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Author Index, 1978, Volume 36

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I. V. Amirkhanov, G. V. Grusha, R. M. Mir-Kassimov
Variable phase method for quasipotential equation in terms of rapidities
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:1,  42–52
V. A. Andreev
On the connection between “pseudopotentials” and the inverse scattering problem method
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:3,  335–344
I. Ya. Aref'eva
Wilson expansion for chiral field
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:1,  24–31
I. Ya. Aref'eva
Diagram technique for the low-temperature phase in the chiral field model
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:2,  159–165
Yu. N. Barabanenkov, V. D. Ozrin
Master kinetic equation for a particle in the field of randomly varying scatterers
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:2,  240–251
L. D. Blokhintsev, Yu. A. Simonov
Singularities of the partial-wave amplitudes in the three-body problem
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:1,  64–73
V. D. Bondarev, S. A. Vladimirov
Spinor equation admitting an infinite group
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:1,  141–143
V. M. Chetverikov, see Vo Khan' Fuk
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:3,  345–351
K. Yu. Dadashyan, S. S. Horuzhy
Algebras of observables of the free Dirac field
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:2,  166–182
D. Ebert, see V. N. Pervushin
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:3,  313–323
V. M. Fomin, see E. P. Pokatilov
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:2,  252–263
A. N. Gordeyev
Description of the electromagnetic interaction of relativistic particles by means of a universal laboratory time
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:1,  53–63
O. A. Grechannyi
Stochastic approach and functional models in the kinetic theory of gases
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:2,  224–239
G. V. Grusha, see I. V. Amirkhanov
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:1,  42–52
S. S. Horuzhy, see K. Yu. Dadashyan
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:2,  166–182
V. A. Il'in, D. A. Slavnov
Algebras of observables in the $S$-matrix approach
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:1,  32–41
G. I. Kalmykov
Thermodynamic limit for a classical system of particles with hard cores
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:1,  89–98
V. P. Karassiov, L. A. Shelepin
Construction of the Wigner–Racah algebra of the group $SU_3$
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:2,  279–288
A. K. Kazanskii
Model of the passing of the $s$-term through the parabolic boundary of the continuum
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:3,  414–425
A. A. Khelashvili
Invariant properties of weak interactions and the Cabibbo angle in chiral dynamics
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:3,  324–334
Yu. V. Kresin, V. I. Strazhev
Two-potential description of the electromagnetic field
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:3,  426–429
V. K. Krivoshchekov
Invariant regularization for supersymmetric gauge theories
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:3,  291–302
A. L. Kuzemsky
Self-consistent theory of electron correlation in the Hubbard model
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:2,  208–223
A. A. Logunov, M. A. Mestvirishvili, G. L. Rcheulishvili, A. P. Samokhin
Can the weak interaction become strong ?
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:2,  147–158
M. A. Mestvirishvili, see A. A. Logunov
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:2,  147–158
R. M.-A. Mir-Kassimov, see I. V. Amirkhanov
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:1,  42–52
V. G. Morozov, A. N. Mukhai
Hydrodynamic spectrum of an antiferromagnet at low temperatures
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:1,  99–114
A. N. Mukhai, see V. G. Morozov
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:1,  99–114
V. D. Ozrin, see Yu. N. Barabanenkov
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:2,  240–251
L. A. Pastur, see V. A. Zagrebnov
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:3,  352–372
V. N. Pervushin, D. Ebert
Spectrum of diquarks in two-dimensional chromodynamics
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:3,  313–323
E. P. Pokatilov, V. M. Fomin
Complete nonstationary density matrix of electron-phonon system in the functional integration representation
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:2,  252–263
V. B. Priezzhev
Model of monomers and dimers with interaction
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:1,  115–121
G. L. Rcheulishvili, see A. A. Logunov
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:2,  147–158
A. P. Samokhin, see A. A. Logunov
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:2,  147–158
O. Ya. Savchenko
Estimates of the eigenvalues of the Schrödinger equation for a system of interacting particles. II
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:1,  136–140
L. A. Shelepin, see V. P. Karassiov
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:2,  279–288
Yu. G. Shondin
Fourier expansion associated with the Lorentz group in the space of functions with support outisde the light cone
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:3,  303–312
Yu. A. Simonov, see L. D. Blokhintsev
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:1,  64–73
D. A. Slavnov, see V. A. Il'in
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:1,  32–41
V. A. Smirnov
Singularities of Feynman diagrams in the coordinate space
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:2,  183–192
S. N. Sokolov
Relativistic addition of direct interactions in the point form of dynamics
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:2,  193–207
L. D. Solov'ev, Yu. Ya. Yushin
Investigation of infrared singularities in quantum electrodynamics by means of Feynman diagrams
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:1,  3–23
R. L. Stratonovich
Derivation of irreversibility of thermodynamic processes from microscopic reversibility
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:1,  74–88
V. I. Strazhev, see Yu. V. Kresin
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:3,  426–429
Yu. N. Tyukhtyaev
Allowance for the effects of bound states in positronium
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:2,  264–270
I. A. Vakarchuk
Microscopic theory of the $\lambda$-transition in liquid $\mathrm{He}^4$. I
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:1,  122–135
M. V. Vavrukh
Partition function of the hydrogen system in the metallic state
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:3,  400–413
A. A. Vladimirov
Methods of calculating many-loop diagrams and renormalization-group analysis of the $\varphi^4$ theory
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:2,  271–278
S. A. Vladimirov, see V. D. Bondarev
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:1,  141–143
Vo Khan' Fuk, V. M. Chetverikov
Generalized solitons of the Schrödinger equation with unitary nonlinearity
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:3,  345–351
I. R. Yukhnovskii
Partition function of the three-dimensional Ising model
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:3,  373–399
Yu. Ya. Yushin, see L. D. Solov'ev
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:1,  3–23
V. A. Zagrebnov, L. A. Pastur
Singular interaction potentials in classical statistical mechanics
TMF, 1978, Volume 36:3,  352–372
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