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Author Index, 1995, Volume 105

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L. Ts. Adzhemyan, S. V. Borisenok, V. I. Girina
Renormalization group approach and short-distance expansion in theory of developed turbulence: Asymptotics of the triplex equal-time correlation function
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:3,  450–461
N. M. Atakishiyev
Ramanujan-type continuous measures for classical $q$-polynomials
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:3,  383–392
V. B. Bobrov
One inverse problem in the theory of liquid metals
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:3,  462–470
S. V. Borisenok, see L. Ts. Adzhemyan
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:3,  450–461
N. A. Dar'in
Algebra of symmetry operators for an invariant nonlinear-transport equation
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:3,  364–370
I. P. Denisova
On the constraint equation in the relativistic theory of gravitation
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:3,  508–511
G. V. Dubrovskiy, A. V. Kuzmenko, Yu. G. Markov
A three-dimensional lattice gas approximation for multilayer adsorbtion
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:1,  130–148
I. G. Fikhtengol'ts
On some particular solutions of the Einstein gravitational equations
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:2,  341–352
A. P. Fordy, A. B. Shabat, A. P. Veselov
Factorization and Poisson correspondences
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:2,  225–245
S. A. Frolov, see A. A. Slavnov
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:2,  270–291
B. Fuchssteiner, V. V. Tsegel'nik
Analytical properties of solutions to a system of nonlinear partial differential equations
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:2,  208–213
V. I. Girina, see L. Ts. Adzhemyan
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:3,  450–461
A. N. Gordeyev
Self-force of a point charge in classical electrodynamics
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:2,  256–269
N. N. Gorobey, A. S. Lukyanenko
Operator representation of gravitational constraints for the case of the closed universe
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:3,  503–507
Ya. Sh. Il'yasov
On function of action on the manifold of ground state solutions
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:3,  438–449
I. Yu. Karataeva, S. L. Lyakhovich
Chiral and axial anomalies within the framework of generalized canonical quantization
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:1,  55–76
N. R. Khusnutdinov, R. M. Yul'met'yev
Spectrum of the non-Markov parameter for hydrodynamic systems
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:2,  292–310
T. L. Kim, A. V. Serdyukov
Quantum-field renormalization group in the theory of developed turbulence: Consideration of anisotropy and passive scalar admixtures
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:3,  412–422
A. I. Kirillov
Sine-Gordon type field in spacetime of arbitrary dimension. II: Stochastic quantization
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:2,  179–197
A. L. Koshkarov
On the search for nonvacuum, nonself-dual solutions of Yang-Mills equations
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:3,  423–428
S. V. Kryukov
Integrals of motion for the classical sine-Gordon lattice system
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:2,  214–224
A. V. Kuzmenko, see G. V. Dubrovskiy
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:1,  130–148
A. A. Logunov
Postnewtonian approximation in the relativistic theory of gravity
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:1,  163–174
Yu. M. Loskutov
A new type of gravitational interaction with parity violation and its role in gravidynamics and electrodynamics
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:2,  324–340
A. S. Lukyanenko, see N. N. Gorobey
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:3,  503–507
S. L. Lyakhovich, see I. Yu. Karataeva
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:1,  55–76
K. L. Malyshev, V. N. Popov
On superconductivity in the three-band two-dimensional repulsive Hubbard model
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:1,  149–162
S. V. Manakov, see A. I. Zenchuk
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:3,  371–382
Yu. G. Markov, see G. V. Dubrovskiy
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:1,  130–148
M. E. Palistrant
The influence of the overlapping of energy bands on the superconductivity of the localized Bose-condensated pairs at $T=0$
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:3,  491–502
V. P. Pavlov, A. O. Starinetz
Phase space geometry of constrainted systems
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:3,  429–437
V. N. Popov, see C. L. Malyshev
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:1,  149–162
O. B. Prepelitsa
Photon statistics under multi-quantum interaction of generalized two-level system with strong squeezed electromagnetic field
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:3,  471–477
I. D. Protasov
Lattice gas state functions
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:3,  478–490
V. V. Pupyshev
Perturbation theory for the one-dimensional Schrödinger scattering problem
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:1,  29–45
R. S. Rutman
On physical interpretations of fractional integration and differentiation
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:3,  393–404
A. V. Serdyukov, see T. L. Kim
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:3,  412–422
A. B. Shabat, see A. P. Fordy
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:2,  225–245
Yu. G. Shondin
About semiboundness of $\delta$-perturbations of the Laplacian supported by curves with angle points
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:1,  3–17
A. Ya. Silenko
Dirac equation in the foldy-wouthuysen representation describing the interaction of spin-1/2 relativistic particles with an external electromagnetic field
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:1,  46–54
A. A. Slavnov, S. A. Frolov, C. V. Sochichiu
$SO(N)$-invariant Wess–Zumino action and its quantization
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:2,  270–291
V. A. Slobodenyuk
Asymptotic of expansion of the evolution operator kernel in powers of time interval $\Delta t$
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:2,  246–255
C. V. Sochichiu, see A. A. Slavnov
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:2,  270–291
M. A. Soloviev
On a spectral condition for infrared singular quantum fields
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:3,  405–411
A. O. Starinetz, see V. P. Pavlov
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:3,  429–437
S. R. Svirshchevskii
Nonlinear differential operators of the first and the second orders, possessing invariant linear spaces of the maximal dimension
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:2,  198–207
V. V. Tsegel'nik, see B. Fuchssteiner
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:2,  208–213
Yu. A. Tserkovnikov
Molecular hydrodynamics of weakly degenerate nonideal bose-gas II. Green functions and kinetic coefficients
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:1,  77–129
L. L. Vaksman
Integral intertwining operators and quantum homogeneous spaces
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:3,  355–363
A. P. Veselov, see A. P. Fordy
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:2,  225–245
R. M. Yul'met'yev, see N. R. Khusnutdinov
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:2,  292–310
D. V. Yur'ev
Isotopic pairs and their representations
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:1,  18–28
A. I. Zenchuk, S. V. Manakov
The dual $\overline \partial$-problem, $(2+1)$-dimensional nonlinear evolution equations and their reductions
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:3,  371–382
E. E. Zubov
The ground state of a weakly doped narrow-band Hubbard magnet
TMF, 1995, Volume 105:2,  311–323
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