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Author Index, 1999, Volume 121

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V. E. Adler, S. Ya. Startsev
Discrete analogues of the Liouville equation
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:2,  271–284
A. I. Bugrij, V. N. Shadura
Asymptotic expression for the correlation function of twisted fields in the two-dimensional Dirac model on a lattice
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:2,  329–346
M. Corgini
Huang–Yang–Luttinger model: Gaussian dominance and Bose condensation
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:2,  347–352
A. A. Dzhalilov
The Hölder property of singular invariant measures of circle homeomorphisms with single corners
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:3,  355–366
B. L. Feigin, see A. M. Semikhatov
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:2,  244–257
M. V. Feigin
Singular operators satisfying an intertwining relation
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:2,  264–270
L. P. Ginzburg
Single-electron Schrödinger equation for many-electron systems
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:3,  450–463
N. Ilieva, W. Thirring
Anyons and the Bose–Fermi duality in the finite-temperature Thirring model
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:1,  40–65
O. A. Indyukov, M. A. Popov
The high-temperature relaxation function of a spin system with a quadratic contribution of fluctuations to the resonance frequency
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:2,  316–328
K. A. Kazakov, P. I. Pronin
Renormalization equations in gravitational theory with higher derivatives
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:3,  387–411
V. R. Khalilov
QED$ _{2+1}$ radiation effects in a strong magnetic field
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:3,  412–423
V. F. Kovalev, D. V. Shirkov
Functional self-similarity and renormalization group symmetry in mathematical physics
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:1,  66–88
A. E. Lobanov, O. S. Pavlova
Solutions of the classical equation of motion for a spin in electromagnetic fields
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:3,  509–518
A. A. Logunov, M. A. Mestvirishvili
What happens near the Schwarzschild sphere for a nonzero graviton rest mass
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:1,  4–24
A. M. Malokostov, see O. I. Zavialov
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:1,  25–39
O. V. Man'ko
Classical propagators of quadratic quantum systems
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:2,  285–296
A. V. Marshakov
Strings, SUSY gauge theories, and integrable systems
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:2,  179–243
V. P. Maslov
The problem of phase transitions in superfluid and normal liquids
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:3,  492–508
M. A. Mestvirishvili, see A. A. Logunov
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:1,  4–24
V. A. Moskalenko, N. B. Perkins
The canonical transformation method in the periodic Anderson model
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:3,  464–478
D. P. Novikov
Algebraic-geometric solutions of the Krichever–Novikov equation
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:3,  367–373
A. A. Oblomkov
Monodromy-free Schrödinger operators with quadratically increasing potentials
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:3,  374–386
Yu. N. Orlov, see V. V. Vedenyapin
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:2,  307–315
O. S. Pavlova, see A. E. Lobanov
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:3,  509–518
N. B. Perkins, see V. A. Moskalenko
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:3,  464–478
V. K. Petrov
A simple model for investigating the chiral condensate behavior at finite temperatures on a lattice with maximal anisotropy
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:3,  436–449
S. A. Pol'shin
Generalized coherent states for massive spinless fields in the de Sitter space
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:2,  258–263
M. A. Popov, see O. A. Indyukov
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:2,  316–328
P. I. Pronin, see K. A. Kazakov
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:3,  387–411
T. I. Schelkacheva, see E. E. Tareeva
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:3,  479–491
A. M. Semikhatov
Free-field resolutions of unitary representations of the $N=2$ Virasoro algebra: I
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:1,  89–109
A. M. Semikhatov, B. L. Feigin
Free-field resolutions of unitary representations of the $N=2$ Virasoro algebra: II. The butterfly resolution
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:2,  244–257
A. B. Shabat
Third version of the dressing method
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:1,  165–176
V. N. Shadura, see A. I. Bugrij
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:2,  329–346
D. V. Shirkov, see V. F. Kovalev
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:1,  66–88
Ya. G. Sinai
Dynamics of a heavy particle surrounded by a finite number of light particles
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:1,  110–116
N. A. Slavnov
Integral equations for correlation functions of a quantum one-dimensional Bose gas
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:1,  117–138
M. A. Soloviev
PCT, spin and statistics, and analytic wave front set
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:1,  139–164
S. Ya. Startsev, see V. E. Adler
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:2,  271–284
A. A. Suz'ko, see E. P. Velicheva
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:3,  518
E. E. Tareeva, T. I. Shchelkacheva
Orientational phase transition in solid $\mathrm C_{60}$: bifurcation approach
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:3,  479–491
W. Thirring, see N. Ilieva
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:1,  40–65
V. V. Vedenyapin, Yu. N. Orlov
Conservation laws for polynomial Hamiltonians and for discrete models of the Boltzmann equation
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:2,  307–315
E. P. Velicheva, A. A. Suz'ko
Исправление к статье: Е. П. Величева, А. А. Сузько “Точные решения нестационарного уравнения Шредингера” (ТМФ. 1998. Т. 115. № 3. С. 410–418)
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:3,  518
S. A. Vugal'ter, G. M. Zhislin
Spectral properties of a pseudorelativistic system of two particles with finite masses
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:2,  297–306
O. I. Zavialov, A. M. Malokostov
Quantum field theory with non-Fock asymptotic fields: the existence of the $S$-matrix
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:1,  25–39
S. A. Zaytsev
Approximate inverse scattering method in the $J$-matrix approach: The case of two coupled channels
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:3,  424–435
G. M. Zhislin, see S. A. Vugal'ter
TMF, 1999, Volume 121:2,  297–306
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