Kupavskii
On the colouring of spheres embedded in $\mathbb R^n$
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:6,  83–110
A. V. Lebedev, see A. B. Antonevich
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:9,  3–34
T. A. Lepskii, see E. A. Kudryavtseva
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:3,  69–106
L. V. Lokutsievskiy
Optimal probabilistic search
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:5,  77–100
V. G. Lysov, see A. I. Aptekarev
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:2,  3–56
E. G. Malkovich, see Ya. V. Bazaikin
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:4,  3–30
T. S. Mardvilko, A. A. Pekarskii
Direct and inverse theorems of rational approximation in the Bergman space
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:9,  77–96
A. Martínez-Finkelshtein, E. A. Rakhmanov, S. P. Suetin
Variation of the equilibrium energy and the $S$-property of stationary compact sets
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:12,  113–136
A. P. Mashtakov, Yu. L. Sachkov
Extremal trajectories and the asymptotics of the Maxwell time in the problem of the optimal rolling of a sphere on a plane
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:9,  97–120
I. V. Mel'nikova, see M. A. Alshanskiy
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:11,  3–30
A. R. Mirotin
Fredholm and spectral properties of Toeplitz operators on $H^p$ spaces over ordered groups
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:5,  101–116
A. V. Misyakova
Abelian groups with semiprime endomorphism ring
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:5,  117–126
È. M. Muhamadiev, A. N. Naimov
Nonzero bounded solutions of one class of nonlinear ordinary differential equations
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:9,  121–134
I. V. Mykytyuk
Classification of Ricci-flat metrics on the cotangent bundles of compact rank-one symmetric spaces
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:2,  107–130
A. N. Naimov, see È. M. Muhamadiev
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:9,  121–134
S. A. Nazarov, G. H. Sweers, A. S. Slutskij
Homogenization of a thin plate reinforced with periodic families of rigid rods
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:8,  41–80
I. V. Netai
Parabolically connected subgroups
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:8,  81–94
D. V. Novikov
Topological features of the Sokolov integrable case on the Lie algebra $\mathrm{e}(3)$
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:5,  127–160
A. Yu. Onishchenko, F. Yu. Popelenskii
On the equivalence of some spectral sequences for Serre fibrations
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:4,  85–110
S. E. Pastukhova, A. S. Khripunova
Several versions of the compensated compactness principle
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:9,  135–160
A. A. Pekarskii, see T. S. Mardvilko
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:9,  77–96
I. B. Penkov, A. S. Tikhomirov
Triviality of vector bundles on twisted ind-Grassmannians
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:1,  65–104
S. S. Podkorytov
The order of a homotopy invariant in the stable case
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:8,  95–116
S. I. Pokhozhaev
Riemann quasi-invariants
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:6,  111–132
F. Yu. Popelenskii, see A. Yu. Onishchenko
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:4,  85–110
V. Yu. Protasov
Invariant functions for the Lyapunov exponents of random matrices
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:1,  105–132
A. V. Pskhu
Initial-value problem for a linear ordinary differential equation of noninteger order
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:4,  111–122
E. A. Rakhmanov, see A. Martínez-Finkelshtein
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:12,  113–136
E. A. Rakhmanov
The asymptotics of Hermite-Padé polynomials for two Markov-type functions
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:1,  133–140
Zh. G. Rakhmatullina, see A. M. Gaisin
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:12,  23–56
I. P. Rochev
A generalization of Gelfond's and Waldschmidt's theorems on integer-valued entire functions
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:8,  117–138
N. Kh. Rozov, see A. Yu. Kolesov
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:6,  51–82
Yu. L. Sachkov, see A. A. Ardentov
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:11,  31–54
Yu. L. Sachkov, see A. P. Mashtakov
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:9,  97–120
S. R. Safin
Powers of sets in free groups
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:11,  97–102
A. Yu. Savin, B. Yu. Sternin
On the index of elliptic operators for the group of dilations
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:10,  99–130
V. V. Sedalishchev, see A. G. Kachurovskii
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:8,  21–40
E. A. Sevast'yanov, see A. A. Dolgoborodov
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:8,  3–20
V. B. Sherstyukov
Expanding the reciprocal of an entire function with zeros in a strip in a Kreǐn series
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:12,  137–156
M. E. Shirokov
The continuity of the output entropy of positive maps
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:10,  131–160
A. S. Slutskij, see S. A. Nazarov
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:8,  41–80
S. E. Stepanov
Curvature and Tachibana numbers
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:7,  135–146
A. M. Stepin, see A. N. Gorbachev
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:9,  35–52
B. Yu. Sternin, see A. Yu. Savin
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:10,  99–130
N. P. Strelkova
Closed locally minimal nets on tetrahedra
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:1,  141–160
S. P. Suetin, see A. Martínez-Finkelshtein
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:12,  113–136
G. H. Sweers, see S. A. Nazarov
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:8,  41–80
P. A. Terekhin
Best approximation of functions in $L_p$ by polynomials on affine system
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:2,  131–158
A. S. Tikhomirov, see I. B. Penkov
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:1,  65–104
S. V. Tikhonov
Mixing transformations with homogeneous spectrum
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:8,  139–160
N. V. Timofeeva
On a new compactification of moduli of vector bundles on a surface. III: Functorial approach
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:3,  107–160
A. A. Tolstonogov
Variational stability of optimal control problems involving subdifferential operators
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:4,  123–160
I. G. Tsar'kov
Approximative compactness and nonuniqueness in variational problems, and applications to differential equations
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:6,  133–158
V. I. Tsygankov
Equations of $G$-minimal conic bundles
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:11,  103–160
D. N. Tulyakov, see A. I. Aptekarev
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:2,  3–56
A. S. Voynov
Self-affine polytopes. Applications to functional equations and matrix theory
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:10,  3–30
E. V. Zhuzhoma, N. V. Isaenkova
Zero-dimensional solenoidal base sets
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:3,  47–68
V. A. Zorich
On the measure of conformal difference between Euclidean and Lobachevsky spaces
Mat. Sb., 2011, Volume 202:12,  107–112
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