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Author Index, 1971, Volume 7

B C E F G I K L M N O P S T U V Z Full List
E. G. Bashkanskii, V. V. Mityugov
Group theory methods in photon statistics
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:3,  348–357
E. D. Belokolos
Irreducible representations of the translational symmetry operators of the Hamiltonian of a bloch electron in a magnetic field
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:1,  61–71
Kh. M. Bikkin, V. P. Kalashnikov
Theory of paramagnetic resonance and relaxation of conduction electrons in quantizing magnetic fields
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:1,  79–94
A. A. Biryukov
Markov chains for compatible states and the equations of quantum mechanics
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:1,  56–60
D. S. Chernavskii, see N. M. Pukhov
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:2,  219–229
V. V. Ezhela
Integral representation of expansions in Wigner functions
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:1,  35–44
V. V. Ezhela, M. A. Mestvirishvili
Constraints on growth of binary process amplitudes
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:2,  195–202
F. I. Fedorov, see E. E. Tkharev
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:3,  322–331
I. A. Fedoseev, see A. N. Leznov
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:3,  298–317
V. K. Fedyanin
On the critical indices in the ising model
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:2,  241–249
W. I. Fushchych
Additional invariance of relativistic equations of motion
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:1,  3–12
Yu. B. Gaididei, È. G. Petrov
Theory of band and bound states of double triplet excitations in molecular crystals. II
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:1,  95–105
V. R. Garsevanishvili, V. G. Kadyshevskii, R. M. Mir-Kassimov, N. B. Skachkov
Representation for relativistic scattering amplitude at high energies
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:2,  203–216
A. B. Govorkov
Example of the application of parastatistics for nucleon pairs in nuclear shells
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:2,  230–240
A. A. Izmest'ev
Wave fields of beam type and spatial quantization of the angular momentum
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:3,  358–371
V. G. Kadyshevskii, see V. R. Garsevanishvili
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:2,  203–216
V. P. Kalashnikov, see Kh. M. Bikkin
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:1,  79–94
V. P. Kalashnikov, see D. N. Zubarev
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:3,  372–394
O. A. Khrustalev, see V. I. Savrin
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:1,  30–34
N. P. Kovalenko, Yu. P. Krasnyi
Percus–Yevick equation for systems in external fields
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:1,  121–128
Yu. P. Krasnyi, see N. P. Kovalenko
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:1,  121–128
I. V. Kurdyumov, Yu. F. Smirnov, K. V. Shitikova
On the relationship between the translationally invariant shell model and the $K$-harmonics method
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:1,  45–55
A. N. Leznov, I. A. Fedoseev
Representations of noncompact symplectic groups
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:3,  298–317
M. A. Mestvirishvili
Vector dominance and decrease of the differential cross section of lepton-pair production at high energies and large scattering angles
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:2,  192–194
M. A. Mestvirishvili, see V. V. Ezhela
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:2,  195–202
R. M.-A. Mir-Kassimov, see V. R. Garsevanishvili
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:2,  203–216
V. V. Mityugov, see E. G. Bashkanskii
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:3,  348–357
V. A. Moskalenko, A. M. Ursu
Density of electron states of a superconductor with a low concentration of a paramagnetic impurity
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:1,  72–78
Nguyen Van Hieu
On the behavior of the elastic scattering amplitude for values of the momentum transfer that decrease as $\operatorname{const}\ln^{-2}s$
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:3,  318–321
A. I. Oksak, I. T. Todorov
Two-point functions of local infinite-component fields
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:2,  153–182
A. A. Ovchinnikov, see M. Ya. Ovchinnikova
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:1,  129–138
M. Ya. Ovchinnikova, A. A. Ovchinnikov
Influence of the temperature and the dielectric characteristics of a medium on the properties of a polaron
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:1,  129–138
V. D. Ozrin
Properties of single-particle excitation spectrum for a normal Fermi system at low temperatures
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:2,  262–270
S. V. Peletminskii, V. D. Tsukanov
On the kinetics of systems in alternating external fields
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:3,  395–411
È. G. Petrov, see Yu. B. Gaididei
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:1,  95–105
N. M. Pukhov, D. S. Chernavskii
On phase instability in the case of scattering by a random potential
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:2,  219–229
V. I. Savrin, N. E. Tyurin, O. A. Khrustalev
Condition of asymptotic equality of total cross sections in two simple models
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:1,  30–34
A. I. Sherstyuk
Generalized coulomb Green's function for bound states of the nonrelativistic Schrödinger equation
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:3,  342–347
K. V. Shitikova, see I. V. Kurdyumov
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:1,  45–55
N. B. Skachkov, see V. R. Garsevanishvili
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:2,  203–216
A. A. Slavnov
Anomalous ward identities in renormalized perturbation theory
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:1,  13–19
Yu. F. Smirnov, see I. V. Kurdyumov
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:1,  45–55
S. N. Sokolov
On the parmetrization of the phase space of $N$ relativistic particles
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:2,  217–218
M. A. Soloviev
On the class of distributions compatible with locality
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:2,  183–191
E. Sh. Teplitsky
On the quantum-statistical theory of the interaction of radiation with elementary Boson-type excitatio
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:1,  139–149
E. E. Tkharev, F. I. Fedorov
Partial wave analysis based on a complex vector parametrization
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:3,  322–331
I. T. Todorov, see A. I. Oksak
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:2,  153–182
Yu. A. Tserkovnikov
Decoupling of chains of equations for two-time Green's functions
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:2,  250–261
V. D. Tsukanov, see S. V. Peletminskii
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:3,  395–411
N. E. Tyurin, see V. I. Savrin
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:1,  30–34
A. M. Ursu, see V. A. Moskalenko
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:1,  72–78
V. M. Vinogradov
Three-dimensional covariant formulation of the two-body problem in quantum field theory
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:3,  289–297
L. G. Zastavenko
On the ground state of the Hamiltonian in the simplest model of quantum-field theory
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:1,  20–29
V. N. Zhigulev
Investigation of Bogolyubov's chain of equations for strongly correlated statistical systems
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:1,  106–120
V. N. Zhigulev
On the problem of the fundamental characteristics of the motion of a continuous medium
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:2,  271–285
G. M. Zhislin
On the finiteness of the discrete spectrum of the energy operator of negative atomic and molecular ions
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:3,  332–341
D. N. Zubarev, V. P. Kalashnikov
Equivalence of various methods in the statistical mechanics of irreversible processes
TMF, 1971, Volume 7:3,  372–394
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