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Author Index, 1972, Volume 11

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A. L. Alimov
On the relationship between functional integrals and differential equations
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:2,  182–189
A. A. Arkhipov
Estimate of the quasipotential phase shift
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:3,  337–343
D. I. Blokhintsev
Stochastic spaces
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:1,  3–8
G. Yu. Bogoslovskii
On the integration of infinitesimal transformations of the relativistic quasiexchange group
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:2,  206–212
N. V. Borisov
Topological properties of the commutant of a field algebra representation
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:1,  19–22
N. V. Borisov, A. N. Vasil'ev
Selfadjointness of some representations of field algebra
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:1,  9–18
M. A. Braun, A. G. Izergin, M. I. Eides
Multichannel interaction of particles with identical quantum numbers and conditions for particles to be composite
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:1,  44–55
A. Z. Devdariani
Transitions of electrons from a bound state into the continuous spectrum. Quadratic approximation in a model of a short-range potential
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:2,  213–225
M. I. Eides, see M. A. Braun
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:1,  44–55
V. R. Garsevanishvili, S. V. Goloskokov, V. A. Matveev, L. A. Slepchenko
Investigation of spin effects at high energy in the quasipotential approach
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:1,  37–43
A. M. Gavrilik
Clebsch–Gordan coefficients for $SL(2,C)$
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:1,  56–68
S. V. Goloskokov, see V. R. Garsevanishvili
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:1,  37–43
G. E. Gurgenishvili, G. A. Kharadze
Application of the path-integration method to the $s-d$ model of a metal with magnetic impurity
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:1,  93–101
S. S. Ivanov, A. L. Rebenko
Convergence of perturbation series in field theory models containing fermions
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:2,  190–202
A. G. Izergin, see M. A. Braun
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:1,  44–55
V. P. Kalashnikov
Response of a nonequilibrium system to a thermal perturbation
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:1,  117–126
S. V. Karyagin
Transition to a boundary-value problem in the Ising model
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:3,  413–420
G. A. Kharadze, see G. E. Gurgenishvili
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:1,  93–101
D. I. Khomskii
Energy spectrum of a disordered linear chain
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:1,  130–133
A. D. Khon'kin, see D. N. Zubarev
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:3,  403–412
O. A. Khrustalev, see E. P. Solodovnikova
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:3,  317–330
M. S. Kil'dyushov
Matrix elements of class I irreducible representations of the group $SO(n)$
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:3,  288–292
D. A. Kirzhnits, G. Yu. Kryuchkov
On the “false” pole of the photon Green's function
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:2,  152–161
G. Yu. Kryuchkov, see D. A. Kirzhnits
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:2,  152–161
O. V. Kudrevatova
Multiphoton ionization of a molecule calculated by means of a nonorthogonal system of wave functions
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:3,  377–384
A. N. Kvinikhidze, D. Ts. Stoyanov
Relativistic three-body problem in three-dimensional variables
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:1,  23–36
I. V. Lebedev
Bound electron in a strong light field
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:2,  226–235
I. M. Lizin, L. A. Shelepin
Matrix elements of irreducible representations of the de Sitter group
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:1,  69–77
A. A. Logunov, M. A. Mestvirishvili
Lower bound for the decrease of the differential cross section of an inclusive process at high energies
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:2,  203–205
V. I. Lymar', Yu. G. Rudoi
Energy spectrum and damping of spin waves in a ferromagnet with uniaxial anisotropy
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:1,  102–116
V. A. Matveev, see V. R. Garsevanishvili
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:1,  37–43
M. A. Mestvirishvili, see A. A. Logunov
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:2,  203–205
I. A. Misurkin, A. A. Ovchinnikov
Analytic properties of the ground-state energy in the one-dimensional Hubbard model
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:1,  127–129
Nguyen Van Hieu
Essen tially nonlinear scalar fields and the geometry of space-time
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:3,  293–300
A. A. Ovchinnikov, see I. A. Misurkin
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:1,  127–129
A. A. Ovchinnikov
Localized vibrational excitations in a system of nonlinear oscillators
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:3,  366–376
L. A. Pal'tsev
Kinetic equations for moderately dense polyatomic gases
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:2,  259–270
S. A. Pirogov
States associated with the two-dimensional Ising model
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:3,  421–426
V. N. Popov
Hydrodynamic Hamiltonian for a nonideal Bose gas
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:2,  236–247
V. N. Popov
On the theory of the superfluidity of two- and one-dimensional bose systems
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:3,  354–365
A. L. Rebenko, see S. S. Ivanov
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:2,  190–202
A. L. Rebenko
On equations for the matrix elements of Euclidean quantum electrodynamics
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:3,  301–316
Yu. G. Rudoi, see V. I. Lymar'
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:1,  102–116
L. A. Shelepin, see I. M. Lizin
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:1,  69–77
È. È. Shnol'
On groups that correspond to the simplest problems of classical mechanics
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:3,  344–353
Ya. G. Sinai
Construction of dynamics in one-dimensional systems of statistical mechanics
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:2,  248–258
L. A. Slepchenko, see V. R. Garsevanishvili
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:1,  37–43
E. P. Solodovnikova, A. N. Tavkhelidze, O. A. Khrustalev
Bogolyubov transformation in the strong coupling theory. II
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:3,  317–330
D. Ts. Stoyanov, see A. N. Kvinikhidze
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:1,  23–36
A. N. Tavkhelidze, see E. P. Solodovnikova
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:3,  317–330
Yu. A. Tserkovnikov
Calculation of correlation functions in the ising model with long-range interaction
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:3,  385–402
Yu. S. Tyupkin
Adiabatic definition of the $S$-matrix when infrared divergences are present
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:2,  162–172
A. N. Vasil'ev, see N. V. Borisov
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:1,  9–18
A. N. Vasil'ev
On the anomalous origin of masses. I
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:2,  137–151
D. V. Volkov
Broken chiral symmetries and the holonomy group
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:2,  173–181
M. K. Volkov
Nonpolynomial Lagrangians (higher perturbation orders)
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:3,  273–287
W. F. Wrezinski
Note on the construction of the Bogolyubov scattering operator in the $({:}\varphi^4{:})_2$ theory
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:3,  331–336
D. R. Yafaev
Trace formulas for charged particles in nonrelativistic quantum mechanics
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:1,  78–92
D. N. Zubarev, A. D. Khon'kin
Method of construction of normal solutions of kinetic equations by means of boundary conditions
TMF, 1972, Volume 11:3,  403–412
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