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Author Index, 2000, Volume 122

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C. Athorne
Darboux maps and $\mathcal D$-modules
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:2,  164–170
M. Błaszak
Inverse bi-Hamiltonian separable chains
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:2,  171–181
T. D. Bakeyev
A simplified version of higher covariant derivative regularization
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:3,  426–434
N. M. Bogolyubov, see R. K. Bullough
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:2,  182–204
I. L. Buchbinder, I. B. Samsonov
The holomorphic effective action in $N$=2 $D$=4 supergauge theories with various gauge groups
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:3,  444–455
R. K. Bullough, N. M. Bogolyubov, R. R. Puri
Quantum integrability and quantum chaos in the micromaser
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:2,  182–204
M. V. Chichikina, see E. Yu. Spirina
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:3,  417–425
P. A. Clarkson, E. L. Mansfield, H. N. Webster
On the relation between the continuous and discrete Painlevé equations
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:1,  5–22
C. Doss-Bachelet, J. Françoise
Integrable Hamiltonian systems with two degrees of freedom associated with holomorphic functions
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:2,  205–211
G. Falqui, F. Magri, M. Pedroni, J. P. Zubelli
An elementary approach to the polynomial $\tau$-functions of the KP hierarchy
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:1,  23–36
G. Falqui, F. Magri, G. Tondo
Reduction of bi-Hamiltonian systems and separation of variables: An example from the Boussinesq hierarchy
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:2,  212–230
A. P. Fordy, T. B. Gürel
A new construction of recursion operators for systems of the hydrodynamic type
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:1,  37–49
J.-P. Françoise, see C. Doss-Bachelet
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:2,  205–211
T. Fukuyama, see Yu. Song-Ju
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:2,  305–309
G. Gandbold
A retarded action functional for the Dirac polaron
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:2,  231–238
E. I. Ganzha
An analogue of the Moutard transformation for the Goursat equation $\theta_{xy}=2\sqrt {\lambda(x,y)\theta_x\theta_y}$
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:1,  50–57
C. R. Gilson, see J. C. Nimmo
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:2,  284–293
T. Grava
Existence of a global solution of the Whitham equations
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:1,  58–71
E. A. Grinina
Solution of the operator equation $i\varepsilon dy/dt=A(t)y$ on intervals containing turning points
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:3,  357–371
T. B. Gürel, see A. P. Fordy
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:1,  37–49
V. R. Khalilov
Fermions in strong external fields in $2+1$ and $1+1$ dimensions
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:3,  372–384
O. A. Khrustalev, see E. Yu. Spirina
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:3,  417–425
V. R. Kogan
Dispersion of Lagrangian trajectories in a random large-scale velocity field
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:3,  456–467
N. A. Kudryashov
Nonlinear fourth-order differential equations with solutions in the form of transcendents
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:1,  72–87
S. B. Leble
Binary Darboux transformations and $N$-wave systems in rings
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:2,  239–250
A. N. Leznov
Graded Lie algebras, representation theory, integrable mappings, and integrable systems
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:2,  251–271
F. Magri, see G. Falqui
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:1,  23–36
F. Magri, see G. Falqui
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:2,  212–230
M. Mañas
Nets, lattices, and multicomponent KP hierarchies
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:2,  272–283
E. L. Mansfield, see P. A. Clarkson
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:1,  5–22
B. V. Medvedev
Hamiltonian and commutation relations
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:3,  325–333
A. V. Mikhailov, V. V. Sokolov
Integrable ordinary differential equations on free associative algebras
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:1,  88–101
M. Nieszporski, A. Sym
Bäcklund transformations for hyperbolic surfaces in $E^3$ via Weingarten congruences
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:1,  102–117
J. C. Nimmo, C. R. Gilson, Ya. Ohta
Applications of Darboux transformations to the self-dual Yang–Mills equations
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:2,  284–293
Ya. Ohta, see J. C. Nimmo
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:2,  284–293
M. Pedroni, see G. Falqui
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:1,  23–36
D. E. Pelinovsky, C. Sulem
Asymptotic approximations for a new eigenvalue in linear problems without a threshold
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:1,  118–127
B. Pelloni
Initial boundary value problems for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:1,  128–143
R. R. Puri, see R. K. Bullough
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:2,  182–204
R. M. Quick, S. G. Sharapov
The Coleman–Weinberg effective potential in superconductivity theory
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:3,  468–481
I. B. Samsonov, see I. L. Buchbinder
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:3,  444–455
S. G. Sharapov, see R. M. Quick
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:3,  468–481
D. A. Slavnov
The hybrid renormalization
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:3,  400–416
V. V. Sokolov, see A. V. Mikhailov
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:1,  88–101
Yu. Song-Ju, K. Toda, T. Fukuyama
A quest for the integrable equation in $3+1$ dimensions
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:2,  305–309
E. Yu. Spirina, O. A. Khrustalev, M. V. Chichikina
Nonstationary polaron
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:3,  417–425
S. E. Stepanov
An analytic method in general relativity
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:3,  482–496
K. V. Stepanyantz
It is impossible to eliminate gauge degrees of freedom from the exact superpotential for $N_c>N_f$
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:3,  435–443
I. A. Strachan
Degenerate bi-Hamiltonian structures of the hydrodynamic type
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:2,  294–304
C. Sulem, see D. E. Pelinovsky
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:1,  118–127
A. Sym, see M. Nieszporski
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:1,  102–117
K. Toda, see Yu. Song-Ju
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:2,  305–309
G. Tondo, see G. Falqui
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:2,  212–230
S. P. Tsarev
Factoring linear partial differential operators and the Darboux method for integrating nonlinear partial differential equations
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:1,  144–160
A. N. Vasil'ev
The $H$ model of critical dynamics: A proof of the multiplicative renormalizability of the simplified $H_0$ model
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:3,  385–399
H. N. Webster, see P. A. Clarkson
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:1,  5–22
A. E. Winn
The hyperbolic Heisenberg and sigma models in $1+1$ dimensions
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:2,  310–320
D. P. Zhelobenko
Universal Verma modules and $W$-resolvents over Kač–Moody algebras
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:3,  334–356
J. P. Zubelli, see G. Falqui
TMF, 2000, Volume 122:1,  23–36
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