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Author Index, 1978, Volume 37

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A. O. Barvinsky, V. N. Ponomarev
Global effects of the production of scalar matter in quantum cosmology
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:2,  224–236
A. G. Basuev
Theorem on the minimal specific energy for classical systems
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:1,  130–134
G. I. Bigun
On the method of collective variables in the statistical theory of fermi systems of charged particles
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:1,  118–129
D. I. Blokhintsev
Quarks in quantized space
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:2,  147–153
N. N. Bogolyubov (Jr.), D. Ya. Petrina
On a class of model systems that admit a lowering of powers in the Hamiltonian in the thermodynamic limit. II
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:2,  246–257
P. A. Braun
WKB method for three-term recursion relations and quasienergies of an anharmonic oscillator
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:3,  355–370
I. D. Chueshov
Probability structure of a class of equations for the $S$-matrix in boson theory
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:1,  30–39
I. D. Chueshov
Stability of regularizations of the Schrödinger operator with singular repulsive potential
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:2,  237–242
K. Yu. Dadashyan, S. S. Horuzhy
Simplicity of the quasilocal algebra of the system of canonical anticommutation relations with compact gauge group
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:1,  3–11
F. M. Dittes, Yu. A. Kubyshin, O. V. Tarasov
Four-loop approximation in the $\varphi^4$ model
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:1,  66–73
A. N. Ermilov, A. M. Kurbatov
Approximation of the Hamiltonian for $(V,\mathscr N)$-systems
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:2,  258–264
V. A. Fedorin
On narrow-gap electron spectra of semiconductors two-band model with electron-phonon interaction
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:2,  265–273
V. K. Fedyanin, L. V. Yakushevich
Elementary excitations in one-dimensional systems with resonance interaction
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:3,  371–381
N. E. Firsova
Some spectral identities for the one-dimensional hill operator
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:2,  281–288
I. V. Frolov, see V. N. Romanov
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:3,  305–318
V. M. Frolov, see A. A. Grib
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:2,  212–223
V. M. Frolov, see A. A. Grib
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:3,  347–354
A. A. Grib, V. M. Mostepanenko, V. M. Frolov
Spontaneous breaking of $CP$-symmetry in a nonstationary isotropic metric
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:2,  212–223
A. A. Grib, V. M. Mostepanenko, V. M. Frolov
Breaking of conformal symmetry and quantization in curved spacetime
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:3,  347–354
S. S. Horuzhy, see K. Yu. Dadashyan
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:1,  3–11
S. B. Il'in, É. A. Tagirov
Equation of motion of a point source of a scalar field in the general theory of relativity
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:1,  74–83
V. P. Kalashnikov, N. V. Kozhevnikov
Dynamical behavior of two-component spin systems in an alternating magnetic field
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:3,  402–415
A. K. Kazanskii
Born method in the problem of entry of a term into the continuum through a sloping boundary
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:1,  84–101
K. G. Klimenko
Renormalization group and the ladder approximation in field theory
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:3,  416–422
A. S. Kovalev
Frequence spectrum of monochromatic vibrations of a one-dimensional nonlinear chain of finite length
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:1,  135–144
N. V. Kozhevnikov, see V. P. Kalashnikov
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:3,  402–415
N. V. Krasnikov, V. A. Rubakov, V. F. Tokarev
Dynamical spontaneous symmetry breaking
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:3,  319–325
Yu. A. Kubyshin, see F. M. Dittes
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:1,  66–73
A. M. Kurbatov, see A. N. Ermilov
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:2,  258–264
O. V. Meunargiya
Construction of an effective solution of the problem of linear conjugation for several unknown functions
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:3,  423–426
V. F. Molchanov
Reduction of representations of the complementary series of the $2+3$ de Sitter group with respect to the Lorentz group
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:2,  274–280
V. M. Mostepanenko, see A. A. Grib
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:2,  212–223
V. M. Mostepanenko, see A. A. Grib
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:3,  347–354
V. A. Onischuk, see A. A. Ovchinnikov
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:3,  382–389
A. A. Ovchinnikov, V. A. Onischuk
Homeopolar excitations in a one-dimensional system of spinless fermions with nonlocal interaction
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:3,  382–389
V. P. Pavlov
Theory of generalized retarded operators
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:2,  154–170
D. Ya. Petrina, see N. N. Bogolyubov (Jr.)
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:2,  246–257
L. A. Pokrovskii
Nonequilibrium statistical operator method in the theory of a single-mode laser based on two-level atoms
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:1,  102–117
V. N. Ponomarev, see A. O. Barvinsky
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:2,  224–236
V. N. Romanov, I. V. Frolov, A. S. Schwarz
Spherically symmetric solitons
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:3,  305–318
V. A. Rubakov, see N. V. Krasnikov
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:3,  319–325
A. S. Schwarz, see V. N. Romanov
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:3,  305–318
A. N. Shatnii, see S. N. Sokolov
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:3,  291–304
S. B. Shlosman
Decrease of correlations in two-dimensional models with continuous symmetry group
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:3,  427–430
Yu. G. Shondin
Asymptotic expansion of the commutator of heisenberg fields with respect to finite-dimensional irreducible representations of the Lorentz group
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:1,  58–65
S. N. Sokolov, A. N. Shatnii
Physical equivalence of the three forms of relativistic dynamics and addition of interactions in the front and instant forms
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:3,  291–304
V. N. Sushko
Fermionization of the $(\sin\varphi)_2$ interaction in a box
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:2,  171–202
É. A. Tagirov, see S. B. Il'in
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:1,  74–83
O. V. Tarasov, see F. M. Dittes
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:1,  66–73
O. D. Timofeevskaya
Allowance for relative group motion in charged scalar theory with two sources
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:2,  203–211
O. D. Timofeevskaya
Quantization in the neighborhood of a classical solution in a nonlinear $O(3)$-invariant theory
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:3,  326–335
V. F. Tokarev, see N. V. Krasnikov
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:3,  319–325
G. K. Tolokonnikov
Hamiltonian algebras
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:3,  336–346
V. E. Troitsky
A method of finding the jost matrix
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:2,  243–245
N. I. Usyukina
Deep inelastic asymptotics of the Mandelstam graph
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:1,  40–47
D. R. Yafaev
Theory of multichannel scattering in two spaces
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:1,  48–57
L. V. Yakushevich, see V. K. Fedyanin
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:3,  371–381
V. I. Yukalov
Bose condensation into a state with finite momentum
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:3,  390–401
V. V. Zharinov
Laplace transformation of Fourier hyperfunctions and related classes of analytic functionals. II
TMF, 1978, Volume 37:1,  12–29
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