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Author Index, 2012, Volume 203

A B C D E F G I K L M N O P R S T V Z Full List
S. M. Ageev
On Palais universal $G$-spaces and isovariant absolute extensors
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:6,  3–34
P. P. Andreyanov, K. E. Dushin
Bifurcation sets in the Kovalevskaya-Yehia problem
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:4,  3–46
A. B. Anisimov
On stability of diagonal actions and tensor invariants
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:4,  47–60
D. V. Artamonov, V. A. Golubeva
Noncommutative Pfaffians associated with the orthogonal algebra
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:12,  5–34
I. V. Arzhantsev, M. G. Zaidenberg, K. G. Kuyumzhiyan
Flag varieties, toric varieties, and suspensions: Three instances of infinite transitivity
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:7,  3–30
S. V. Astashkin
On the geometric properties of Cesàro spaces
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:4,  61–80
R. S. Avdeev
Affine spherical homogeneous spaces with good quotient by a maximal unipotent subgroup
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:11,  3–22
V. M. Badkov
Asymptotic formulae for the zeros of orthogonal polynomials
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:9,  3–14
V. S. Belonosov
The spectral properties of distributions and asymptotic methods in perturbation theory
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:3,  3–22
A. S. Belov
Some properties of the sum of the moduli of the terms of a grouped trigonometric series
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:6,  35–62
A. Ya. Belov, M. I. Kharitonov
Subexponential estimates in Shirshov's theorem on height
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:4,  81–102
O. V. Besov
On spaces of functions of smoothness zero
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:8,  3–16
Yu. P. Bibilo
Isomonodromic deformations of systems of linear differential equations with irregular singularities
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:6,  63–80
S. I. Bogataya, S. A. Bogatyi, E. A. Kudryavtseva
An inverse theorem on ‘economic’ maps
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:4,  103–118
S. A. Bogatyi, see S. I. Bogataya
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:4,  103–118
A. B. Bogatyrev
Conformal mapping of rectangular heptagons
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:12,  35–56
P. A. Borodin
Approximation by simple partial fractions with constraints on the poles
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:11,  23–40
J. Bourgain, B. S. Kashin
Uniform approximation of partial sums of a Dirichlet series by shorter sums and $\Phi$-widths
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:12,  57–80
G. G. Braichev
The least type of an entire function of order $\rho\in(0,1)$ having positive zeros with prescribed averaged densities
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:7,  31–56
G. Cardone, S. A. Nazarov, K. Ruotsalainen
Asymptotic behaviour of an eigenvalue in the continuous spectrum of a narrowed waveguide
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:2,  3–32
M. Cencelj, see D. D. Repovš
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:11,  129–158
D. O. Degtyarev, A. M. Il'in
The asymptotics of a solution of a parabolic equation as time increases without bound
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:11,  61–82
A. V. Drutsa, G. M. Kobel'kov
On the convergence of difference schemes for the equations of ocean dynamics
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:8,  17–38
V. N. Dubinin
A new version of circular symmetrization with applications to $p$-valent functions
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:7,  79–94
K. E. Dushin, see P. P. Andreyanov
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:4,  3–46
A. Elagin
Descent theory for semiorthogonal decompositions
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:5,  33–64
V. E. Fedorov, B. Shklyar
Exact null controllability of degenerate evolution equations with scalar control
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:12,  137–156
D. A. Fedoseev, see O. A. Zagryadskii
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:8,  39–78
D. Frolenkov
Asymptotic behaviour of the first moment of the number of steps in the by-excess and by-deficiency Euclidean algorithms
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:2,  143–160
S. B. Gashkov, I. S. Sergeev
A method for deriving lower bounds for the complexity of monotone arithmetic circuits computing real polynomials
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:10,  33–70
V. A. Golubeva, see D. V. Artamonov
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:12,  5–34
V. V. Gorbatsevich
On the intersection of irreducible components of the space of finite-dimensional Lie algebras
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:7,  57–78
A. V. Gorshkov
Stabilizing a solution of the 2D Navier-Stokes system in the exterior of a bounded domain by means of a control on the boundary
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:9,  15–40
M. G. Grigoryan
Modifications of functions, Fourier coefficients and nonlinear approximation
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:3,  49–78
V. Z. Grines, E. Ya. Gurevich, V. S. Medvedev, O. V. Pochinka
On embedding a Morse-Smale diffeomorphism on a 3-manifold in a topological flow
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:12,  81–104
V. P. Grishukhin
The Minkowski sum of a zonotope and the Voronoi polytope of the root lattice $E_7$
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:11,  41–60
E. Ya. Gurevich, see V. Z. Grines
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:12,  81–104
A. K. Gushchin
The Dirichlet problem for a second-order elliptic equation with an $L_p$ boundary function
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:1,  3–30
A. M. Il'in, see D. O. Degtyarev
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:11,  61–82
A. O. Ivanov, A. A. Tuzhilin
One-dimensional Gromov minimal filling problem
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:5,  65–118
B. S. Kashin, see J. Bourgain
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:12,  57–80
M. I. Kharitonov, see A. Ya. Belov
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:4,  81–102
M. P. Kharlamov, see P. E. Ryabov
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:2,  111–142
Yu. Yu. Klevtsova
Well-posedness of the Cauchy problem for the stochastic system for the Lorenz model for a baroclinic atmosphere
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:10,  117–144
G. M. Kobel'kov, see A. V. Drutsa
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:8,  17–38
Yu. S. Kolomoitsev
Approximation properties of generalized Bochner-Riesz means in the Hardy spaces $H_p$, $0<p\le 1$
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:8,  79–96
S. K. Kondrat'ev, see V. G. Zvyagin
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:11,  83–104
M. A. Korolev
On Selberg formulae related to Gram's law
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:12,  129–136
V. G. Krotov
Criteria for compactness in $L^p$-spaces, $p\ge0$
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:7,  129–148
E. A. Kudryavtseva, see S. I. Bogataya
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:4,  103–118
E. A. Kudryavtseva, see O. A. Zagryadskii
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:8,  39–78
A. N. Kurbatskii
Convex hulls of a curve in control theory
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:3,  107–126
K. G. Kuyumzhiyan, see I. V. Arzhantsev
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:7,  3–30
B. K. Kwaśniewski
$C^*$-algebras associated with reversible extensions of logistic maps
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:10,  71–116
A. Laurinčikas
Universality of composite functions of periodic zeta functions
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:11,  105–120
V. V. Lebedev
On $L^2$-functions with bounded spectrum
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:11,  121–128
E. D. Livshits
On the efficiency of the Orthogonal Matching Pursuit in compressed sensing
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:2,  33–44
N. S. Logacheva
Classification of nondegenerate equilibria and degenerate 1-dimensional orbits of the Kovalevskaya-Yehia integrable system
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:1,  31–60
G. G. Magaril-Il'yaev, E. O. Sivkova
Best recovery of the Laplace operator of a function from incomplete spectral data
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:4,  119–130
V. O. Manturov
Parity and cobordism of free knots
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:2,  45–76
V. A. Markasheva, A. F. Tedeev
The Cauchy problem for a quasilinear parabolic equation with gradient absorption
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:4,  131–160
V. S. Medvedev, see V. Z. Grines
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:12,  81–104
T. A. Mel'nik, A. V. Popov
Asymptotic analysis of boundary value and spectral problems in thin perforated regions with rapidly changing thickness and different limiting dimensions
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:8,  97–124
V. P. Mikhailov
Existence of boundary values of solutions of elliptic equations in a strip
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:1,  61–76
V. F. Molchanov
Radon transform on a space over a residue class ring
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:5,  119–134
V. V. Napalkov, A. A. Nuyatov
The multipoint de la Vallée-Poussin problem for a convolution operator
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:2,  77–86
S. A. Nazarov, see G. Cardone
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:2,  3–32
S. A. Nazarov
Concentration of frequencies of trapped waves in problems on freely floating bodies
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:9,  41–66
N. I. Nessonov
Representations of $\mathfrak{S}_\infty$ admissible with respect to Young subgroups
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:3,  127–160
I. M. Nikonov
Khovanov homology of graph-links
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:8,  125–140
A. A. Nuyatov, see V. V. Napalkov
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:2,  77–86
K. I. Oblakov, T. A. Oblakova
Embeddings of graphs into Euclidean space under which the number of points that belong to a hyperplane is minimal
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:10,  145–160
T. A. Oblakova, see K. I. Oblakov
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:10,  145–160
F. N. Pakhomov
Undecidability of the elementary theory of the semilattice of GLP-words
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:8,  141–160
A. N. Panov
Representations of filtered solvable Lie algebras
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:1,  77–90
S. S. Platonov
Invariant subspaces in some function spaces on the light cone in $\mathbb R^3$
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:6,  101–130
M. G. Plotnikov
Coefficients of convergent multiple Walsh-Paley series
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:9,  67–82
O. V. Pochinka, see V. Z. Grines
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:12,  81–104
A. V. Popov, see T. A. Mel'nik
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:8,  97–124
N. N. Pustovoitov
Approximation of periodic functions in the classes $H_q^\Omega$ by linear methods
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:1,  91–114
S. G. Pyatkov
On the existence of maximal semidefinite invariant subspaces for $J$-dissipative operators
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:2,  87–110
D. Repovš, M. B. Skopenkov, M. Cencelj
Classification of knotted tori in 2-metastable dimension
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:11,  129–158
L. N. Romakina
Simple partitions of a hyperbolic plane of positive curvature
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:9,  83–116
K. Ruotsalainen, see G. Cardone
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:2,  3–32
P. E. Ryabov, M. P. Kharlamov
Classification of singularities in the problem of motion of the Kovalevskaya top in a double force field
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:2,  111–142
V. V. Ryzhikov
Spectral multiplicity for powers of weakly mixing automorphisms
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:7,  149–160
I. Kh. Sabitov
Isometric surfaces with a common mean curvature and the problem of Bonnet pairs
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:1,  115–158
P. P. Semenov
Automorphisms of semigroups of invertible matrices with nonnegative integer elements
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:9,  117–132
I. S. Sergeev, see S. B. Gashkov
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:10,  33–70
B. Shklyar, see V. E. Fedorov
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:12,  137–156
I. D. Shkredov, see I. V. Vyugin
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:6,  81–100
I. N. Shnurnikov
Arrangements of codimension-one submanifolds
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:9,  133–160
E. O. Sivkova, see G. G. Magaril-Il'yaev
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:4,  119–130
M. B. Skopenkov, see D. D. Repovš
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:11,  129–158
V. E. Slyusarchuk
Bounded and periodic solutions of nonlinear functional differential equations
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:5,  135–160
S. A. Stepin
Asymptotic estimates for the kernel of the semigroup generated by a perturbation of the biharmonic operator by a potential
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:6,  131–160
A. F. Tedeev, see V. A. Markasheva
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:4,  131–160
A. A. Tuzhilin, see A. O. Ivanov
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:5,  65–118
V. A. Vedernikov
Finite groups with Hall $\pi$-subgroups
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:3,  23–48
S. K. Vodopyanov
Regularity of mappings inverse to Sobolev mappings
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:10,  3–32
S. S. Volosivets
The modified $\mathbf P$-integral and $\mathbf P$-derivative and their applications
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:5,  3–32
I. V. Vyugin, I. D. Shkredov
On additive shifts of multiplicative subgroups
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:6,  81–100
O. A. Zagryadskii, E. A. Kudryavtseva, D. A. Fedoseev
A generalization of Bertrand's theorem to surfaces of revolution
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:8,  39–78
M. G. Zaidenberg, see I. V. Arzhantsev
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:7,  3–30
N. I. Zhukova
Global attractors of complete conformal foliations
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:3,  79–106
M. E. Zhukovskii
A weak zero-one law for sequences of random distance graphs
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:7,  95–128
V. A. Zolotarev
Direct and inverse problems for an operator with nonlocal potential
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:12,  105–128
V. G. Zvyagin, S. K. Kondrat'ev
Attractors of weak solutions to the regularized system of equations of motion of fluid media with memory
Mat. Sb., 2012, Volume 203:11,  83–104
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