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Author Index, 1997, Volume 112

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V. E. Adler, A. B. Shabat
Generalized Legendre transformations
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:2,  179–194
S. A. Albeverio, A. Yu. Khrennikov, R. Cianci
A representation of quantum field Hamiltonian in a $p$-adic Hilbert space
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:3,  355–374
N. V. Antonov, A. V. Runov
Renormalization group in the theory of the two-dimensional turbulence: Instability of the fixed point with respect to weak anisotropy
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:3,  417–427
E. B. Berdnikov, G. G. Nanobashvili, G. P. Pron'ko
Photon radiation by an extended relativistic object
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:2,  283–294
R. Cianci, see S. A. Albeverio
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:3,  355–374
V. I. Denisov
Motion of a massive particle in the vicinity of a singular sphere
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:2,  337–352
I. P. Denisova
Calculation of particular solution in the relativistic theory of gravitation by indefinite coordinate method
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:3,  501–512
S. Yu. Dobrokhotov
Reduction of Hugoniot–Maslov chains for trajectories of solitary vortices of the “shallow water” equations to the Hill equation
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:1,  47–66
V. A. Franke, see S. A. Paston
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:3,  399–416
I. Z. Golubchik, V. V. Sokolov
Integrable equations on $\mathbb Z$-graded Lie algebras
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:3,  375–383
P. V. Gordon, see S. A. Vakulenko
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:3,  384–394
L. A. Kalyakin, V. A. Lazarev
Perturbation of the two-soliton solution of the KdV equation
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:1,  92–102
A. Yu. Khrennikov, see S. A. Albeverio
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:3,  355–374
A. Yu. Kotov
Remarks on geometric quantization of $R$-matrix type Poisson brackets
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:2,  241–248
S. V. Kozyrev
Nonarchimedean space of states in the model of polymerization
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:3,  492–500
G. A. Kravtsova, V. A. Smirnov
Calculation of three loop Feynman graphs by using four-dimensional integration by parts and differential renormalization
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:1,  115–118
S. V. Kryukov
Noncommutative integrals of motion for quantum sine-Gordon equation
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:1,  103–114
V. A. Lazarev, see L. A. Kalyakin
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:1,  92–102
V. N. Likhachev, V. A. Onischuk
Stochastic equations for fluctuating potentials in the donor–acceptor systems with low compensation
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:2,  295–307
A. A. Logunov, M. A. Mestvirishvili
On the possibility of gravitational collapse in general relativity
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:2,  324–336
V. I. Man'ko, S. S. Safonov
Quantum damped oscillator and classical formulation of quantum mechanics
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:3,  467–478
A. V. Marshakov
On integrable systems and supersymmetric gauge theories
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:1,  3–46
M. A. Mestvirishvili, see A. A. Logunov
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:2,  324–336
A. L. Mironov, V. L. Oleinik
Limits of applicability of the tight binding approximation for complex-valued potential function
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:3,  448–466
G. G. Nanobashvili, see E. B. Berdnikov
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:2,  283–294
V. L. Oleinik, see A. L. Mironov
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:3,  448–466
V. A. Onischuk, see V. N. Likhachev
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:2,  295–307
S. A. Paston, V. A. Franke
Comparision of quantum field perturbation theory on the light-front with the one in Lorentz coordinates
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:3,  399–416
Yu. I. Polyakov
Perturbation theory for particle in one-dimensional, central- or axial-symmetric fields
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:1,  119–123
M. A. Popov, see V. E. Zobov
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:3,  479–491
G. P. Pron'ko, see E. B. Berdnikov
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:2,  283–294
N. E. Ratanov
Random motion of particle in inhomogeneous 1D media with reflecting and absorbing barriers
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:1,  81–91
A. V. Razumov, M. V. Saveliev
Multidimensional Toda type systems
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:2,  254–282
G. L. Rcheulishvili
Generalized Killing vectors in five-dimensional Lorentz manifold
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:2,  249–253
U. A. Rozikov
Partition structures of the Cayley tree and applications for describing periodic Gibbs distributions
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:1,  170–175
A. V. Runov, see N. V. Antonov
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:3,  417–427
S. S. Safonov, see V. I. Man'ko
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:3,  467–478
M. V. Saveliev, see A. V. Razumov
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:2,  254–282
A. M. Semikhatov
Representations of infinite-dimensional algebras and conformal field theory: from $N=2$ to $\widehat{sl}(2\vert1)$
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:2,  195–240
A. B. Shabat, see V. E. Adler
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:2,  179–194
V. E. Shatalov, see B. Yu. Sternin
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:2,  308–323
E. I. Shulman, see D. D. Tskhakaya
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:1,  124–131
A. Ya. Silenko
Foldy–Wouthuysen representation in standard model of electroweak interaction
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:1,  161–169
V. A. Smirnov, see G. A. Kravtsova
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:1,  115–118
V. V. Sokolov, see I. Z. Golubchik
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:3,  375–383
V. O. Soloviev
Poisson algebra independent on boundary conditions in Ashtekar's formalism
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:1,  142–160
B. Yu. Sternin, V. E. Shatalov
Method of resurgent analysis in the atomic collision theory
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:2,  308–323
A. V. Tsiganov
Superintegrable systems and classical $r$-matrix method
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:3,  428–447
D. D. Tskhakaya, E. I. Shulman
On degenerate multidimensional dispersion laws
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:1,  124–131
S. A. Vakulenko, P. V. Gordon
Propagation and scattering of kinks in inhomogeneous nonlinear media
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:3,  384–394
S. N. Vergeles
On quantization of general covariant theories. The dynamic quantization method
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:1,  132–141
A. V. Yurov
On localized solutions of the Davey–Stewartson 1 equations
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:3,  395–398
E. A. Zhizhina
Asymptotic formula for correlation decay in the stochastic model of planar rotators at high temperatures
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:1,  67–80
V. E. Zobov, M. A. Popov
On convergence radius of time-power series for spin correlation functions of the Heisenberg magnet at high temperature
TMF, 1997, Volume 112:3,  479–491
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