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Author Index, 1970, Volume 2

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A. A. Arsen'ev
Resonance scattering by a “potential trap” and the Breit–Wigner formula
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:3,  361–366
R. A. Asanov
Example of a closed world with massless scalar field sources
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:3,  289–291
N. I. Botoshan, V. A. Moskalenko
Absorption of light by two-zone superconductors
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:3,  383–398
V. S. Buslaev, M. M. Skriganov
On a characteristic property of Weyl quantization
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:3,  292–296
V. S. Buslaev, V. B. Matveev
Wave operators for the Schrödinger equation with a slowly decreasing potential
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:3,  367–376
Yu. A. Danilov
Nonlinear generalizations of the Dirac equation allowing the conformal group
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:3,  297–301
Dao Vong Dyc, Nguyen Van Hieu
Velocity of propagation of a signal, and the space-time metric in nonlinear electrodynamics
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:1,  55–66
G. V. Efimov
Essentially nonlinear interaction Lagrangians and nonlocalized quantum field theory
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:1,  36–54
G. V. Efimov
Nonlocal quantum field theory, nonlinear interaction lagrangians, and the convergence of the perturbation-theory series
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:3,  302–310
F. I. Fedorov
Vector parametrization of the Lorentz group and relativistic kinematics
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:3,  343–349
S. S. Horuzhy
Structure of local $W^*$-albebras in relativistic quantum theory
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:3,  350–360
O. A. Khrustalev, see V. I. Savrin
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:3,  338–342
V. A. Kolkunov
$S$-matrix problems
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:2,  169–180
V. I. Kolomytsev
Decomposition of irreducible unitary representations of the group $SL(2C)$ restricted to the subgroup $SU(1,1)$. The complementary series
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:2,  210–229
V. Ya. Krivnov, O. A. Ol'khov, B. N. Provotorov, M. E. Sarychev
Self-consistent field near the critical point in the Ising antiferromagnetic model
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:2,  244–253
S. P. Kuleshov, V. A. Matveev, A. N. Sisakyan
Glauber type representation for the scattering amplitude of high-energy Dirac particles on smooth potentials
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:1,  73–79
F. M. Kuni, A. I. Rusanov
Statistical theory of aggregative equilibrium
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:2,  265–285
A. N. Leznov, M. V. Saveliev
Representation of noncompact groups $U(p,q)$. I
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:3,  311–327
V. N. Likhachev, Yu. S. Tyupkin, A. S. Schwarz
The adiabatic $S$-matrix and quasiparticles
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:1,  3–29
V. P. Maslov
Stationary-phase method for Feynman's continual integral
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:1,  30–35
V. A. Matveev, see S. P. Kuleshov
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:1,  73–79
V. B. Matveev, see V. S. Buslaev
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:3,  367–376
R. A. Minlos, Ya. G. Sinai
Spectra of stochastic operators arising in lattice models of a gas
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:2,  230–243
V. A. Moskalenko, see N. I. Botoshan
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:3,  383–398
R. M. Muradyan
Solution of the problem of random walks in a space of constant curvature
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:3,  328–332
Nguyễn Văn Hiêu, see Đào Vong Đù'c
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:1,  55–66
O. A. Ol'khov, see V. Ya. Krivnov
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:2,  244–253
A. B. Petrovskii
Nonlinear ferromagnetic resonance in anisotropic ferrite ellipsoid
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:2,  254–264
L. A. Pokrovskii
Application of the nonequilibrium statistical operator to the derivation of equations of relaxational nonlinear hydrodynamics (part I)
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:1,  103–116
B. N. Provotorov, see V. Ya. Krivnov
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:2,  244–253
V. I. Roginskii
Quantum-mechanical description of “particles” with complex spin
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:2,  181–196
S. N. Roze
On the spectrum of the Dirac operator
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:3,  377–382
Yu. G. Rudoi
Bogolyubov's statistical variational principle and the Green's function method applied to the Heisenberg–Ising model
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:1,  129–148
A. I. Rusanov, see F. M. Kuni
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:2,  265–285
Yu. A. Rylov
Connection between the energy-momentum vector and the canonical momentum in relativistic mechanics
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:3,  333–337
L. A. Sakhnovich
Generalized wave operators and regularization of perturbation series
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:1,  80–86
M. E. Sarychev, see V. Ya. Krivnov
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:2,  244–253
M. V. Saveliev, see A. N. Leznov
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:3,  311–327
V. I. Savrin, N. E. Tyurin, O. A. Khrustalev
Amplitude characteristic of forward scattering at high energies
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:3,  338–342
A. S. Schwarz, see V. N. Likhachev
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:1,  3–29
N. V. Sholokhov
Polarization effects in induced scattering of high-frequency electromagnetic waves in plasma
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:1,  117–128
Ya. G. Sinai, see R. A. Minlos
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:2,  230–243
A. N. Sisakyan, see S. P. Kuleshov
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:1,  73–79
M. M. Skriganov, see V. S. Buslaev
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:3,  292–296
L. M. Slad
Towards the question of $CPT$-invariant theories of infinite-component fields
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:1,  67–72
E. Sh. Teplitsky
Quantum statistical theory of interaction of an electromagnetic field with a many-level system. I
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:3,  399–410
Yu. S. Tyupkin, see V. N. Likhachev
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:1,  3–29
N. E. Tyurin, see V. I. Savrin
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:3,  338–342
A. N. Vasil'ev
Theory of representations of a topological (non-Banach) involutory algebra
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:2,  153–168
M. K. Volkov
A method of describing nonrenormalizable interactions, taking account of unitarity
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:2,  197–209
V. A. Zhelnorovich
Generalized wave operators and regularization of perturbation series
TMF, 1970, Volume 2:1,  87–102
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