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Author Index, 1971, Volume 9

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B. M. Barbashov, V. V. Nesterenko
Eikonalization of the scattering amplitude in some field theory models at high energies
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:3,  343–354
I. M. Burban
On weak convergence in an infinite tensor product of Hilbert spaces
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:3,  318–322
L. A. Dadashev
Translationally invariant limit of the Lee model. II
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:3,  305–317
A. I. Fet, see Yu. B. Rumer
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:2,  203–210
W. I. Fushchych
On $PTC$-noninvariant Lagrangians
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:1,  91–93
T. M. Gataullin, M. V. Karasev
On the perturbation of the quasilevels of a Schrödinger operator with complex potential
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:2,  252–263
V. A. Golubeva
On differential equations for the Feynman integral of a one-loop diagram Journal Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:3,  380–387
V. P. Kalashnikov
Response to a mechanical perturbation and the Green's functions for nonequilibrium systems
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:1,  94–108
V. P. Kalashnikov
Green's functions and admittances of nonequilibrium systems in a quasilinear approximation
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:3,  406–417
B. N. Kalinkin, see G. M. Vagradov
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:2,  240–251
M. V. Karasev, see T. M. Gataullin
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:2,  252–263
A. D. Khon'kin
Spatially inhomogeneous solutions of the averaged chain of the equations of the kinetic theory of gases in the case of systems with a strong statistical coupling
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:2,  291–301
O. A. Khrustalev, see A. A. Logunov
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:1,  3–43
O. A. Khrustalev, see V. I. Savrin
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:1,  60–64
O. A. Khrustalev, see A. A. Logunov
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:2,  153–189
M. S. Kil'dyushov
On the reduction $U_n\supset O_n$
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:1,  86–90
Yu. L. Klimontovich
Nonequilibrium fluctuations in a gas
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:1,  109–123
F. M. Kuni, B. A. Storonkin
Nonequilibrium statistical mean values in a nonlinear approximation in the gradients of the thermodynamic parameters
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:1,  124–136
A. N. Kvinikhidze, Kh. D. Popov, D. Ts. Stoyanov, A. N. Tavkhelidze
Factorization of dual amplitudes by means of the coherent states of a five-dimensional oscillator and closed loops
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:2,  190–202
A. A. Logunov, M. A. Mestvirishvili, O. A. Khrustalev
Restrictions on the behavior of elastic and inelastic cross sections at high energies. I
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:1,  3–43
A. A. Logunov, M. A. Mestvirishvili, O. A. Khrustalev
Restrictions on the behavior of elastic and inelastic cross sections at high energies. II
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:2,  153–189
A. A. Luk'yanov
Channel coupling scheme in the $R$-matrix formalism
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:3,  398–405
V. A. Matveev, A. N. Tavkhelidze
On the representation of scattering amplitudes as path integrals in quantum field theory
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:1,  44–59
M. A. Mestvirishvili, see A. A. Logunov
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:1,  3–43
M. A. Mestvirishvili, see A. A. Logunov
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:2,  153–189
A. A. Nepomnyashchii, see Yu. A. Nepomnyashchii
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:1,  137–149
Yu. A. Nepomnyashchii, A. A. Nepomnyashchii
Collective spectrum of coherent crystals
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:1,  137–149
V. V. Nesterenko, see B. M. Barbashov
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:3,  343–354
A. B. Nikolov
On a complete set of commuting operators for ladder representations of the Lie algebra of $U(6,6)$
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:3,  365–379
V. P. Pavlov, G. A. Tavluev
Interaction Hamiltonian in quantum field theory
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:1,  80–85
V. S. Pekar
Perturbation theory for one-dimensional Schrodinger equations that can be used in a region where the wave function is small
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:3,  440–444
V. N. Pervushin
Eikonal representation for the amplitudes of scattering of Dirac particles by an arbitrary potential
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:2,  264–272
Kh. D. Popov, see A. N. Kvinikhidze
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:2,  190–202
E. V. Prokhvatilov
Parametrization of vertex functions in a Rarita–Schwinger basis
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:1,  65–79
Yu. B. Rumer, A. I. Fet
The group Spin(4) the Mendeleev system
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:2,  203–210
V. I. Savrin, N. E. Tyurin, O. A. Khrustalev
Electromagnetic corrections to the total cross sections for the interaction of hadrons
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:1,  60–64
Yu. M. Shirokov
Conditions of consistency, completeness, and relativistic invariance of the algebra of equal-time commutators
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:3,  333–342
I. V. Stasyuk
Proton-phonon interaction in ferroelectrics with hydrogen bonds (strong coupling approximation)
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:3,  431–439
B. A. Storonkin, see F. M. Kuni
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:1,  124–136
D. Ts. Stoyanov, see A. N. Kvinikhidze
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:2,  190–202
V. N. Sushko, see I. V. Volovich
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:2,  211–231
A. V. Svidzinskii
Functional integration method in the theory of superconductivity
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:2,  273–290
A. N. Tavkhelidze, see V. A. Matveev
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:1,  44–59
A. N. Tavkhelidze, see A. N. Kvinikhidze
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:2,  190–202
G. A. Tavluev, see V. P. Pavlov
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:1,  80–85
V. S. Tumanov
Magnetic moment of a particle with arbitrary spin
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:3,  388–397
N. E. Tyurin, see V. I. Savrin
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:1,  60–64
G. M. Vagradov, B. N. Kalinkin
On the average field for quasiparticles in nuclei
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:2,  240–251
I. V. Volovich, V. N. Sushko
Constructive field theory: Thirring model interaction $(\widetilde\psi\gamma^{\mu}\widetilde\psi)_2^2$. I. Local field
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:2,  211–231
G. F. Voznesenskii
On the solution of the chain of equations for an ideal gas
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:3,  418–430
Ya. M. Yakymiv
Asymptotic fields for approximated renormalized two-dimensional Yukawa model
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:3,  323–332
L. G. Zastavenko
Regularization of the equations of the quantum theory for a scalar neutral field with selfinteraction in the case of two spatial degrees of freedom
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:3,  355–364
V. V. Zharinov
Integral representation of Wightman functions in two-dimensional space-time
TMF, 1971, Volume 9:2,  232–239
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