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Author Index, 2003, Volume 136

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Zh. I. Abdullaev, S. N. Lakaev
Asymptotics of the Discrete Spectrum of the Three-Particle Schrödinger Difference Operator on a Lattice
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:2,  231–245
A. A. Arsen'ev
Mathematical Model of Resonances and Tunneling in a System with a Bound State
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:3,  507–516
I. A. Batalin, A. M. Semikhatov
Associativity and Operator Hamiltonian Quantization of Gauge Theories
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:3,  339–364
R. Chaudhury
Dynamical Spin Susceptibility in the $t$$J$ Model in the Superconducting Phase
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:1,  148–157
M. Corgini, D. P. Sankovich
Two-Sided Estimates for the Internal Energy of Thermal Photons
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:1,  158–163
V. M. Eleonskii, V. G. Korolev, N. E. Kulagin
Dynamical Systems Related to Fractional Hamiltonians on the Two-Dimensional Sphere
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:2,  271–284
V. A. Franke, see S. A. Paston
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:1,  69–76
V. D. Gladush
Five-Dimensional General Relativity and Kaluza–Klein Theory
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:3,  480–495
D. V. Ionescu
The Gravitational Field of an Electrically Charged Mass Point and the Causality Principle in the RTG
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:2,  324–336
V. G. Kadyshevskii, V. N. Rodionov
Polarization of the Electron-Positron Vacuum by a Strong Magnetic Field in the Theory with a Fundamental Mass
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:3,  517–528
R. Khain, see Zh. Kovachevich
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:2,  299–311
V. G. Korolev, see V. M. Eleonskii
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:2,  271–284
Zh. Kovachevich, N. M. Plakida, R. Khain
Resonant States in High-Temperature Superconductors with Impurities
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:2,  299–311
V. V. Kozlov, D. V. Treschev
Evolution of Measures in the Phase Space of Nonlinear Hamiltonian Systems
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:3,  496–506
N. E. Kulagin, see V. M. Eleonskii
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:2,  271–284
S. N. Lakaev, see Zh. I. Abdullaev
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:2,  231–245
A. A. Magazev, I. V. Shirokov
Integration of Geodesic Flows on Homogeneous Spaces: The Case of a Wild Lie Group
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:3,  365–379
K. L. Malyshev
Functional Integration with an “Automorphic” Boundary Condition and Correlators of Third Components of Spins in the $XX$ Heisenberg Model
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:2,  285–298
L. G. Mardoyan
Scattering of Electrons on the Dyon
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:2,  246–256
G. A. Martynov
Thermodynamics and Hydrodynamics (Statistical Foundations): 4. Kinetic Processes in Multicomponent Systems
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:2,  312–323
M. D. Missarov, R. G. Stepanov
Combinatorial Optimization Problems in Ultrametric Spaces
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:1,  164–176
O. I. Mokhov
Quasi-Frobenius Algebras and Their Integrable $N$-Parameter Deformations Generated by Compatible $(N\times N)$ Metrics of Constant Riemannian Curvature
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:1,  20–29
A. I. Nikishov
Equivalent Sets of Solutions of the Klein–Gordon Equation with a Constant Electric Field
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:1,  77–89
S. V. Novikov
Transfer of a Passive Vector Admixture by a Two-Dimensional Turbulent Flow
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:1,  52–68
A. I. Oksak, A. D. Sukhanov
Representation of Quantum Brownian Motion in the Collective Coordinate Method
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:1,  115–147
S. Z. Pakulyak, S. M. Sergeev
Spectral Curves and Parameterization of a Discrete Integrable Three-Dimensional Model
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:1,  30–51
S. A. Paston, E. V. Prokhvatilov, V. A. Franke
Ultraviolet Finiteness of Chiral Perturbation Theory in Two-Dimensional Quantum Electrodynamics
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:1,  69–76
N. M. Plakida, see Zh. Kovachevich
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:2,  299–311
M. A. Popov, see V. E. Zobov
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:3,  463–479
E. V. Prokhvatilov, see S. A. Paston
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:1,  69–76
V. V. Pupyshev
Structure of Regular Solutions of the Three-Body Schrödinger Equation near the Pair Impact Point
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:1,  90–114
V. N. Rodionov, see V. G. Kadyshevskii
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:3,  517–528
D. P. Sankovich, see M. Corgini
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:1,  158–163
A. M. Semikhatov, see I. A. Batalin
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:3,  339–364
S. M. Sergeev, see S. Z. Pakuliak
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:1,  30–51
A. B. Shabat
Universal Models of Soliton Hierarchies
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:2,  197–208
M. Kh. Shermatov
Point Interaction Between Two Fermions and One Particle of a Different Nature
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:2,  257–270
D. V. Shirkov
Fourier Transformation of the Renormalization-Invariant Coupling
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:1,  3–19
I. V. Shirokov, see A. A. Magazev
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:3,  365–379
O. Yu. Shvedov
Maslov Complex Germ Method for Systems with First-Class Constraints
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:3,  418–435
D. A. Slavnov
Quantum Measurements and Kolmogorov's Theory of Probability
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:3,  436–443
S. Yu. Slavyanov
Equation for a Product of Solutions of Two Different Schrödinger Equations
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:3,  410–417
L. D. Solov'ev
Multimode Relativistic String: Classical Solutions and Quantization
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:3,  380–409
R. G. Stepanov, see M. D. Missarov
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:1,  164–176
A. D. Sukhanov, see A. I. Oksak
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:1,  115–147
É. A. Tagirov
Quantum Mechanics in Riemannian Space: Different Approaches to Quantization of the Geodesic Motion Compared
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:2,  209–230
D. V. Treschev, see V. V. Kozlov
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:3,  496–506
V. V. Zharinov
Cohomology of a Poisson Algebra
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:2,  179–196
Yu. M. Zinoviev
Spontaneous Magnetization in the Two-Dimensional Ising Model
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:3,  444–462
V. E. Zobov, M. A. Popov
The Coordinate of the Singular Point of Generating Functions of Clusters in the High-Temperature Dynamics of Spin Lattice Systems with Axially Symmetric Interaction
TMF, 2003, Volume 136:3,  463–479
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