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Author Index, 1996, Volume 106

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L. Ts. Adzhemyan, S. V. Borisenok, M. Yu. Nalimov
Calculation of the spectra for developed decaying turbulence in the energy-containing and inertial regions
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:3,  416–424
A. I. Alekseev
On infrared behaviour of the gluon propagator
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:2,  250–263
E. L. Antipin, O. N. Gadomsky
Generalized Dicke model: transitions $\Delta M=\pm 2$
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:1,  145–159
N. V. Antonov, S. V. Borisenok, V. I. Girina
Renormalization group in the theory of fully developed turbulence. Composite operators of canonical dimension eight
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:1,  92–101
B. A. Arbuzov
On quantum description of motion with friction
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:2,  300–305
A. A. Arsen'ev
Resonances of the scattering matrix and quasilevels
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:1,  16–23
N. M. Atakishiyev, A. Ronveaux, K. B. Wolf
Difference equation for the associated polynomials on the linear lattice
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:1,  76–83
V. L. Bodneva, A. A. Lundin, A. A. Milyutin
On possibility of using the reduced description of the anisotropic Heisenberg paramagnet spin dynamics, and the NMR line-shape in solids
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:3,  452–468
S. V. Borisenok, see N. V. Antonov
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:1,  92–101
S. V. Borisenok, see L. Ts. Adzhemyan
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:3,  416–424
L. L. Buishvili, L. J. Zakharov, A. I. Tugushi
Quantum diffusion in irregular crystals having tunnel two-level systems
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:3,  489–497
Yu. P. Chuburin
On Schrodinger equation for the plane film with the limit periodic lattice
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:1,  133–144
A. A. Deriglazov, see A. V. Galazhinsky
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:1,  102–121
A. A. Drokin, A. V. Shapovalov, I. V. Shirokov
Local symmetry algebra of Shrödinger equation for Hydrogen atom
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:2,  273–284
S. A. Duplij
The ideal structure of superconformal semigroups
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:3,  355–374
Yu. V. Eremeichenkova, E. V. Zarochentsev, E. P. Troitskaya
A new cluster-expansion approach to the calculation of the energy structure of crystals
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:3,  498–512
V. K. Fedyanin, see L. A. Uvarova
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:1,  84–91
S. V. Frolov
The perturbation of the surface density of electronic states by point defect – the connection with the topology of the isoenergetic curve
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:2,  306–314
O. N. Gadomsky, see E. L. Antipin
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:1,  145–159
R. R. Gadyl'shin
On scattering by cylinder with narrow slit and with shell of finite depth
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:1,  24–43
R. R. Gadyl'shin, O. M. Kiselev
On nonsolution structure of scattering data under perturbation of two-dimensional soliton for Davey–Stewartson equation II
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:2,  200–208
A. V. Galazhinsky, A. A. Deriglazov
Algebraic structure of local symmetries for two-dimensional superparticles in a curved external background
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:1,  102–121
L. P. Ginzburg
The problem of localization in one-dimensional disordered systems (A new approach)
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:3,  425–437
V. I. Girina, see N. V. Antonov
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:1,  92–101
V. A. Golubeva, V. P. Leksin
On reconstruction of Veselov–Felder formula in the theory of Calogero–Sutherland operators
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:1,  62–75
E. Sh. Gutshabash, see G. G. Varzugin
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:1,  175
O. M. Kiselev, see R. R. Gadyl'shin
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:2,  200–208
K. G. Klimenko, see A. S. Vshivtsev
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:3,  390–400
V. P. Leksin, see V. A. Golubeva
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:1,  62–75
É. Yu. Lerner
Feynman integrals of $p$-adic argument in momentum space III. Renormalization
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:2,  233–249
V. D. Lipovskii, see G. G. Varzugin
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:1,  175
A. A. Lundin, see V. L. Bodneva
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:3,  452–468
B. V. Magnitsky, see A. S. Vshivtsev
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:3,  390–400
N. G. Mazur
Quasiclassical asymptotics of the inverse scattering solutions of the KdV equation and the solution of Whitham's modulation equations
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:1,  44–61
A. A. Milyutin, see V. L. Bodneva
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:3,  452–468
M. Yu. Nalimov, see D. Yu. Volchenckov
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:3,  375–389
M. Yu. Nalimov, see L. Ts. Adzhemyan
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:3,  416–424
S. V. Peletminskii, Yu. V. Slusarenko
Eigenfunction method of collision Boltzmann integral in kinetic theory of long wave fluctuations
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:3,  469–488
A. Ronveaux, see N. M. Atakishiyev
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:1,  76–83
V. I. Savrin, A. Yu. Troole
Exact solution of Bethe–Salpeter equation with retarding propagators in Wick–Cutkosky model
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:3,  407–415
A. V. Shapovalov, I. V. Shirokov
Noncommutative integration method for linear partial differential equations. Functional algebras and dimensional reduction
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:1,  3–15
A. V. Shapovalov, see A. A. Drokin
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:2,  273–284
I. V. Shirokov, see A. V. Shapovalov
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:1,  3–15
I. V. Shirokov, see A. A. Drokin
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:2,  273–284
O. E. Shishanin
Application of asymptotic methods to the investigation of synchrotron radiation properties on account of betatron oscillations
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:2,  285–299
Yu. G. Shondin
Semibounded local hamiltonians for perturbations of the laplacian supported by curves with angle points in $\mathbb R^4$
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:2,  179–199
V. T. Shvets
Multiparticle dynamical structure factors for noninterecting electron gas
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:3,  438–451
A. A. Slavnov, see N. V. Zverev
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:3,  401–406
D. A. Slavnov
Quantum object as a sistem with memory
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:2,  264–272
N. A. Slavnov
Differential equations for multipoint correlation functions in one-dimensional impenetrable bose-gas
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:1,  160–174
Yu. V. Slusarenko, see S. V. Peletminskii
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:3,  469–488
L. D. Solov'ev
Growing Regge trajectories in relativistic string models
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:2,  209–217
É. A. Tagirov
General-covariant quantum mechanics in Riemannian space-time III. Dirac's particle
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:1,  122–132
S. V. Talalov
String dynamics in $D=4$ space-time I. Hamiltonian formalism
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:2,  218–232
E. P. Troitskaya, see Yu. V. Eremeichenkova
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:3,  498–512
A. Yu. Troole, see V. I. Savrin
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:3,  407–415
A. I. Tugushi, see L. L. Buishvili
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:3,  489–497
V. N. Tunyak
Relativistic theory of gravity and Brans–Dicke scalar field
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:2,  325–332
L. A. Uvarova, V. K. Fedyanin
Asymptotic solutions for electromagnetic wave in an optical nonlinear cylinder
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:1,  84–91
G. G. Varzugin, E. Sh. Gutshabash, V. D. Lipovskii
Corrigenda: “Boundary-value problem for the two-dimensional heisenberg magnetic with nontrivial background. II” Theor. Math. Phyz., Vol. 104, № 3, pp. 1166–1177 (1995)
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:1,  175
A. A. Vlasov
Gravitational field of rotating massive spherical cover in RTG
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:2,  315–319
A. A. Vlasov
Spherical quasi-Newtonian stellar pulsations in RTG
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:2,  320–324
D. Yu. Volchenckov, M. Yu. Nalimov
The corrections to fully developed turbulent spectra due to the compressibility of fluid
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:3,  375–389
A. S. Vshivtsev, K. G. Klimenko, B. V. Magnitsky
Vacuum structure of $(\overline \psi \psi )^2_3$-model with accounting for the magnetic field and chemical potential
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:3,  390–400
K. B. Wolf, see N. M. Atakishiyev
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:1,  76–83
D. V. Yur'ev
Belavkin–Kolokoltsov watch-dog effects in interactively controlled stochastic dynamical videosystems
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:2,  333–352
L. J. Zakharov, see L. L. Buishvili
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:3,  489–497
E. V. Zarochentsev, see Yu. V. Eremeichenkova
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:3,  498–512
N. V. Zverev, A. A. Slavnov
A partial resummation of diagramms in the two dimensional lattice fermion model with the Pauli–Villars regularization
TMF, 1996, Volume 106:3,  401–406
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