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Author Index, 1975, Volume 22

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F. Kh. Abdullaev, A. Yu. Yumatov
$N\theta$ sector of the Lee model with form factor belonging to the class of entire functions
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:2,  231–235
D. I. Abramov, I. V. Komarov
Phase-shift method for scattering on potentials that allow separation of variables in spheroidal coordinates
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:2,  253–259
M. N. Adamyan
On perturbations of the potential in the radial Dirac equation leading to multiplication of the spectral density by a polynomial
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:2,  236–243
V. A. Andreev
Breaking of dynamical symmetries and phase shift
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:2,  223–230
M. I. Auslender, V. P. Kalashnikov
Generating functionals in the nonequilibrium statistical mechanics of a nonideal Fermi gas
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:1,  46–63
A. G. Basuev
Convergence of the perturbation series for the Yukawa interaction
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:2,  203–212
I. G. Brankov, V. A. Zagrebnov, N. S. Tonchev
Asymptotically exact solution of the generalized Dicke model
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:1,  20–30
A. V. Chalyi, see V. M. Sysoev
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:1,  135–142
L. M. Chernenko, see V. M. Sysoev
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:1,  135–142
N. A. Denisova, V. L. Kon'kov
Wigner's quantum distribution function in cylindrical coordinates
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:1,  64–71
L. S. Dul'yan, R. N. Faustov
Modified Dirac equation in quantum field theory
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:3,  314–322
G. V. Efimov, Kh. Namsrai
Construction of nonlocal quantum electrodynamics of particles with spin 0 and 1
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:2,  186–202
L. D. Faddeev, see L. A. Takhtadzhyan
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:1,  143
I. I. Fal'ko, see M. M. Gvozdikov
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:2,  269–277
R. N. Faustov, see L. S. Dul'yan
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:3,  314–322
A. I. Fet
Conformal symmetry of the chemical elements
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:3,  323–334
V. P. Galaiko
Relaxation of electrons on impurities in super conductors
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:3,  375–390
I. G. Gochev
Bound magnon-exciton states
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:3,  412–417
M. M. Gvozdikov, I. I. Fal'ko
Energy spectrum of superconductors with defects having spherical and cylindrical symmetry of their interaction potential with conduction electrons
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:2,  269–277
V. P. Kalashnikov, see M. I. Auslender
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:1,  46–63
A. K. Kazanskii
Relativistic variant of Bogolyubov's $1/q^2$ theorem
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:3,  418–421
S. V. Khristenko
Sturm expansions of the Green's functions for very simple systems
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:1,  31–45
V. V. Khrushchev
Central extensions of the Poincaré group
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:3,  422–424
G. V. Klimachev
Phase transitions in systems with long-range potential
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:3,  343–350
I. V. Komarov, see D. I. Abramov
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:2,  253–259
P. S. Kondratenko
On the “even” mechanism of superfluidity in bose systems
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:2,  278–287
V. L. Kon'kov, see N. A. Denisova
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:1,  64–71
S. S. Krotov
Statistical $T$ matrices in the theory of fermi systems with magnetic impurity
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:3,  391–405
S. I. Kubarev
Random field method in statistical mechanics
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:1,  72–84
G. Kyrchev, V. G. Solov'ev
Approximate solution of the equations of a model for describing highly excited states of even-even deformed nuclei
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:2,  244–252
D. G. Martirosyan
Uniqueness of Gibbs limit distributions for the perturbed Ising model
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:3,  335–342
G. A. Martynov
Transformation of the Bogolyubov equations to an exact closed system of equations for the unary and binary distribution functions. I. Short-range potential
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:1,  85–96
G. A. Martynov
Transformation of the Bogolyubov equations to an exact closed system of equations for the unary and binary distribution functions
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:2,  260–268
V. A. Matveev, see È. Wieczorek
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:1,  3–19
V. V. Mazepus
Collective excitations of finite fermi systems in the region of a phase transition
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:3,  406–411
Kh. Namsrai, see G. V. Efimov
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:2,  186–202
M. Ya. Ovchinnikova
Integral representation of the classical $S$ matrix and construction of new uniform approximations
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:3,  364–374
V. N. Pervushin
Quantization of chiral theories
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:3,  291–299
A. K. Pogrebkov, V. N. Sushko
Hamiltonian theory of the interaction of a massive vector field with a massless fermion field in two-dimensional spacetime: The $(\tilde\Psi\gamma^{\mu}\Psi B_{\mu})_2$ interaction
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:2,  159–176
Kh. D. Popov, D. Ts. Stoyanov, A. N. Tavkhelidze
Selection rules for dual resonance states
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:2,  147–158
D. Robaschik, see È. Wieczorek
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:1,  3–19
V. A. Savchenko
Statistical derivation of equations of multifluid hydrodynamics
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:1,  124–134
A. A. Serikov
Relaxation of exciton excitations of a crystal on vibrations of molecules
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:1,  109–123
N. B. Skachkov
Relativistic one-boson exchange amplitudes as potentials of quantum mechanics in Lobachevskii space
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:2,  213–222
A. A. Slavnov
Functional integral in perturbation theory
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:2,  177–185
D. A. Slavnov
Limit transition with respect to the imaginary additional mass in Feynman amplitudes
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:3,  307–313
V. G. Solov'ev, see G. Kyrchev
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:2,  244–252
A. V. Stepanov
On the coefficient of absorption of ultracold neutrons in a medium bounded by a rough surface
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:3,  425–430
D. Ts. Stoyanov, see Kh. D. Popov
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:2,  147–158
V. N. Sushko, see A. K. Pogrebkov
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:2,  159–176
I. R. Svin'in
Quantum-mechanical description of friction
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:1,  97–108
V. M. Sysoev, A. V. Chalyi, L. M. Chernenko
Binary correlation function of a nonisotropic liquid near the critical point in Percus–Yevick theory
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:1,  135–142
L. A. Takhtadzhyan, L. D. Faddeev
Essentially nonlinear one-dimensional model of classical field theory (Addendum)
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:1,  143
A. N. Tavkhelidze, see È. Wieczorek
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:1,  3–19
A. N. Tavkhelidze, see Kh. D. Popov
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:2,  147–158
N. S. Tonchev, see I. G. Brankov
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:1,  20–30
V. D. Tsukanov
Kinetic equations for electron-impurity systems in the presence of bound states of electrons in impurities
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:3,  351–363
N. I. Usyukina
On a representation for the three-point function
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:3,  300–306
È. Wieczorek, V. A. Matveev, D. Robaschik, A. N. Tavkhelidze
Scaling solutions for matrix elements of currents in conformally invariant theories
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:1,  3–19
A. Yu. Yumatov, see F. Kh. Abdullaev
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:2,  231–235
V. A. Zagrebnov, see I. G. Brankov
TMF, 1975, Volume 22:1,  20–30
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