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Author Index, 1975, Volume 23

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A. I. Akhiezer, V. F. Boldyshev, N. F. Shul'ga
Theory of elastic scattering of fast particles in the quasiclassical approximation
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:1,  11–21
A. A. Arsen'ev
Note on estimating the width of lower energy bands in a periodic potential
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  418–420
E. B. Bal'butsev
Mofification of the reference-spectrum method for solving the Bethe–Goldstone equation in finite nuclei
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  395–398
B. M. Barbashov, V. V. Nesterenko
Eikonal approximation for high-energy inclusive processes
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:1,  22–31
N. N. Beloozerov
Solution of the three-body problem at zero energy by the boundary condition method
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:1,  78–93
A. V. Bogdanov, G. V. Dubrovskiy
Closed equation for one-particle Green's functions in the eikonal approximation
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:1,  94–103
V. F. Boldyshev, see A. I. Akhiezer
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:1,  11–21
Yu. A. Brychkov
Asymptotic expansions of generalized functions. III
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:2,  191–198
I. L. Buchbinder, A. R. Kessel, T. N. Khazanovich
Statistical derivation of a kinetic equation for a subsystem in a “viscous medium”
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:1,  121–131
N. A. Chernikov, see A. B. Pestov
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  331–334
V. M. Chetverikov
Asymptotic behavior of the thermal vibrations of a deformed crystal lattice
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  383–394
F. I. Dalidchik
Particle in the total field of fixed centers
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  427–430
F. Denau, see R. V. Jolos
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  374–382
G. V. Dubrovskiy, see A. V. Bogdanov
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:1,  94–103
V. Z. Ènol'skii
Topological properties of Landau curves in connection with Mandelstam's conjecture
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  335–347
R. N. Faustov, see V. R. Garsevanishvili
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  310–321
V. P. Galaiko
Kinetic equations for relaxation processes in superconducting alloys
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:1,  111–120
T. Garaval'ya, D. Gomatam
Schrödinger equation in helical coordinates
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:1,  69–77
V. R. Garsevanishvili, A. N. Kvinikhidze, V. A. Matveev, A. N. Tavkhelidze, R. N. Faustov
Theory of form-factors of composite particles is developed on the basis of relativistically covariant quasipotential equations
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  310–321
V. Ya. Golodets
Local perturbations of the dynamics of of infinite systems
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  300–309
D. Gomatam, see T. Garaval'ya
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:1,  69–77
S. A. Gredeskul, L. A. Pastur
Behavior of the density of states in one-dimensional disordered systems near the edges of the spectrum
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:1,  132–139
S. S. Horuzhy
Superposition principle in Algebraic quantum theory
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:2,  147–159
A. R. Its, V. B. Matveev
Schrödinger operators with finite-gap spectrum and $N$-soliton solutions of the Korteweg–de Vries equation
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:1,  51–68
S. S. Ivanov, D. Ya. Petrina, A. L. Rebenko
$S$ matrix in constructive quantum field theory
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:2,  160–177
R. V. Jolos, F. Denau, D. Yansen
Construction of a collective Hamiltonian in a microscopic model of a nucleus. II
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  374–382
A. A. Kazakov
Perturbation theory for the Green's functions of the Heisenberg model with single-ion anisotropy
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:2,  281–288
R. R. Kessel, see I. L. Buchbinder
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:1,  121–131
T. N. Khazanovich, see I. L. Buchbinder
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:1,  121–131
A. A. Khelashvili, V. Yu. Khmaladze
Investigation of nonanalyticity in the limit of chiral symmetry in the $SU_3$ sigmal model
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  421–426
I. V. Khimich, see G. D. Romanko
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:2,  199–213
V. Yu. Khmaladze, see A. A. Khelashvili
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  421–426
A. N. Kvinikhidze, see V. R. Garsevanishvili
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  310–321
R. R. Loide
Foldy-Wouthuysen transformation for equations connected to the de Sitter group
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:1,  42–50
V. A. Matveev, see V. R. Garsevanishvili
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  310–321
V. B. Matveev, see A. R. Its
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:1,  51–68
S. Shch. Mavrodiev, N. B. Skachkov
Unitary representations of the Lorentz group and description of particles with spin in the quasipotential approach
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:1,  32–41
S. Yu. Medvedev
Asymptotic equality of differential cross sections in difference form
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:1,  140–143
V. A. Moskalenko, see M. I. Vladimir
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:1,  104–110
V. V. Nesterenko, see B. M. Barbashov
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:1,  22–31
V. I. Ogievetskii, E. Sokatchev
Primitive representations of the $SL(3, R)$ algebra
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:2,  214–220
I. I. Ol'khovskii
Method of solving the BBGKY equations for a Van Der Waals crystal
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  399–408
V. D. Ozrin
High-frequency behavior of the dynamical susceptibilities of an electron gas
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:2,  253–259
L. A. Pastur, see S. A. Gredeskul
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:1,  132–139
A. B. Pestov, N. A. Chernikov, N. S. Shavokhina
Conformal angular momentum of the electromagnetic field
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  331–334
D. Ya. Petrina, see S. S. Ivanov
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:2,  160–177
A. V. Prozorkevich, S. A. Smolyanskii
Derivation of relativistic transport equations of a plasma in a strong electromagnetic field
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  409–417
R. A. Radzhabov
Extension of Mayer's theorems to gases with many-particle forces
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:2,  244–252
R. A. Radzhabov, see A. N. Vasil'ev
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  366–373
A. L. Rebenko, see S. S. Ivanov
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:2,  160–177
G. D. Romanko, I. V. Khimich
Fourier transformation of a class of hyperfunctions and formulation of the condition of local commutativity in the framework of localizable quantum field theory in terms of hyperfunctions
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:2,  199–213
V. V. Ryazanov
Application of the theory of random processes in statistical physics
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:2,  238–243
A. D. Sakharov
Spectral density of eigenvalues of the wave equation and vacuum polarization
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:2,  178–190
V. I. Savrin, N. E. Tyurin
Analytic properties of the $U$ matrix
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  348–354
N. S. Shavokhina, see A. B. Pestov
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  331–334
N. F. Shul'ga, see A. I. Akhiezer
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:1,  11–21
N. B. Skachkov, see S. Shch. Mavrodiev
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:1,  32–41
A. A. Slavnov
Renormalization of supersymmetric quantum electrodynamics
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:1,  3–10
D. A. Slavnov
Operator realization of generalized Pauli-Villars regularization
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  322–330
S. A. Smolyanskii, see A. V. Prozorkevich
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  409–417
E. Sokatchev, see V. I. Ogievetskii
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:2,  214–220
S. N. Sokolov
Separability and invariance in nonrelativstic and relativistic quantum mechanics
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  355–365
B. A. Storonkin
Asymptotic behavior of equal-time correlation functions in classical systems
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:2,  273–280
A. N. Tavkhelidze, see V. R. Garsevanishvili
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  310–321
Yu. A. Tserkovnikov
Calculation of correlation functions in the case of degeneracy of the state of statistical equilibrium
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:2,  221–237
N. E. Tyurin, see V. I. Savrin
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  348–354
I. A. Vakarchuk
Density matrices of a many-Boson system at low temperatures
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:2,  260–272
A. N. Vasil'ev, R. A. Radzhabov
Analysis of the nonstar graphs of the Legendre transform in the ising model
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  366–373
M. I. Vladimir, V. A. Moskalenko
Thermal conductivity of two-band superconductors
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:1,  104–110
D. Yansen, see R. V. Jolos
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  374–382
O. I. Zavialov
Parametric representations of Feynman graphs
TMF, 1975, Volume 23:3,  291–299
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