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Author Index, 1981, Volume 49

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N. S. Ananikyan, G. K. Savvidi
Generalized effective potential in nonlinear theories of fourth order
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:1,  26–35
A. A. Arkhipov, V. I. Savrin
Unitarity bound for three-particle scattering amplitude
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:1,  3–25
A. A. Arkhipov
Effect of three-particle forces in scattering by deuterons
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:3,  320–329
R. Z. Bariev
Two-dimensional ice-type vertex model with two types of staggered sites
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:2,  261–272
A. G. Bashkirov
Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics of heterogeneous systems. III. Brownian motion of a large particle in an inhomogeneous fluid
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:1,  140–144
V. V. Bazhanov, A. P. Isaev
Equations for path mean values in non-Abelian gauge theory
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:3,  307–319
V. P. Belavkin, V. P. Maslov, S. È. Tariverdiev
Asymptotic dynamics of a system of a large number of particles described by the Kolmogorov–Feller equations
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:3,  298–306
M. Bordag, D. Robaschik
Altarelli–Parisi equations as renormalization-group equations for the coefficients of nonlocal expansion on the light cone
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:3,  330–343
V. G. Budanov
Particle in a self-consistent field some exact solutions
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:2,  198–209
S. A. Bulgadaev
Phase transitions in gases with generalized charges interacting through a logarithmic law I. $d=2$, Isotropic case
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:1,  77–91
A. A. Demidenko, È. G. Petrov
Kinetics of relaxation transitions between multilevel quantum states
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:1,  122–130
A. N. Ermilov, A. N. Kireev, A. M. Kurbatov
Investigation of models of spin glass with arbitrary distributions of the coupling constants
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:3,  344–352
V. M. Fomin
Functional integrals in problems involving the kinetics of electrons in a strong field
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:1,  102–116
N. A. Gromov
Casimir operators of groups of motions of spaces of constant curvature
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:2,  210–218
A. P. Isaev, see V. V. Bazhanov
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:3,  307–319
V. P. Kalashnikov, see A. B. Zolotovitskii
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:2,  273–282
A. D. Kaminker, D. G. Yakovlev
Description of a relativistic electron in a quantizing magnetic field. Transverse transport coefficients of an electron gas
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:2,  248–260
A. A. Kazakov
Parametric Green's functions in the theory of magnetization of uniaxial two-sublattice magnetic crystals
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:3,  353–356
S. M. Kharchev, see S. A. Reshetnyak
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:1,  131–139
A. N. Kireev, see A. N. Ermilov
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:3,  344–352
A. v. Konarev, see S. A. Vladimirov
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:2,  190–197
A. M. Kurbatov, see A. N. Ermilov
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:3,  344–352
È. A. Manykin, M. I. Ozhovan, P. P. Poluèktov
Theory of bound states of charged particles in resonance media
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:2,  283–288
V. P. Maslov, see V. P. Belavkin
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:3,  298–306
K. S. Matviichuk
Conditions of existence and stability of a solution of singular Kirkwood–Salsburg equations. Parts I and II
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:1,  63–76
M. I. Ojovan, see È. A. Manykin
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:2,  283–288
Yu. G. Pavlenko
Covariant perturbation theory in classical electrodynamics
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:1,  92–101
È. G. Petrov, see A. A. Demidenko
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:1,  122–130
P. P. Poluèktov, see È. A. Manykin
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:2,  283–288
O. Sh. Rasizade
Bifurcations and “catastrophes” in the Higgs model with external sources
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:1,  36–47
A. V. Razumov, V. O. Soloviev, A. Yu. Taranov
Quadratic Hamiltonians and relativistic quantum mechanics: A charged scalar particle in a Coulomb field
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:1,  48–62
A. V. Razumov
Quantization of a relativistic string
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:2,  164–177
S. A. Reshetnyak, S. M. Kharchev, L. A. Shelepin
Asymptotic methods in the theory of linear kinetic equations
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:1,  131–139
D. Robaschik, see M. Bordag
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:3,  330–343
Yu. K. Rudavskii, see I. A. Vakarchuk
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:2,  234–247
V. I. Savrin, see A. A. Arkhipov
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:1,  3–25
G. K. Savvidi, see N. S. Ananikyan
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:1,  26–35
L. A. Shelepin, see S. A. Reshetnyak
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:1,  131–139
D. L. Shepelyanskii
Dynamical stochasticity in nonlinear quantum systems
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:1,  117–121
D. V. Shirkov
Mass dependences in renormalization-group solutions
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:3,  291–297
B. I. Shubov
On the unique solvability of the Cauchy problem for the equations of motion of discrete analogs of multidimensional chiral fields taking values on compact symmetric spaces
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:2,  178–189
V. O. Soloviev, see A. V. Razumov
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:1,  48–62
A. Yu. Taranov, see A. V. Razumov
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:1,  48–62
S. È. Tariverdiev, see V. P. Belavkin
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:3,  298–306
Yu. A. Tserkovnikov
A method of solving infinite systems of equations for two-time thermal Green's functions
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:2,  219–233
I. A. Vakarchuk, Yu. K. Rudavskii
Method of functional integration in the theory of spin systems
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:2,  234–247
S. A. Vladimirov, A. v. Konarev
Equivalence transformations for systems of equations of scalar and spinor fields
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:2,  190–197
D. G. Yakovlev, see A. D. Kaminker
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:2,  248–260
B. I. Zavialov
Jost–Lehmann–Dyson representation in the spaces $S'_\alpha$
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:2,  147–155
Yu. M. Zinoviev
Lattice $\mathbf R$-gauge theories
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:2,  156–163
A. B. Zolotovitskii, V. P. Kalashnikov
Dispersion and damping of the Goldstone mode in a multicomponent magnetic system
TMF, 1981, Volume 49:2,  273–282
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