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Author Index, 1999, Volume 118

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V. M. Adukov
Factorization of analytic matrix-valued functions
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  324–336
A. Yu. Artem'ev
Quantum beats of light polarizations induced by anisotropic relaxation: A system with angular momentum 3/2
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:2,  274–286
A. N. Avakyan
Gravitational field of a flat scalar wave in the relativistic theory of gravity
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:2,  311–316
A. B. Borisov, S. A. Zykov
Reflectionless sine-Gordon potentials with an infinite spectrum
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  337–346
D. I. Borisov, R. R. Gadyl'shin
On the spectrum of the Laplacian with frequently alternating boundary conditions
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  347–353
L. I. Danilov
On the spectrum of the two-dimensional periodic Dirac operator
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:1,  3–14
A. K. Danlybaeva, see R. Myrzakulov
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  441–451
V. I. Fernández, C. M. Naón
Path-integral formulation of backward and UMKLAPP scattering for one-dimensional spinless fermions
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  488–496
R. R. Gadyl'shin, see D. I. Borisov
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  347–353
R. R. Gadyl'shin, O. M. Kiselev
Structural instability of a soliton for the Davey–Stewartson II equation
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  354–361
A. Gangopadhyaya, J. V. Mallow, C. Rasinariu, U. P. Sukhatme
Exactly solvable models in supersymmetric quantum mechanics and connection with spectrum-generating algebras
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  362–374
S. G. Glebov
Resonance layers in the interactions of rapidly oscillating wave fields
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  375–382
L. V. Il'ichev
Photocounts in the system “source–field–detector”
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:2,  264–273
A. M. Il'in
On the two-scale method for the problem of perturbed one-frequency oscillations
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  383–389
G. P. Jorjadze, W. Piechocki
A relativistic particle in the Liouville field
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:2,  229–247
L. A. Kalyakin
Perturbation of a singular solution to the Liouville equation
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  390–397
R. M. Kashaev
On matrix generalizations of the dilogarithm
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  398–404
A. I. Kirillov, E. V. Polyachenko
Travel time of a quantum particle through a given domain
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:1,  51–66
O. M. Kiselev, see R. R. Gadyl'shin
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  354–361
I. G. Korepanov
Fundamental mathematical structures of integrable models
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  405–412
V. R. Kudashev, B. I. Suleimanov
Small-amplitude dispersion oscillations on the background of the nonlinear geometric optic approximation
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  413–422
A. Kundu
Construction of a new class of quantum integrable inhomogeneous models
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  423–433
Yu. A. Kuperin, S. B. Levin
Extension theory approach to scattering and annihilation in the $\bar pd$ system
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:1,  74–94
L. S. Kuz'menkov, S. G. Maksimov
Quantum hydrodynamics of particle systems with Coulomb interaction and quantum Bohm potential
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:2,  287–304
V. A. Lazarev
Perturbation of a two-soliton solution of the Korteweg–de Vries equation in the case of close amplitudes
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  434–440
S. B. Levin, see Yu. A. Kuperin
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:1,  74–94
L. B. Litinskii
High-symmetry Hopfield-type neural networks
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:1,  133–158
S. G. Maksimov, see L. S. Kuz'menkov
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:2,  287–304
J. V. Mallow, see A. Gangopadhyaya
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  362–374
V. G. Marikhin, A. B. Shabat
Integrable lattices
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:2,  217–228
M. D. Missarov
Continuum limit in the fermionic hierarchical model
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:1,  40–50
R. Myrzakulov, A. K. Danlybaeva, G. N. Nugmanova
Geometry and multidimensional soliton equations
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  441–451
C. M. Naón, see V. I. Fernández
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  488–496
G. N. Nugmanova, see R. Myrzakulov
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  441–451
M. M. Perekalin, see A. N. Vasil'ev
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:2,  305–310
W. Piechocki, see G. P. Jorjadze
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:2,  229–247
E. V. Polyachenko, see A. I. Kirillov
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:1,  51–66
G. P. Pron'ko, Yu. G. Stroganov
Bethe equations “on the wrong side of the equator”
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  452–461
C. Rasinariu, see A. Gangopadhyaya
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  362–374
I. O. Rasskazov
Perturbation of a shock wave
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  462–466
U. A. Rozikov
Construction of an uncountable number of limiting Gibbs measures in the inhomogeneous Ising model
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:1,  95–104
S. Saito
An extension of the Hirota bilinear difference equation
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  467–478
S. M. Sergeev
A three-dimensional quantum integrable mapping
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  479–487
A. B. Shabat, see V. G. Marikhin
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:2,  217–228
A. V. Shchepetilov
Quantum mechanical two-body problem with central interaction on simply connected constant-curvature surfaces
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:2,  248–263
Yu. G. Stroganov, see G. P. Pron'ko
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  452–461
U. P. Sukhatme, see A. Gangopadhyaya
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  362–374
B. I. Suleimanov, see V. R. Kudashev
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  413–422
Yu. A. Tserkovnikov
Two-time temperature Green's functions in kinetic theory and molecular hydrodynamics: I. The chain of equations for the irreducible functions
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:1,  105–125
A. V. Tsiganov
Outer automorphisms of $sl(2)$, integrable systems, and mappings
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:2,  205–216
V. N. Tunyak
Relativistic theory of gravity and a torsion field
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:1,  126–132
A. N. Vasil'ev, M. M. Perekalin
Fluctuation-dissipation theorem for composite operators in critical-dynamics models
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:2,  305–310
V. V. Zharinov
On derivations of the Heisenberg algebra
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:2,  163–189
D. P. Zhelobenko
Weyl algebras over quantum groups
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:2,  190–204
G. M. Zhislin
Spectral properties of Hamiltonians with a magnetic field at a fixed pseudomoment. II
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:1,  15–39
Yu. M. Zinoviev
On the Wilson criterion
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:1,  67–73
A. A. Zubrilo
On a partial solution in general relativity theory
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:2,  317–320
S. A. Zykov, see A. B. Borisov
TMF, 1999, Volume 118:3,  337–346
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