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Author Index, 2001, Volume 128

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E. Abadoglu, M. Bruschi, F. Calogero
The ABCs of Magnetic Monopole Dynamics
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:1,  4–14
G. B. Andreev, V. V. Maksimenko
Absence of Diffusion Through the Fractal Boundary of Two Media
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:2,  309–320
I. A. Batalin, M. A. Grigoriev, S. L. Lyakhovich
Star Product for Second-Class Constraint Systems from a BRST Theory
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:3,  324–360
A. B. Borisov
Bдcklund Transformation and Dressing Chains for the Landau–Lifshitz Equation
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:2,  226–235
Y. Brihaye, V. A. Rubakov, F. Zimmerschied, T. Tchrakian
A Simplified Model for Monopole Catalysis of Nucleon Decay
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:3,  361–377
M. Bruschi, see E. Abadoglu
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:1,  4–14
F. Calogero, see E. Abadoglu
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:1,  4–14
V. S. Dryuma
Applications of Riemannian and Einstein–Weyl Geometry in the Theory of Second-Order Ordinary Differential Equations
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:1,  15–26
G. V. Efimov
Amplitudes in Nonlocal Theories at High Energies
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:3,  395–402
C. Ford, see G. Weigt
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:2,  249–267
L. Frappat, P. Sorba, A. Sciarrino
Quantum Groups and the Genetic Code
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:1,  27–42
C. R. Gilson, J. C. Nimmo
Pfaffianization of the Davey–Stewartson Equations
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:1,  43–55
M. A. Grigoriev, see I. A. Batalin
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:3,  324–360
T. Jonsson
Diffusion of Loops
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:1,  56–64
G. P. Jorjadze, see G. Weigt
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:2,  249–267
R. Kallosh
Democratic Formulation of $D=10$ Supersymmetry
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:3,  422–438
S. B. Leble
Covariance of Lax Pairs and Integrability of the Compatibility Condition
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:1,  65–83
B. V. Levin, V. P. Pavlov
Field Theory Method for Reconstructing the Stress Tensor in the Earth with a Movable Core
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:3,  439–445
S. L. Lyakhovich, see I. A. Batalin
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:3,  324–360
V. V. Maksimenko, see G. B. Andreev
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:2,  309–320
A. V. Marshakov
First-Quantized Fermions in Compact Dimensions
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:3,  446–460
J. C. Nimmo, see C. R. Gilson
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:1,  43–55
M. A. Olshanetsky
Solutions of the Periodic Toda Lattice by the Projection and the Algebraic-Geometric Methods
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:3,  461–473
A. Yu. Orlov, D. M. Shcherbin
Hypergeometric Solutions of Soliton Equations
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:1,  84–108
M. Ya. Pal'chik, see V. N. Zaikin
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:3,  409–421
M. V. Pavlov
The Calogero Equation and Liouville-Type Equations
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:1,  109–115
V. P. Pavlov, see B. V. Levin
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:3,  439–445
Yu. V. Pavlov
Dimensional Regularization and the $n$-Wave Procedure for Scalar Fields in Many-Dimensional Quasi-Euclidean Spaces
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:2,  236–248
V. V. Pupyshev
Three-Particle Problem with Pairwise Interactions Inversely Proportional to Squared Distance
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:2,  268–287
V. A. Rubakov, see Y. Brihaye
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:3,  361–377
S. Ruijsenaars
Self-Adjoint A$\Delta$Os with Vanishing Reflection
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:1,  116–132
D. B. Saakyan
Entropy Production by Simplified Dynamics in Spin Glass Systems
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:2,  288–308
A. Sciarrino, see L. Frappat
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:1,  27–42
A. M. Semikhatov, A. Taormina
Twists and Singular Vectors in $\widehat{s\ell}(2|1)$ Representations
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:3,  474–491
D. M. Shcherbin, see A. Yu. Orlov
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:1,  84–108
O. V. Sheinkman, see M. A. Vasiliev
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:3,  378–394
O. I. Sheremet, see Yu. P. Virchenko
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:2,  161–177
O. L. Shpilinskaya, see Yu. P. Virchenko
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:2,  178–192
M. A. Soloviev
Lorentz-Covariant Ultradistributions, Hyperfunctions, and Analytic Functionals
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:3,  492–514
P. Sorba, see L. Frappat
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:1,  27–42
A. Taormina, see A. M. Semikhatov
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:3,  474–491
T. Tchrakian, see Y. Brihaye
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:3,  361–377
A. A. Tseytlin
Tachyon Effective Actions in String Theory
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:3,  540–560
A. V. Tsiganov
Construction of Separation Variables for Finite-Dimensional Integrable Systems
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:2,  205–225
I. V. Tyutin
General Form of the $*$-Commutator on the Grassmann Algebra
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:3,  515–539
M. A. Vasiliev, O. V. Sheinkman
Conformal Higher-Spin Symmetry for Matter Fields in $2+1$ Dimensions
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:3,  378–394
V. L. Vereshchagin
Asymptotic expansions for partial solutions of the sixth Painlevé equation
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:2,  193–204
Yu. P. Virchenko, O. I. Sheremet
Geometric Models of the Statistical Theory of Fragmentation
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:2,  161–177
Yu. P. Virchenko, O. L. Shpilinskaya
Stochastic Fractals with Markovian Refinements
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:2,  178–192
G. Weigt, G. P. Jorjadze, C. Ford
Integration of the $\mathrm{SL}(2,\mathbb R)/\mathrm{U}(1)$ Gauged WZNW Theory by Reduction and Quantum Parafermions
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:2,  249–267
V. N. Zaikin, M. Ya. Pal'chik
Conformally Invariant Regularization and Skeleton Expansions in Gauge Theory
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:3,  409–421
V. E. Zakharov
Integration of the Gauss–Codazzi Equations
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:1,  133–144
O. I. Zavialov
On the Mechanism for Nonlinear Representations of the Lorentz Group Arising in Quantum Field Theory
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:3,  403–408
V. V. Zharinov
Cohomologies of the Lie Algebra of Vector Fields on a Line
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:2,  147–160
F. Zimmerschied, see Y. Brihaye
TMF, 2001, Volume 128:3,  361–377
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