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Author Index, 2007, Volume 153

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V. E. Adler, A. B. Shabat
Model equation of the theory of solitons
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:1,  29–45
A. G. Basuev
Interphase Hamiltonian and first-order phase transitions: A generalization of the Lee–Yang theorem
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:1,  98–123
A. G. Basuev
Ising model in half-space: A series of phase transitions in low magnetic fields
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:2,  220–261
V. V. Borzov
Generalized oscillator and its coherent states
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:3,  363–380
G. I. Botirov, U. A. Rozikov
Potts model with competing interactions on the Cayley tree: The contour method
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:1,  86–97
V. De Alfaro, A. T. Filippov
Dimensional reduction of gravity and relation between static states, cosmologies, and waves
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:3,  422–452
M. V. Demina, N. A. Kudryashov
Special polynomials and rational solutions of the hierarchy of the second Painlevé equation
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:1,  58–67
Yu. N. Demkov, P. B. Kurasov
Von Neumann–Wigner theorem: Level repulsion and degenerate eigenvalues
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:1,  68–85
V. E. Didenko, see M. A. Vasiliev
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:2,  158–185
V. V. Eremin, I. O. Glebov
Energy and coherence loss rates in a one-dimensional vibrational system interacting with a bath
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:1,  130–144
A. T. Filippov, see V. De Alfaro
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:3,  422–452
V. A. Franke, see S. A. Paston
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:2,  271–288
I. O. Glebov, see V. V. Eremin
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:1,  130–144
P. Ya. Grozman, D. A. Leites
Nonholonomic Riemann and Weyl tensors for flag manifolds
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:2,  186–219
A. V. Komlov
Noncommutative Grassmannian $U(1)$ sigma model and a Bargmann–Fock space
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:3,  347–357
N. A. Kudryashov, see M. V. Demina
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:1,  58–67
P. B. Kurasov, see Yu. N. Demkov
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:1,  68–85
A. V. Latyshev, A. A. Yushkanov
Behavior of a plasma with the collision rate proportional to the electron velocity in an external electric field
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:3,  409–421
D. A. Leites, see P. Ya. Grozman
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:2,  186–219
Li Gu Qiang
Hawking radiation of the Kerr–Sen black hole via tunneling
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:3,  358–362
V. P. Maslov
Nonstandard analysis, parastatistics, and fractals
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:2,  262–270
V. P. Maslov
Superfluidity of classical liquid in a nanotube for even and odd numbers of neutrons in a molecule
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:3,  388–408
A. S. Matveev, see M. A. Vasiliev
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:2,  158–185
M. I. Muminov
Positivity of the two-particle Hamiltonian on a lattice
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:3,  381–387
S. A. Paston, V. A. Franke
Canonical formulation of the embedded theory of gravity equivalent to Einstein's general relativity
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:2,  271–288
V. P. Pavlov, V. M. Sergeev
Dynamical principle
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:1,  18–28
U. A. Rozikov, see G. I. Botirov
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:1,  86–97
A. M. Semikhatov
Toward logarithmic extensions of $\widehat{s\ell}(2)_k$ conformal field models
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:3,  291–346
V. M. Sergeev, see V. P. Pavlov
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:1,  18–28
A. B. Shabat, see V. E. Adler
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:1,  29–45
Sh. R. Shakirov
Higher discriminants of binary forms
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:2,  147–157
M. A. Soloviev
Star product algebras of test functions
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:1,  3–17
A. N. Vasiliev
Correlation functions in the anomalous-dimension approximation for a multicomponent liquid
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:1,  124–129
M. A. Vasiliev, V. E. Didenko, A. S. Matveev
BTZ black hole as a solution of a higher-spin gauge theory in three-dimensional space–time
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:2,  158–185
A. A. Yushkanov, see A. V. Latyshev
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:3,  409–421
D. V. Zakharov
Isoperiodic deformations of the acoustic operator and periodic solutions of the Harry Dym equation
TMF, 2007, Volume 153:1,  46–57
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