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Author Index, 1991, Volume 89

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V. E. Adler
Lie-algebraic approach to nonlocal symmetries of integrable systems
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:3,  323–336
V. A. Arzumanian, B. S. Nakhapetian, S. K. Pogosyan
Local limit theorem for the particle number in spin lattice systems
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:2,  178–189
A. A. Atanasov, E. S. Pisanova
Perturbation theory for relativistic three-dimensional two-particle quasipotential equations
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:2,  222–227
A. A. Bakasov
Dynamical model of single-mode laser. I. Regime of stable stationary lasing
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:2,  278–292
G. O. Balabanyan
Construction of equations for classical equilibrium correlation Green's functions on the basis of kinetic equations. II
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:1,  132–150
G. O. Balabanyan
Classical equilibrium generalized hydrodynamic correlation Green's functions for a system of hard balls with weak interaction
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:3,  446–464
B. M. Barbashov, A. M. Chervyakov
Action at a distance and equations of motion of a system of two massive points connected by a relativistic string
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:1,  105–120
V. P. Belavkin, V. N. Kolokoltsov
Semiclassical asymptotics of quantum stochastic equations
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:2,  163–177
A. A. Belov, Yu. E. Lozovik
Calculation of Green's function of an electron on a lattice in a uniform magnetic field
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:1,  48–55
V. B. Bobrov, N. I. Klyuchnikov, S. A. Triger
Exact relations for structure factor of a Coulomb system
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:2,  263–277
N. A. Boikova, V. V. Dvoeglazov, Yu. N. Tyukhtyaev, R. N. Faustov
Quasipotential in the fourth order of perturbation theory and infrared singularities
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:2,  228–237
E. E. Boos, A. I. Davydychev
A method of calculating massive Feynman integrals
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:1,  56–72
A. M. Chervyakov, see B. M. Barbashov
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:1,  105–120
V. G. Danilov, P. Yu. Subochev
Wave solutions of semilinear parabolic equations
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:1,  25–47
A. I. Davydychev, see E. E. Boos
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:1,  56–72
V. V. Dvoeglazov, see N. A. Boikova
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:2,  228–237
M. P. Fateev, see N. P. Lazarev
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:3,  465–472
R. N. Faustov, see N. A. Boikova
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:2,  228–237
S. V. Frolov
Multidimensional leray residues and effective masses of a lattice model
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:1,  156–160
S. V. Frolov, see B. S. Pavlov
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:1,  3–10
W. I. Fushchych, see R. Z. Zhdanov
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:3,  413–419
R. O. Grigor'ev
Quantization of systems in incomplete spaces and the problem of particle production by a gravitational field
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:3,  473–480
V. P. Iordatii, L. Z. Kon, V. P. Tabakar'
Imbalance of energy-spectrum branches in nonequilibrium two-band superconductors
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:2,  304–316
R. S. Ismagilov
Spectrum of a self-adjoint operator in $L_2(K)$, where $K$ is a local field; analog of the Feynman–Kac formula
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:1,  18–24
O. A. Khrustalev, see P. K. Silaev
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:1,  73–79
A. A. Kiselev, I. Yu. Popov
Higher moments in a model of zero-width slits
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:1,  11–17
K. G. Klimenko
Three-dimensional Gross–Neveu model in an external magnetic field. I
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:2,  211–221
K. G. Klimenko
Three-dimensional Gross–Neveu model in an external electric field. II
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:3,  388–394
N. I. Klyuchnikov, see V. B. Bobrov
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:2,  263–277
V. N. Kolokoltsov, see V. P. Belavkin
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:2,  163–177
L. Z. Kon, see V. P. Iordatii
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:2,  304–316
I. A. Koshovets
Unitary analog of the Anderson model. Purely point spectrum
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:3,  337–365
M. Yu. Kovalevsky, A. L. Shishkin
Low-frequency asymptotics of the Green's functions of magnets with spontaneously broken symmetry
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:2,  293–303
G. A. Kravtsova, A. A. Slavnov
Propagator of Yang–Mills field in Hamiltonian Gauge
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:2,  238–245
I. V. Krive, A. S. Rozhavskii
The $\theta$ vacuum and dissipation
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:1,  80–93
S. N. Lakaev
On the infinite number of three-particle bound states of a system of three quantum lattice particles
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:1,  94–104
P. M. Lavrov
$Sp(2)$-covariant quantization of gauge theories: Dependence on the gauge
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:2,  246–252
N. P. Lazarev, M. P. Fateev
Diffusion in a lattice with static disorder
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:3,  465–472
Yu. M. Loskutov
Radiation of gravitational waves in the case of a nonvanishing graviton mass
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:1,  151–155
Yu. E. Lozovik, see A. A. Belov
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:1,  48–55
F. A. Lunev
Field-theory models that admit alternative Lagrangian formulations. I
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:1,  121–131
S. V. Lyudkovskii
Compact relationships between invariants of classical lie groups and elementary symmetric polynomials
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:3,  380–387
A. D. Manita
Properties of translationally invariant quantum-dynamical semigroups
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:3,  366–379
B. S. Nakhapetian, see V. A. Arzumanian
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:2,  178–189
S. D. Odyntsov
Vacuum energy in the theory of a noncritical compactified bosonic string
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:2,  205–210
B. S. Pavlov, S. V. Frolov
Spectral identities for band spectrum in one-dimensional case
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:1,  3–10
K. Pinson
Kasner solutions and the causality principle in the relativistic theory of gravitation
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:2,  317–320
E. S. Pisanova, see A. A. Atanasov
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:2,  222–227
S. K. Pogosyan, see V. A. Arzumanian
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:2,  178–189
A. D. Popov
Solutions of Yang–Mills and Yang–Mills–Higgs equations
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:3,  402–412
I. Yu. Popov, see A. A. Kiselev
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:1,  11–17
V. N. Popov, V. S. Yarunin
Photon phase operator
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:3,  395–401
A. S. Rozhavskii, see I. V. Krive
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:1,  80–93
A. N. Safronov
Effects of particle structure in the three-body problem
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:3,  420–437
A. L. Shishkin, see M. Yu. Kovalevsky
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:2,  293–303
A. S. Shumovskii
Bogolyubov canonical transformation and collective states of bosonic fields
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:3,  438–445
P. K. Silaev, E. N. Tyurin, O. A. Khrustalev
Fractals in quantum theory: analytical and numerical approaches
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:1,  73–79
A. A. Slavnov, see G. A. Kravtsova
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:2,  238–245
P. Yu. Subochev, see V. G. Danilov
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:1,  25–47
V. P. Tabakar', see V. P. Iordatii
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:2,  304–316
S. A. Triger, see V. B. Bobrov
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:2,  263–277
Yu. N. Tyukhtyaev, see N. A. Boikova
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:2,  228–237
E. N. Tyurin, see P. K. Silaev
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:1,  73–79
V. S. Yarunin, see V. N. Popov
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:3,  395–401
R. Z. Zhdanov, W. I. Fushchych
Non-lie symmetry of Galileo-invariant equation for a particle with spin $s=1/2$
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:3,  413–419
A. S. Zhedanov
“Hidden symmetry” of Askey–Wilson polynomials
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:2,  190–204
B. M. Zupnik
Covariant integral forms in three-dimensional supergravity
TMF, 1991, Volume 89:2,  253–262
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