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Author Index, 1993, Volume 97

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V. G. Bagrov, V. V. Obukhov
Complete separation of variables in the free Hamilton–Jacobi equation
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:2,  250–269
R. F. Bikbaev
Shock waves in one-dimensional models with cubic nonlinearity
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:2,  191–212
V. B. Bobrov, S. A. Triger
The effective collision frequency method in the theory of the coulomb system conductivity II. The strong interionic interaction and the structure of a plasma
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:3,  420–430
A. Yu. Boldin, R. A. Sharipov
Dynamical systems that admit normal displacement
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:3,  386–395
S. A. Bychkov, D. V. Yur'ev
Three algebraic structures of quantum projective ($\mathrm{sl}(2,\mathbb C)$-invariant) field theory
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:3,  336–347
Yu. V. Chugreev, see E. Yu. Emel'yanov
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:3,  459–479
R. Cianci, see A. Yu. Khrennikov
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:2,  238–246
S. P. Cojocaru, V. A. Moskalenko
A diagram method for the two-band Hubbard model
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:2,  270–282
D. F. Digor, L. Z. Kon
Thermoelectric effect in superconducting alloys
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:1,  44–52
E. Yu. Emel'yanov, Yu. V. Chugreev
Evolution of Friedmann universe in the relativistic theory of gravitation based on spaces of constant curvature
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:3,  459–479
V. K. Fedyanin, see V. B. Rogankov
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:1,  53–67
I. G. Fikhtengol'ts
Some problems in the theory of gravitational waves
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:1,  143–159
D. V. Fursaev, see L. V. Prokhorov
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:3,  373–385
R. R. Gadyl'shin
Asymptotic behavior of the second eigenfrequency for a system of two bodies connected by a thin rod
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:1,  68–77
P. A. Golovinski
Quasienergy state bases for multi electron problem in a strong laser field
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:1,  121–132
I. T. Habibullin, see B. I. Suleimanov
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:2,  213–226
G. I. Kalmykov
Representation of the power-series expansion coefficients for the one-point correlation function in the grand canonical ensemble
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:3,  452–458
M. V. Karasev, A. V. Pereskokov
Logarithmic corrections in a quantization rule. The polaron spectrum
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:1,  78–93
M. Kh. Kharrasov
Asymptotic behavior of solutions of Fokker–Planck equation at large times
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:1,  113–120
M. Kh. Kharrasov
Evolution of a simple dynamical system in a random field
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:3,  414–419
A. M. Khodakovskii
Direct proof of energy conservation for automorphic wave equation
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:2,  247–249
A. Yu. Khrennikov, R. Cianci
Nonlinear evolution equations with (1,1)-supersymmetric time
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:2,  238–246
A. Yu. Khrennikov
$p$-Adic probability theory and its applications. The principle of statistical stabilization of frequencies
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:3,  348–363
Yu. L. Klimontovich
On the statistical derivation of the Schrödinger equation
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:1,  3–26
L. Z. Kon, see D. F. Digor
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:1,  44–52
A. F. Konstantinov, V. M. Loginov
Exact solvable models of nonlinear dynamic systems driven by coloured Ornstein–Uhlenbeck and Rayleigh noises
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:3,  396–413
A. V. Latyshev
Analytical solution of the vector model kinetic equations with constant kernel and their applications
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:2,  283–303
É. Yu. Lerner
Hierarchical Dyson model and $p$-adic conformal invariance
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:2,  227–237
A. A. Lobashev, V. M. Mostepanenko
Heisenberg representation of second-quantized fields in stationary external fields and nonlinear dielectric media
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:3,  431–451
V. M. Loginov, see A. F. Konstantinov
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:3,  396–413
A. V. Los', see V. F. Los'
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:2,  304–319
V. F. Los', A. V. Los', S. P. Repetsky
Self-consistent cluster theory of the electron spectra of alloys
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:2,  304–319
V. A. Moskalenko, see S. P. Cojocaru
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:2,  270–282
V. M. Mostepanenko, see A. A. Lobashev
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:3,  431–451
A. K. Motovilov
Algebraic version of extension theory for a quantum system with internal structure
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:2,  163–181
V. V. Obukhov, see V. G. Bagrov
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:2,  250–269
A. V. Pereskokov, see M. V. Karasev
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:1,  78–93
L. V. Prokhorov, D. V. Fursaev, S. V. Shabanov
String-like excitations in quantum electrodynamics
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:3,  373–385
S. P. Repetsky, see V. F. Los'
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:2,  304–319
V. B. Rogankov, V. K. Fedyanin
Fluctuational theory of media with manifest space-time inhomogeneity
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:1,  53–67
D. B. Saakyan
Solution of diluted Derrida model
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:1,  133–142
S. V. Shabanov, see L. V. Prokhorov
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:3,  373–385
R. A. Sharipov, see A. Yu. Boldin
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:3,  386–395
V. V. Shcherbakov
Elements of stochastic analysis for the case of Grassmann variables. II. Stochastic partial differential equations for Grassmann processes
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:2,  182–190
V. V. Shcherbakov
Elements of stochastic analysis for the case of Grassmann variables. III. Correlation functions
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:3,  323–335
A. S. Stepanenko, see A. N. Vasil'ev
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:3,  364–372
B. I. Suleimanov, I. T. Habibullin
Symmetries of Kadomtsev–Petviashvili equation, isomonodromic deformations, and nonlinear generalizations of the special functions of wave catastrophes
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:2,  213–226
M. V. Tokarchuk
On the statistical theory of a nonequilibrium plasma in its electromagnetic self-field
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:1,  27–43
S. A. Triger, see V. B. Bobrov
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:3,  420–430
A. N. Vasil'ev, A. S. Stepanenko
The $1/n$ expansion in the Gross–Neveu model: Conformal bootstrap calculation of the exponent $1/\nu$ to the order $1/n^2$
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:3,  364–372
S. A. Vugal'ter, G. M. Zhislin
Localization of the essential spectrum of the energy operators of $n$-particle quantum systems in a magnetic field
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:1,  94–112
D. V. Yur'ev, see S. A. Bychkov
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:3,  336–347
G. M. Zhislin, see S. A. Vugal'ter
TMF, 1993, Volume 97:1,  94–112
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