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Author Index, 1994, Volume 98

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J. Ambjørn
Remarks about $c>1$ and $D>2$
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:3,  326–336
F. Ardalan
Gauging of $SL(2,R)$ WZNW models and the Liouville field
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:3,  337–342
N. M. Atakishiyev, S. K. Suslov
The Clebsch–Gordan coefficients for the quantum algebra $SU_{q}(2)$
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:1,  3–11
N. M. Atakishiyev, Sh. M. Nagiyev
On the wave functions of a covariant linear oscillator
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:2,  241–247
V. G. Bagrov, V. V. Belov, M. F. Kondrat'eva
The semiclassical approximation in quantum mechanics. A new approach
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:1,  48–55
F. Bais, M. Propitius
Quantum groups in the Higgs phase
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:3,  509–523
V. V. Belov, see V. G. Bagrov
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:1,  48–55
É. Bergshoeff
Noncritical $W$-strings and Minimal Models
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:3,  343–357
P. Bowcock, G. Watts
Null vectors, 3-point and 4-point functions in conformal field theory
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:3,  500–508
A. Ceresole
Target Space Duality of Calabi–Yau Spaces with Two Moduli
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:3,  358–374
S. Chaudhuri, H. Itoyama, T. Ooshita
Universal and Nonperturbative Behavior in the One-Plaquette Model of Two-Dimensional String Theory
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:3,  414–429
W. Chmielowski, see A. B. Gordiets
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:2,  289–296
Yu. P. Chuburin
Solutions of the Schrödinger equation in the case of a semiinfinite crystal
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:1,  38–47
E. D'Hoker, D. H. Phong
Dispersion relations in string theory
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:3,  442–455
I. S. Donskaya, A. R. Kessel, S. S. Lapushkin
Nonresonant acoustic absorption of Ising magnet
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:1,  149–159
K. M. Efimov
Theorem of Livšic type for dispersed billiards
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:2,  184–196
B. Enriquez
Nilpotent action on the KdV variables and 2-dimensional Drinfeld–Sokolov reduction
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:3,  375–378
N. E. Firsova, see E. L. Korotyaev
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:1,  106–148
R. Floreanini, A. Yu. Morozov, L. Vinet
$q$-Hypergeometric Functions, Quantum Algebras and Free Fields
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:3,  379–387
J. Fuchs
The quantum symmetry of rational field theories
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:3,  388–403
A. B. Gordiets, W. Chmielowski
Exactly solvable boson model with cubic nonlinearity
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:2,  289–296
A. B. Govorkov
Generalized field quantization and statistics of elementary particles
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:2,  163–183
A. Hietamäki
Derivation of index theorems by localization of path integrals
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:3,  404–413
H. Itoyama, see S. Chaudhuri
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:3,  414–429
V. D. Ivashchuk, V. N. Melnikov
Exact solutions in multidimensional cosmology with a term
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:2,  312–319
R. R. Kessel, see I. S. Donskaya
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:1,  149–159
A. I. Kirillov
Field of sine-Gordon type in spacetime of arbitrary dimension: Existence of the nelson measure
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:1,  12–28
O. M. Kiselev
Solution of Goursat problem for Maxwell–Bloch equations
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:1,  29–37
M. F. Kondrat'eva, see V. G. Bagrov
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:1,  48–55
E. I. Kornilov, V. B. Priezzhev
Exactly solvable lattice model of rooted branched polymers
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:1,  90–105
E. L. Korotyaev, N. E. Firsova
Diffusion in layered media at large time
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:1,  106–148
S. S. Lapushkin, see I. S. Donskaya
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:1,  149–159
A. LeClair
Affine lie algebras in massive field theory and form factors from vertex operators
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:3,  430–441
R. MacKenzie, P. K. Panigrahi, M. V. Paranjape, S. Sakhi
On the quantization of identical particles
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:1,  80–89
V. P. Maslov, O. Yu. Shvedov
Quantization in the neighborhood of classical solutions in the $\boldsymbol N$ particle problem and superfluidity
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:2,  266–288
V. P. Maslov, G. A. Omel'yanov
Three-scale expansion of the solution of the magnetohydrodynamic equations and the Reynolds equation for a tokamak
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:2,  297–311
V. N. Melnikov, see V. D. Ivashchuk
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:2,  312–319
A. Yu. Morozov, see R. Floreanini
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:3,  379–387
A. K. Motovilov
Reformulation of the Lax–Phillips approach in terms of stationary scattering theory
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:2,  248–265
Sh. M. Nagiyev, see N. M. Atakishiyev
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:2,  241–247
A. I. Nikishov
Discrete symmetry in quantum scattering
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:1,  60–79
G. A. Omel'yanov, see V. P. Maslov
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:2,  297–311
T. Ooshita, see S. Chaudhuri
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:3,  414–429
P. K. Panigrahi, see R. MacKenzie
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:1,  80–89
M. V. Paranjape, see R. MacKenzie
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:1,  80–89
D. H. Phong, see E. D'Hoker
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:3,  442–455
V. B. Priezzhev, see E. I. Kornilov
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:1,  90–105
M. Propitius, see F. Bais
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:3,  509–523
R. Rietdijk
Spinning particles in general relativity
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:3,  456–466
S. Sakhi, see R. MacKenzie
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:1,  80–89
Ch. Schweigert
Poincaré polynomials and level rank dualities in the $N=2$ coset construction
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:3,  467–478
O. Yu. Shvedov, see V. P. Maslov
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:2,  266–288
R. Silvotti
On the spaces of Dotsenko–Fateev integrals
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:3,  479–491
B. I. Suleimanov
Influence of weak nonlinearity on the high-frequency asymptotics in caustic rearrangements
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:2,  197–206
S. K. Suslov, see N. M. Atakishiyev
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:1,  3–11
S. I. Svinolupov, R. I. Yamilov
Explicit Bäcklund transformations for multifield Schrödinger equations. Jordan generalizations of the Toda chain
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:2,  207–219
O. Tirkkonen
Equivariant BRST and localization
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:3,  492–499
A. P. Veselov
Calogero quantum problem, Knizhnik–Zamolodchikov equation and Huygens principle
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:3,  524–535
L. Vinet, see R. Floreanini
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:3,  379–387
G. Watts, see P. Bowcock
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:3,  500–508
R. I. Yamilov, see S. I. Svinolupov
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:2,  207–219
D. V. Yur'ev
Quantum projective field theory: Quantum-field analogs of the Euler–Arnol'd equations in projective $G$ multiplets
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:2,  220–240
O. I. Zavialov
Homogeneous Differential Renormalization. Momentum Representation
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:3,  536–543
P. N. Zhevandrov
Semiclassical asymptotics for a radial Schrödinger equation with singular potential
TMF, 1994, Volume 98:1,  56–59
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