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Author Index, 1992, Volume 93

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V. L. Aksenov, see N. N. Bogolyubov
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:3,  371–383
A. A. Andrianov, V. A. Andrianov
Gauge Nambu–Jona-Lasinio model as a low-energy approximation of QCD
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:1,  67–86
V. A. Andrianov, see A. A. Andrianov
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:1,  67–86
V. T. Berezin
Phenomenological foundations of the theory of gravitation
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:1,  154–174
N. N. Bogolyubov, V. L. Aksenov, N. M. Plakida
On the theory of high-temperature superconductivity
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:3,  371–383
M. Boiti, F. Pempinelli, A. K. Pogrebkov, M. K. Polivanov
Resolvent approach for two-dimensional scattering problems. Application to the nonstationary Schrödinger problem and KPI equation
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:2,  181–210
L. O. Chekhov, see K. L. Zarembo
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:2,  354–368
B. G. Dragovich
On $p$-adic aspects of some perturbation series
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:2,  211–218
V. Ya. Fainberg, M. A. Soloviev
Nonlocalizability and asymptotical commutativity
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:3,  514–528
N. P. Feshchenko, see A. P. Grinin
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:1,  138–153
R. R. Gadyl'shin
Influence of the position of the opening and its shape on the properties of a Helmholtz resonator
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:1,  107–118
A. P. Grinin, F. M. Kuni, N. P. Feshchenko
Thermal and fluctuation effects of nonisothermal nucleation in the supercritical region of nucleating center sizes
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:1,  138–153
S. S. Horuzhy, A. V. Voronin
A new approach to BRST operator cohomologies: Exact results for the BRST-fock theories
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:2,  342–353
V. A. Il'ina, P. K. Silaev
Connection between lattice and continuum models for one-dimensional systems
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:2,  219–230
O. M. Ivanov, A. G. Savinkov
Relativistic spin 1/2 particle in the total space of the principal $U(1)$ monopole bundle
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:1,  49–66
G. P. Jorjadze, I. T. Sarishvili
Symmetry groups in the extended quantization scheme
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:2,  231–248
O. A. Khrustalev, K. A. Sveshnikov
Quantization of a particle-like classical solution in Bogoliubov variables without Dirac's brackets
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:3,  384–402
A. I. Kirillov
On two mathematical problems of canonical quantization. IV
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:2,  249–263
O. M. Kiselev
Kink asymptotics of the perturbed sine-Gordon equation
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:1,  39–48
S. V. Kozyrev
Free motion of $q$-deformed quantum particle
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:1,  87–93
F. M. Kuni, see A. P. Grinin
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:1,  138–153
D. Levi, O. Ragnisco, M. A. Rodriguez
On non-isospectral flows, Painlevé equations, and symmetries of differential and difference equations
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:3,  473–480
P. Loll
Loop approaches to gauge field theories
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:3,  481–505
I. M. Lutsenko
Jacobi algebra and potentials generated by it
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:1,  3–16
M. B. Menskii
The difficulties in the mathematical definition of path integrals are overcome in the theory of continuous quantum measurements
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:2,  264–272
E. Nissimov, S. Pacheva
$W_\infty$ – a geometric approach
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:2,  273–285
V. Yu. Novokshenov
Reflectionless potentials and soliton series of the KDV equation
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:2,  286–301
S. Pacheva, see E. Nissimov
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:2,  273–285
F. Pempinelli, see M. Boiti
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:2,  181–210
A. I. Pilyavskii, A. L. Rebenko, V. I. Skripnik
Generalized solutions of the Bogolyubov diffusion hierarchy in the thermodynamic limit. Cluster expansions
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:1,  119–137
N. M. Plakida, see N. N. Bogolyubov
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:3,  371–383
A. K. Pogrebkov, see M. Boiti
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:2,  181–210
M. K. Polivanov, see M. Boiti
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:2,  181–210
O. Ragnisco, see D. Levi
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:3,  473–480
A. L. Rebenko, see A. I. Pilyavskii
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:1,  119–137
M. A. Rodriguez, see D. Levi
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:3,  473–480
I. T. Sarishvili, see G. P. Jorjadze
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:2,  231–248
A. G. Savinkov, see O. M. Ivanov
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:1,  49–66
M. A. Semenov-Tian-Shansky
Poisson–Lie groups. The quantum duality principle and the twisted quantum double
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:2,  302–329
D. V. Shirkov
Mass and scheme effects in coupling constant evolution
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:3,  466–472
P. K. Silaev, see V. A. Il'ina
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:2,  219–230
V. I. Skripnik, see A. I. Pilyavskii
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:1,  119–137
M. A. Soloviev, see V. Ya. Fainberg
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:3,  514–528
S. N. Storchak
Homogeneous point transformation and reparametrization of paths in path integrals for fourth-order differential equations
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:1,  17–31
K. A. Sveshnikov, see O. A. Khrustalev
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:3,  384–402
L. A. Takhtadzhyan
A simple example of modular forms as tau-functions for integrable equations
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:2,  330–341
S. V. Talalov
String quantization in four dimensions by the “bosonization” method
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:3,  506–513
S. M. Troshin, N. E. Tyurin
Hadron scattering through small and large angles
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:3,  403–411
Yu. A. Tserkovnikov
Molecular hydrodynamics of degenerate weakly nonideal bose gas. I. Generalized equations of two-fluid hydrodynamics
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:3,  412–465
N. E. Tyurin, see S. M. Troshin
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:3,  403–411
A. V. Voronin, see S. S. Horuzhy
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:2,  342–353
S. A. Vugal'ter
Absence of discrete spectrum of the Schrödinger operators of positive molecular ions
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:1,  94–106
D. V. Yur'ev
QPFT operator algebras and commutative exterior differential calculus
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:1,  32–38
K. L. Zarembo, L. O. Chekhov
Multicut solutions of the matrix Kontsevich–Penner model
TMF, 1992, Volume 93:2,  354–368
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