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Author Index, 2013, Volume 204

A B C D E G H I K L M N O P R S T U V Y Z Full List
R. K. Akhunzhanov
Vectors of a given Diophantine type. II
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:4,  3–24
Yu. A. Aminov
The geometry of electron wave functions
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:2,  3–30
È. R. Andriyanova, F. Kh. Mukminov
Stabilization of the solution of a doubly nonlinear parabolic equation
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:9,  3–28
Yu. M. Arlinskii, A. B. Popov
$m$-Accretive extensions of a sectorial operator
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:8,  3–40
S. V. Astashkin, E. M. Semenov
Spaces defined by the Paley function
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:7,  3–24
V. S. Atabekyan
Splitting automorphisms of free Burnside groups
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:2,  31–38
B. V. Bazalii, S. P. Degtyarev
A boundary-value problem in weighted Hölder spaces for elliptic equations which degenerate at the boundary of the domain
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:7,  25–46
M. S. Bichegkuev
Spectral analysis of difference and differential operators in weighted spaces
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:11,  3–20
A. A. Bobodzhanov, V. F. Safonov
The method of normal forms for singularly perturbed systems of Fredholm integro-differential equations with rapidly varying kernels
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:7,  47–70
D. V. Bolotov
Topology of codimension-one foliations of nonnegative curvature
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:5,  3–24
A. A. Borisenko, K. D. Drach
Closeness to spheres of hypersurfaces with normal curvature bounded below
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:11,  21–40
R. Ya. Budylin, S. O. Gorchinskiy
Intersections of adelic groups on a surface
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:12,  3–14
V. I. Buslaev
Convergence of multipoint Padé approximants of piecewise analytic functions
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:2,  39–72
V. V. Chepyzhov, see M. I. Vishik
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:1,  3–46
S. P. Degtyarev, see B. V. Bazalii
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:7,  25–46
S. Delvaux, A. López, G. López Lagomasino
A family of Nikishin systems with periodic recurrence coefficients
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:1,  47–78
E. E. Demekhin, A. M. Raigorodskii, O. I. Rubanov
Distance graphs having large chromatic numbers and containing no cliques or cycles of a given size
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:4,  49–78
A. A. Dovgoshey, E. A. Petrov
Subdominant pseudoultrametric on graphs
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:8,  51–72
K. D. Drach, see A. A. Borisenko
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:11,  21–40
Yu. Yu. Druzhinin
Existence of a Lipschitz selection of the Chebyshev-centre map
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:5,  25–44
A. I. Dvirnyj, V. I. Slyn'ko
Stability in terms of two measures for a class of semilinear impulsive parabolic equations
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:4,  25–48
M. I. Dyachenko
On a class of summability methods for multiple Fourier series
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:3,  3–18
L. S. Efremova
A decomposition theorem for the space of $C^1$-smooth skew products with complicated dynamics of the quotient map
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:11,  55–82
Yu. V. Egorov
On Euler's problem
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:4,  79–102
A. Yu. Eremin
A formula for the weight of a minimal filling of a finite metric space
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:9,  51–72
A. S. Galaev
Conformally flat Lorentzian manifolds with special holonomy groups
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:9,  29–50
V. V. Gorbatsevich
Invariant distributions on compact homogeneous spaces
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:12,  15–30
S. O. Gorchinskiy, see R. Ya. Budylin
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:12,  3–14
A. Ya. Helemskii
Metric freeness and projectivity for classical and quantum normed modules
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:7,  127–158
A. A. Illarionov
On the statistical properties of Klein polyhedra in three-dimensional lattices
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:6,  23–46
A. A. Ilyin
Lower bounds for sums of eigenvalues of elliptic operators and systems
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:4,  103–126
M. A. Karpukhin
Nonmaximality of known extremal metrics on torus and Klein bottle
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:12,  31–48
D. A. Khrychev
On large deviations for ensembles of distributions
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:11,  131–150
D. D. Kiselev, see M. I. Zelikin
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:11,  83–98
D. D. Kiselev
A bound for the Schur index of irreducible representations of finite groups
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:8,  73–82
Yu. Yu. Klevtsova
On the existence of a stationary measure for the stochastic system of the Lorenz model describing a baroclinic atmosphere
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:9,  73–98
A. Yu. Kolesov, N. Kh. Rozov
Invariant tori for a class of nonlinear evolution equations
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:6,  47–92
M. O. Korpusov
Solution blow-up for a class of parabolic equations with double nonlinearity
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:3,  19–42
A. B. Kostin
The inverse problem of recovering the source in a parabolic equation under a condition of nonlocal observation
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:10,  3–46
K. L. Kozlov
Topology of actions and homogeneous spaces
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:4,  127–160
A. S. Krivosheev, O. A. Krivosheeva
A basis in an invariant subspace of analytic functions
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:12,  49–104
O. A. Krivosheeva, see A. S. Krivosheev
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:12,  49–104
E. A. Kudryavtseva
On the homotopy type of spaces of Morse functions on surfaces
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:1,  79–118
Vik. S. Kulikov
Factorizations in finite groups
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:2,  87–116
A. B. Kupavskii, A. M. Raigorodskii
Obstructions to the realization of distance graphs with large chromatic numbers on spheres of small radii
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:10,  47–90
V. B. Lazareva, A.M. Shelekhov
On triangulations of the plane by pencils of conics. II
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:6,  93–134
L. V. Lokutsievskiy, see M. I. Zelikin
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:11,  83–98
G. López Lagomasino, see S. Delvaux
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:1,  47–78
A. López-García, see S. Delvaux
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:1,  47–78
A. G. Medvedev
Hyperbolic tori in Hamiltonian systems with slowly varying parameter
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:5,  45–66
F. Kh. Mukminov, see V. F. Vil'danova
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:11,  41–54
F. Kh. Mukminov, see E. Andriyanova
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:9,  3–28
S. A. Nazarov
Elastic waves trapped by a homogeneous anisotropic semicylinder
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:11,  99–130
Yu. A. Neretin
On the boundary of the group of transformations leaving a measure quasi-invariant
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:8,  83–116
O. A. Ochakovskaya
Boundary uniqueness theorems for functions whose integrals over hyperbolic discs vanish
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:2,  117–132
D. V. Osipov
Noncommutative reciprocity laws on algebraic surfaces: the case of tame ramification
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:12,  105–118
E. Yu. Panov
Renormalized entropy solutions of the Cauchy problem for a first-order inhomogeneous quasilinear equation
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:10,  91–126
S. E. Pastukhova
Approximations of the operator exponential in a periodic diffusion problem with drift
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:2,  133–160
E. A. Petrov, see A. A. Dovgoshey
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:8,  51–72
S. S. Platonov
On spectral synthesis on zero-dimensional Abelian groups
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:9,  99–114
A. B. Popov, see Yu. M. Arlinskii
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:8,  3–40
A. Yu. Popov
The most rapid possible growth of the maximum modulus of a canonical product of noninteger order with a prescribed majorant of the counting function of zeros
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:5,  67–108
A. A. Prikhod'ko
Littlewood polynomials and applications of them in the spectral theory of dynamical systems
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:6,  135–160
Yu. G. Prokhorov
Fano threefolds of large Fano index and large degree
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:3,  43–78
A. M. Raigorodskii, see A. B. Kupavskii
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:10,  47–90
A. M. Raigorodskii, see E. E. Demekhin
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:4,  49–78
E. A. Rakhmanov, S. P. Suetin
The distribution of the zeros of the Hermite-Padé polynomials for a pair of functions forming a Nikishin system
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:9,  115–160
M. D. Ramazanov
Asymptotically optimal unsaturated lattice cubature formulae with bounded boundary layer
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:7,  71–96
N. Kh. Rozov, see A. Yu. Kolesov
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:6,  47–92
O. I. Rubanov, see E. E. Demekhin
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:4,  49–78
I. Kh. Sabitov
Infinitesimal and global rigidity and inflexibility of surfaces of revolution with flattening at the poles
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:10,  127–160
V. F. Safonov, see A. A. Bobodzhanov
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:7,  47–70
A. M. Sedletskii
Approximation of Müntz-Szász type in weighted spaces
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:7,  97–126
E. M. Semenov, see S. V. Astashkin
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:7,  3–24
I. N. Sergeev
The remarkable agreement between the oscillation and wandering characteristics of solutions of differential systems
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:1,  119–138
A.M. Shelekhov, see V. B. Lazareva
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:6,  93–134
M. E. Shirokov
Reversibility conditions for quantum channels and their applications
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:8,  137–160
A. E. Shishkov, see E. V. Stepanova
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:3,  79–106
Ya. N. Shitov
On Boolean matrices with full factor rank
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:11,  151–160
D. A. Slutskii
A necessary flexibility condition for a nondegenerate suspension in Lobachevsky 3-space
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:8,  117–136
V. I. Slyn'ko, see A. I. Dvirnyj
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:4,  25–48
E. V. Stepanova, A. E. Shishkov
Initial evolution of supports of solutions of quasilinear parabolic equations with degenerate absorption potential
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:3,  79–106
S. P. Suetin, see E. A. Rakhmanov
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:9,  115–160
M. G. Svistula
Deficient topological measures and functionals generated by them
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:5,  109–142
N. V. Timofeeva
On a new compactification of moduli of vector bundles on a surface. IV: Nonreduced moduli
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:1,  139–160
N. V. Timofeeva
On a new compactification of moduli of vector bundles on a surface. V: Existence of a universal family
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:3,  107–134
E. I. Timoshenko
Systems of elements preserving measure on varieties of groups
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:12,  119–126
R. M. Trigub
The exact order of approximation to periodic functions by Bernstein-Stechkin polynomials
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:12,  127–146
D. V. Tunitsky
Reducing quasilinear systems to block triangular form
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:3,  135–160
A. V. Ustinov
Spin chains and Arnold's problem on the Gauss-Kuz'min statistics for quadratic irrationals
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:5,  143–160
V. F. Vil'danova, F. Kh. Mukminov
Anisotropic uniqueness classes for a degenerate parabolic equation
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:11,  41–54
M. I. Vishik, S. V. Zelik, V. V. Chepyzhov
Regular attractors and nonautonomous perturbations of them
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:1,  3–46
S. V. Vostokov
Shafarevich's paper “A general reciprocity law”
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:6,  3–22
A. S. Voynov
On the structure of self-affine convex bodies
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:8,  41–50
A. A. Yadchenko
On Isaacs' problem
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:12,  147–156
A. O. Zakharov
An estimate for the rank of the intersection of subgroups in free amalgamated products of two groups with normal finite amalgamated subgroup
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:2,  73–86
S. V. Zelik, see M. I. Vishik
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:1,  3–46
M. I. Zelikin, D. D. Kiselev, L. V. Lokutsievskii
Optimal control and Galois theory
Mat. Sb., 2013, Volume 204:11,  83–98
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