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Author Index, 1983, Volume 57

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G. T. Adamashvili
Influence of relaxation on self-induced transparency of the extraordinary-wave
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  121–127
L. Ts. Adzhemyan, A. N. Vasil'ev, Yu. M. Pis'mak
Renormalization-group approach in the theory of turbulence: The dimensions of composite operators
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:2,  268–281
V. G. Bakurov
Generating functional of the classical scattering problem in a system with nontrivial dynamics
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  143–147
A. G. Basuev
Gas of “connected configurations” and allowance for the “hard-core” potential of contours in the Mayer expansion of a gas of lattice-model contours
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:3,  338–353
V. V. Borzov
Upper bound for the partition function of $P(\varphi)_2$ Euclidean field theory with Dirichlet boundary conditions
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:3,  373–381
P. N. Brusov, V. N. Popov
Collective excitations in the superfluid $A$ and $B$ phases of $\operatorname{He}^3$ in an electric field
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:2,  249–256
S. Yu. Dobrokhotov, see Yu. M. Vorob'ev
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  63–74
L. L. Enkovskii, B. V. Struminskii
Finite-energy and QCD sum rules
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  41–44
L. D. Faddeev, see V. O. Tarasov
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:2,  163–181
I. A. Filanovskii
Coherent states for $Sp(2,2)$ and geometrized decay model for an unstable system
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  55–62
N. I. Glushko, N. A. Kobylinskii, V. P. Shelest
Continued unitarity and high-energy hadron scattering
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  12–20
S. V. Goloskokov, S. P. Kuleshov, V. G. Teplyakov
Role of spin effects in the growth of the total cross sections of nucleon-nucleon scattering at superhigh energies
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  35–40
N. S. Gonchar
Equations for Bogolyubov's reduced distribution functions and their solution for arbitrary values of the particle density
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  85–96
A. S. Holevo
On measurements of the parameters of a quantum random process
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:3,  424–437
A. I. Ivanov, G. S. Lomakin, O. A. Ponomarev
Spectral representations for the time correlation functions of noninvariant systems in the theory of nonadiabatic transitions
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:3,  448–458
G. G. Ivanov
Symmetries, conservation laws, and exact solutions in nonlinear sigma models
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  45–54
Yu. E. Karpeshina
Spectrum and eigenfunctions of Schrödinger operator with zero-range potential of homogeneous lattice type in three-dimensional space
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:2,  304–313
Yu. E. Karpeshina
Spectrum and eigenfunctions of the Schrödinger operator in three-dimensional space with point potential of the type of a homogeneous two-dimensional lattice
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:3,  414–423
H. M. Khudaverdian, A. S. Schwarz
Normal gauge in supergravity
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:3,  354–362
N. A. Kobylinskii, see N. I. Glushko
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  12–20
D. V. Kreopalov, see M. K. Volkov
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  21–34
Yu. A. Kubyshin
Corrections to the asymptotic expressions for the higher orders of perturbation theory
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:3,  363–372
S. P. Kuleshov, see S. V. Goloskokov
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  35–40
A. A. Leonovich
Solution of the Cauchy problem and the commutator function for a tensor wave equation
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:2,  265–267
G. S. Lomakin, see A. I. Ivanov
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:3,  448–458
M. S. Matveichuk
A theorem about states on quantum logics. States on Jordan algebras
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:3,  465–468
M. B. Menskii
Group-theoretical derivation of path integrals
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:2,  217–231
A. G. Meshkov
Symmetries of scalar fields. II
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:3,  382–391
M. D. Missarov
Spectrum of renormalization group differential
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:3,  406–413
A. Naimzhanov
Hierarchical model of spin glass
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:2,  314–319
Nguyen Din Dang, V. Yu. Ponomarev
Influence of phonon interaction on the ground state of even-even spherical nuclei
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  154–160
Nguyen Van Hieu
Theory of representations of the superalgebra of extended supersymmetry
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:2,  193–202
A. G. Nikitin
Relativistic particle of arbitrary spin in a Coulomb field and the field of a plane electromagnetic wave
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:2,  257–264
M. A. Olshanetsky
Wave functions of quantum integrable systems
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  148–153
V. D. Ozrin
Time asymptotics of the velocity autocorrelation function in the Lorentz model
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:2,  290–303
Yu. M. Pis'mak, see L. Ts. Adzhemyan
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:2,  268–281
M. S. Plyushchai, G. P. Pron'ko, A. V. Razumov
Quantum theory of a fermion string with a finite number of degrees of freedom
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:3,  323–337
O. A. Ponomarev, see A. I. Ivanov
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:3,  448–458
V. Yu. Ponomarev, see Nguyen Din Dang
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  154–160
V. N. Popov, V. S. Yarunin
Coherent dynamics of three coupled oscillators
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  115–120
V. N. Popov, see P. N. Brusov
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:2,  249–256
G. P. Pron'ko
The inverse scattering method for a relativistic string
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:2,  203–216
G. P. Pron'ko, see M. S. Plyushchai
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:3,  323–337
L. D. Pustyl'nikov
On Ulam's problem
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  128–132
A. V. Razumov, A. Yu. Taranov
Quantization of systems with constraints of the first class
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:2,  232–237
A. V. Razumov, see M. S. Plyushchai
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:3,  323–337
A. S. Schwarz, see H. M. Khudaverdian
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:3,  354–362
V. P. Shelest, see N. I. Glushko
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  12–20
V. P. Shelest, see G. M. Zinovjev
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:2,  182–192
A. V. Shurgaya
The method of collective variables in relativistic theory
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:3,  392–405
Ya. G. Sinai
Ground states of antiferromagnetic hierarchical Dyson models
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  97–104
Yu. M. Sinyukov, see G. M. Zinovjev
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:2,  182–192
A. A. Slavnov
Approximate solution of matrix $N\times N$ models at large $N$
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  4–11
V. G. Solov'ev, see V. V. Voronov
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  75–84
V. G. Solov'ev
Inclusion of neutron-proton phonons in the quasiparticle-phonon nuclear model
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:3,  438–447
B. V. Struminskii, see L. L. Enkovskii
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  41–44
A. D. Suprun
Two-soliton excitation in an infinite molecular chain
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:2,  282–289
L. A. Takhtadzhyan, see V. O. Tarasov
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:2,  163–181
A. Yu. Taranov, see A. V. Razumov
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:2,  232–237
V. O. Tarasov, L. A. Takhtadzhyan, L. D. Faddeev
Local Hamiltonians for integrable quantum models on a lattice
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:2,  163–181
V. G. Teplyakov, see S. V. Goloskokov
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  35–40
S. V. Tishchenko
Nonequilibrium statistical thermodynamics and rheology of non-Newtonian fluids II. Rheological models
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  133–142
I. P. Tsaregradskii
Percolation through a finite layer
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  105–114
M. G. Tseitlin
Explicit solutions of $O(3)$ and $O(2,1)$ chiral models and the associated equations of the two-dimensional Toda chain and the Ernst equation when the solutions are parametrized by arbitrary functions
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:2,  238–248
A. N. Vasil'ev, see L. Ts. Adzhemyan
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:2,  268–281
M. K. Volkov, D. V. Kreopalov
Meson Lagrangians of the group $U(3)$ in a model with four-quark interactions
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  21–34
I. V. Volovich
Supersymmetric Yang–Mills theory and the inverse scattering method
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:3,  469–473
Yu. M. Vorob'ev, S. Yu. Dobrokhotov
Quasiclassical asymptotic behaviors for discrete models of electron-phonon interaction: Maslov's method and the adiabatic approximation
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  63–74
V. V. Voronov, V. G. Solov'ev
Basic equations of the quasiparticle-phonon model of the nucleus
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  75–84
V. S. Yarunin, see V. N. Popov
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:1,  115–120
A. Ya. Zaslavskii
On the phase diagram in the Frenkel'–Kontorova model
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:3,  459–464
G. M. Zinovjev, Yu. M. Sinyukov, V. P. Shelest
Relativistic partition function and polarization properties of a Fermi gas
TMF, 1983, Volume 57:2,  182–192
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