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Author Index, 1999, Volume 119

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L. Ts. Adzhemyan, A. N. Vasil'ev, Yu. S. Kabrits, M. V. Kompaniets
$H$-Model of critical dynamics: Two-loop calculations of RG functions and critical indices
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:1,  73–92
B. M. Barbashov, A. B. Pestov
Fermi–Walker transport and the Weyl connection
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:1,  136–141
A. Kh. Bikulov
Stochastic $p$-adic equations of mathematical physics
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:2,  249–263
J. Brüning, V. A. Geiler
Gauge-periodic point perturbations on the Lobachevsky plane
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:3,  368–380
P. V. Elyutin, O. V. Smirnova
On the quasi-classical limit of the quadratic susceptibility
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:1,  93–104
V. A. Geiler, see J. Brüning
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:3,  368–380
I. M. Guseinov, A. Kh. Khanmamedov
The $t\to\infty$ asymptotic regime of the Cauchy problem solution for the Toda chain with threshold-type initial data
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:3,  429–440
I. T. Habibullin
KdV equation on a half-line with the zero boundary condition
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:3,  397–404
A. R. Its, N. A. Slavnov
On the Riemann–Hilbert approach to asymptotic analysis of the correlation functions of the quantum nonlinear Schrödinger equation: Interacting fermion case
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:2,  179–248
Yu. S. Kabrits, see L. Ts. Adzhemyan
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:1,  73–92
G. I. Kalmykov
Mayer-series asymptotic catastrophe in classical statistical mechanics
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:3,  475–497
V. P. Kazantsev
Variational principle, characteristic electric multipoles, and higher polarizing moments in field theory
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:3,  441–454
V. R. Khalilov
A $2+1$-dimensional fermion in the Coulomb and magnetic field backgrounds
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:1,  105–118
A. Kh. Khanmamedov, see I. M. Guseinov
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:3,  429–440
M. V. Kompaniets, see L. Ts. Adzhemyan
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:1,  73–92
B. P. Kosyakov
Exact solutions of classical electrodynamics and the Yang–Mills–Wong theory in even-dimensional space–time
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:1,  119–135
V. F. Kovalev
Renormalization group analysis for singularities in the wave beam self-focusing problem
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:3,  405–418
V. R. Krym
Smooth kinematic-type manifolds
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:2,  264–281
V. R. Krym
Geodesic equations for a charged particle in the unified theory of gravitational and electromagnetic interactions
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:3,  517–528
I. K. Loktionov, see A. Yu. Zakharov
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:1,  167–176
S. V. Lyudkovskii
Measures on diffeomorphism groups for non-Archimedean manifolds: Group representations and their applications
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:3,  381–396
A. M. Malokostov, see O. I. Zavialov
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:1,  67–72
G. A. Martynov
New insight on an old approach to the theory of critical phenomena
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:3,  498–516
M. E. Palistrant
Magnetic impurity effect on superconductivity in systems with comparable Fermi and Debye energies
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:3,  455–474
A. B. Pestov, see B. M. Barbashov
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:1,  136–141
A. K. Pogrebkov, M. C. Prati
An Ablowitz–Ladik system with a discrete potential: I. Extended resolvent
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:1,  20–33
I. Yu. Popov, D. A. Zubok
Two physical applications of the Laplace operator perturbed on a null set
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:2,  295–307
M. C. Prati, see A. K. Pogrebkov
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:1,  20–33
A. P. Protogenov, see V. A. Verbus
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:1,  34–46
D. P. Sankovich
Gaussian functional integrals and Gibbs equilibrium averages
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:2,  345–352
O. Ya. Savchenko
Solution of the Kemmer and Breit equations for a plane-polarized wave
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:2,  282–294
V. E. Shestopal
Multiparameter models for random walks in disordered lattice systems
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:2,  332–344
D. V. Shirkov
Renormalization group, causality, and nonpower perturbation expansion in QFT
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:1,  55–66
N. A. Slavnov, see A. R. Its
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:2,  179–248
S. Yu. Slavyanov
Structural theory of special functions
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:1,  3–19
O. V. Smirnova, see P. V. Elyutin
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:1,  93–104
O. G. Smolyanov, A. Trumen
Change of variable formulas for Feynman pseudomeasures
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:3,  355–367
A. Trumen, see O. G. Smolyanov
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:3,  355–367
Yu. A. Tserkovnikov
Two-time temperature Green's functions in kinetic theory and molecular hydrodynamics: II. Equations for pair-interaction systems
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:1,  142–166
A. N. Vasil'ev, see L. Ts. Adzhemyan
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:1,  73–92
V. A. Verbus, A. P. Protogenov
Equations of motion and conserved quantities in non-Abelian discrete integrable models
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:1,  34–46
V. S. Yarunin
Low-temperature quasi-classical approximation for quantum macroscopic phenomena
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:2,  308–331
A. V. Yurov
Conjugate chains of discrete symmetries in $(1+2)$ nonlinear equations
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:3,  419–428
A. Yu. Zakharov, I. K. Loktionov
Classical statistics of one-component systems with model potentials
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:1,  167–176
O. I. Zavialov, A. M. Malokostov
Wigner function for free relativistic particles
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:1,  67–72
A. I. Zenchuk
Miura-type transformations of nonlinear partial differential equations integrable by the $\bar\partial$-problem method
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:1,  47–54
D. A. Zubok, see I. Yu. Popov
TMF, 1999, Volume 119:2,  295–307
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