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Author Index, 1991, Volume 88

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V. V. Alekseev, M. Kh. Kharrasov
On the sequence of period doubling bifurcations in Rossler models
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  96–103
I. A. Anders, V. P. Kotlyarov
Characterization of the scattering data of the Schrödinger and Dirac operators
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  72–84
N. V. Antonov, A. N. Vasil'ev, A. S. Stepanenko
Scaling function $\tau\to 0$ asymptotics of the correlation function in the $O_n-\varphi^4$ model
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  149–152
P. A. Baikov, V. A. Il'in
Status of $\gamma^5$ in dimensional regularization
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:2,  163–191
G. O. Balabanyan
Construction of equations for classical equilibrium correlation Green's functions on the basis of kinetic equations. I
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:2,  225–246
I. A. Bandos, A. A. Zheltukhin
Covariant quantization of null supermembranes in four-dimensional spacetime
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:3,  358–375
M. B. Belonenko, I. S. Donskaya, A. R. Kessel
Kinetic equations for Ising magnet in a parallel alternating field
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  104–114
V. B. Bobrov
Exact relation for photon distribution function in a medium in the long-wavelength limit
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  141–145
N. N. Bugaenko, A. N. Gorban', I. V. Karlin
Universal expansion of three-particle distribution function
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:3,  430–441
A. V. Byalko
Statistics of coefficients in physical formulas
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  153–160
Yu. V. Chugreev
Causality principle in the relativistic theory of gravitation
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:3,  459–466
A. B. Dobryakov, G. I. Nazin
Solution branches of the discrete stationary Vlasov equation
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:2,  214–224
I. S. Donskaya, see M. B. Belonenko
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  104–114
N. A. Enaki, O. B. Prepelitsa
Collective two-photon processes in the presence of a thermal electromagnetic field
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:3,  416–429
A. E. Filippov, see A. V. Radievsky
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:3,  442–448
A. R. Frenkin, see V. B. Gostev
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  37–45
W. I. Fushchych, see A. G. Nikitin
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:3,  406–415
P. V. Ganelin, V. I. Pupyshev
Analytic properties of solution of electronic Schrödinger equation
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  31–36
A. V. Genk
Motion of particles in a centrally symmetric field in the relativistic theory of gravitation
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  122–134
A. V. Genk
Nonstatic centrally symmetric vacuum solution in the relativistic theory of gravitation
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:2,  272–285
A. M. Goncharenko, V. A. Karpenko, V. N. Mogilevich
Potentials that admit solution of the one-dimensional time-independent Schrödinger equation in terms of known functions
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  59–65
N. V. Goncharov
Reduction technique with allowance for bound states
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:2,  192–213
A. N. Gorban', see N. N. Bugaenko
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:3,  430–441
V. V. Gorunovich
Debye-Hückel limit for charge-symmetric quantum-statistical Coulomb systems
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:2,  260–271
V. B. Gostev, A. R. Frenkin
Oscillator with centrifugal barrier. Inverse problem
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  37–45
O. O. Griniv
Central limit theorem for Burgers equation
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  7–13
V. K. Ignatovich
New method of solution of the one-dimensional Schrödinger equation
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:3,  477–480
V. A. Il'in, see P. A. Baikov
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:2,  163–191
I. V. Karlin, see N. N. Bugaenko
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:3,  430–441
V. A. Karpenko, see A. M. Goncharenko
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  59–65
R. R. Kessel, see M. B. Belonenko
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  104–114
M. H. Kharrasov, see V. V. Alekseev
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  96–103
A. V. Kiselev, V. A. Petrov
Can the Goldberger–Treiman relation be derived for massless pions?
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  146–148
V. P. Kotlyarov, see I. A. Anders
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  72–84
V. V. Kudryashov
Solution of Bloch equation in the Weyl representation
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:2,  314–319
S. M. Kuzenko, O. A. Solov'ev
Equations for two-point correlation functions on compact Riemann surfaces
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:3,  323–332
A. V. Letchikov
Random walks in one-dimensional quasicrystals
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:3,  333–339
A. A. Lobashov, V. M. Mostepanenko
Quantum effects associated with parametric generation of light and the theory of squeezed states
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:3,  340–357
A. I. Machavariani
Formulation of three-dimensional field-theoretical equations for two-particle scattering reactions
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  85–95
V. N. Mogilevich, see A. M. Goncharenko
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  59–65
V. M. Mostepanenko, see A. A. Lobashov
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:3,  340–357
G. I. Nazin, see A. B. Dobryakov
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:2,  214–224
A. G. Nikitin, W. I. Fushchych
Non-Lie integrals of the motion for particles of arbitrary spin and for systems of interacting particles
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:3,  406–415
V. A. Petrov, see A. V. Kiselev
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  146–148
O. B. Prepelitsa, see N. A. Enaki
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:3,  416–429
E. V. Prokhvatilov
Bosonization of the $QCD_2$ Hamiltonian and the vacuum problem
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  17–24
V. I. Pupyshev, see P. V. Ganelin
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  31–36
A. V. Radievsky, A. E. Filippov
Evolution of free-energy expansion parameters in the critical region. An exactly solvable model
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:3,  442–448
N. E. Ratanov, Yu. M. Sukhov
Invariant states for time dynamics of one-dimensional lattice quantum fermi systems
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:2,  247–259
A. B. Ryzhov, A. G. Savinkov
Quantum mechanics on nontrivial fiber bundles associated with a monopole
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:3,  376–405
V. N. Ryzhov
Disclination-mediated melting of two-dimensional lattices
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:3,  449–458
R. Kh. Sabirov
Inequalities for thermodynamic mean values of operator products
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:2,  311–313
A. G. Savinkov, see A. B. Ryzhov
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:3,  376–405
V. I. Skripnik
Functional integral method for gibbs systems with many-body potentials. I
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  115–121
E. A. Smolenskii, I. V. Stankevich
Nodes of eigenfunctions of a many-particle Schrödinger equation
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  46–58
O. A. Solov'ev, see S. M. Kuzenko
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:3,  323–332
I. V. Stankevich, see E. A. Smolenskii
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  46–58
A. S. Stepanenko, see N. V. Antonov
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  149–152
Yu. M. Sukhov, see N. E. Ratanov
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:2,  247–259
S. K. Suslov
On the theory of $9j$ symbols
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  66–71
M. V. Tokarchuk, see D. N. Zubarev
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:2,  286–310
M. T. Turaev
Intensity of super-radiation
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  3–6
V. B. Tverskoi
Nonsingular configurations of field systems in the relativistic theory of gravitation
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:3,  467–476
N. I. Usyukina
Calculation in five loops of a multiloop diagram of special form
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  14–16
A. N. Vasil'ev, see N. V. Antonov
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  149–152
Yu. P. Vyblyi
Centrally symmetric solutions of the equations of the gravitational field in the relativistic theory of gravitation
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  135–140
E. B. Yarovaya
Use of spectral methods to study branching processes with diffusion in a noncompact phase space
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:1,  25–30
A. A. Zheltukhin, see I. A. Bandos
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:3,  358–375
D. N. Zubarev, M. V. Tokarchuk
Nonequilibrium thermofield dynamics and the nonequilibrium statistical operator method. I. Basic relations
TMF, 1991, Volume 88:2,  286–310
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