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Author Index, 1993, Volume 96

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L. Ts. Adzhemyan, M. Yu. Nalimov
The principle of maximum randomness in the theory of fully developed turbulence. II. Isotropic decaying turbulence
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:1,  150–159
N. V. Antonov, A. N. Vasil'ev, M. M. Stepanova
Infrared asymptotics of the Feynman propagator in a simple non-Abellian model
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:2,  313–320
A. V. Bondarev
A covariant method for calculating amplitudes of processes involving polarized spin 1/2 particles. Calculation of the interference terms in their cross sections
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:1,  96–108
T. Bryk, Z. Gurskii
A new completely orthogonalized plane waves formalizm in the pseudopotential theory
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:3,  473–481
L. L. Buishvili, L. J. Zakharov, A. I. Tugushi
Spectral diffusion tunneling two-level systems
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:3,  453–458
K. de Vos
Coset algebras, integrable hierarchies and matrix models
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:2,  163–287
V. I. Denisov, A. N. Umnov
Parametrized post-Newtonian formalism for nonmetric theories of gravitation
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:1,  79–95
V. M. Fomin, see E. P. Pokatilov
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:3,  438–452
Z. A. Gurskii, see T. Bryk
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:3,  473–481
I. T. Habibullin
Boundary conditions for nonlinear equations compatible with integrability
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:1,  109–122
Yu. Holovatch
Critical exponents of ising-like systems in general dimensions
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:3,  482–495
O. M. Ivanov, A. G. Savinkov
Nontrivial $U(1)$ bundles over tori and properties of many-particle systems with topological charge
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:1,  44–63
D. A. Kirzhnits
Determinant of the Schrödinger operator
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:3,  373–384
Yu. L. Klimontovich
From the Hamiltonian mechanics to a continuous media. Dissipative structures. Criteria of self-organization
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:3,  385–416
M. I. Klinger, S. N. Taraskin
Strong electron self-trapping in anharmonic two-band systems
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:3,  417–424
F. G. Kochorbé, M. E. Palistrant
Thermodynamic properties of two-band superconductors with low carrier density
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:3,  459–472
A. N. Kochubei
On $p$-adic Green's functions
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:1,  123–139
G. A. Kravtsova, A. A. Slavnov
On the problem of non-local counterterms for Yang–Mills theory in temporal-like and light-cone gauges
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:2,  302–312
V. G. Morozov, see D. N. Zubarev
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:3,  325–350
M. Yu. Nalimov, see L. Ts. Adzhemyan
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:1,  150–159
A. P. Nersesyan
On the geometry of supermanifolds with even and odd Kählerian structures
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:1,  140–149
I. P. Omelyan, see D. N. Zubarev
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:3,  325–350
M. E. Palistrant, see F. G. Kochorbé
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:3,  459–472
E. P. Pokatilov, V. M. Fomin
Cooper pairing in multilayer polar structures
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:3,  438–452
V. N. Ryzhov, E. E. Tareeva
Statistical mechanics of vortex system in a thin-film superconductor in the ring approximation
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:3,  425–437
A. G. Savinkov, see O. M. Ivanov
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:1,  44–63
M. B. Sevryuk
Estimate of the number of collisions of $n$ elastic particles on a line
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:1,  64–78
A. V. Shchelkachev
Relativistically invariant representation of arbitrary bilinear combinations of Dirac spinors
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:1,  3–22
V. V. Shcherbakov
Elements of stochastic analysis for the case of Grassmann variables. I. Grassmann stochastic integrals and random processes
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:1,  23–36
A. A. Slavnov, see G. A. Kravtsova
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:2,  302–312
V. A. Smirnov, see O. I. Zavialov
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:2,  288–301
M. M. Stepanova, see N. V. Antonov
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:2,  313–320
S. N. Taraskin, see M. I. Klinger
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:3,  417–424
E. E. Tareeva, see V. N. Ryzhov
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:3,  425–437
M. V. Tokarchuk, see D. N. Zubarev
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:3,  325–350
Yu. A. Tserkovnikov
Kinetic equations in the method of two-time finite-temperature Green's functions. I. Renormalization of the collision integral
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:3,  351–372
A. I. Tugushi, see L. L. Buishvili
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:3,  453–458
A. N. Umnov, see V. I. Denisov
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:1,  79–95
A. N. Vasil'ev, see N. V. Antonov
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:2,  313–320
V. S. Yarunin
Thermal fluctuations of the bose condensate in Bogolyubov's model of superfluidity
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:1,  37–43
L. J. Zakharov, see L. L. Buishvili
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:3,  453–458
O. I. Zavialov, V. A. Smirnov
On differential renormalizaton
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:2,  288–301
D. N. Zubarev, V. G. Morozov, I. P. Omelyan, M. V. Tokarchuk
Unification of the kinetic and hydrodynamic approaches in the theory of dense gases and liquids
TMF, 1993, Volume 96:3,  325–350
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