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Author Index, 2019, Volume 199

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Z. Amjad, B. Haider
Binary Darboux transformations of the supersymmetric Heisenberg magnet model
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:3,  357–371
N. S. Arkashov, V. A. Seleznev
Energy characteristics of the anomalous diffusion process
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:3,  479–496
Jinbing Chen
Quasiperiodic solutions of the negative-order Korteweg–de Vries hierarchy
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:3,  372–398
Ch. Chowdhury, see J. Das
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:2,  302–329
J. Das, Ch. Chowdhury, G. S. Setlur
Nonchiral bosonization of strongly inhomogeneous Luttinger liquids
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:2,  302–329
A. S. Davydov, see K. A. Sveshnikov
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:1,  69–103
E. I. Dotsenko, see A. M. Grekov
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:1,  47–59
V. O. Egorov, see I. P. Volobuev
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:1,  104–122
X. Geng, J. Wei, X. Zeng
Algebro-geometric integration of the modified Belov–Chaltikian lattice hierarchy
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:2,  235–256
P. A. Grashin, see K. A. Sveshnikov
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:1,  69–103
A. M. Grekov, E. I. Dotsenko
Real forms of elliptic integrable systems
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:1,  47–59
B. Haider, see Z. Amjad
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:3,  357–371
Mahmood-ul Hassan, see H.  Wajahat  A. Riaz
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:2,  272–282
G. F. Helminck, E. A. Panasenko
Expressions in Fredholm determinants for solutions of the strict KP hierarchy
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:2,  193–209
R. M. Khakimov, M. T. Makhammadaliev
Translation Invariance of the periodic Gibbs measures for the Potts model on the Cayley tree
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:2,  291–301
V. A. Khangulyan
A unitarity criterion for the partial $S$-matrix of resonance scattering
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:1,  123–133
A. B. Hasanov, M. M. Hasanov
Integration of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation with an additional term in the class of periodic functions
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:1,  60–68
M. M. Khasanov, see A. B. Khasanov
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:1,  60–68
A. I. Klevin
Asymptotic eigenfunctions of the “bouncing ball” type for the two-dimensional Schrödinger operator with a symmetric potential
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:3,  429–444
S. Koshida
Note on Schramm–Loewner evolution for superconformal algebras
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:1,  33–46
È. A. Kuryanovich
Exact solutions of the Cauchy problem for the Friedman equation
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:1,  154–172
Chuanzhong Li
Bosonic symmetries of the extended fermionic $(2N,2M)$-Toda hierarchy
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:2,  257–271
V. N. Likhachev, G. A. Vinogradov
Quantum problem of polaron localization and justification of the Su–Schrieffer–Heeger approximation
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:2,  283–290
V. V. Losyakov, I. V. Tyutin
Two-dimensional field reduction of the general theory of relativity
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:1,  142–153
M. T. Makhammadaliev, see R. M. Khakimov
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:2,  291–301
V. G. Marikhin
Quasi-Stäckel Hamiltonians and electron dynamics in an external field in the two-dimensional case
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:2,  210–217
Y. Ohkubo
Singular vectors of the Ding–Iohara–Miki algebra
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:1,  3–32
E. A. Panasenko, see G. F. Helminck
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:2,  193–209
A. V. Pereskokov, see D. A. Vakhrameeva
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:3,  445–459
V. V. Pupyshev
Two-dimensional motion of a slow quantum particle in the field of a central long-range potential
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:3,  405–428
M. A. Rasulova
Periodic Gibbs measures for the Potts–SOS model on a Cayley tree
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:1,  134–141
I. M. Ratner
Eigenvalues of the transfer matrix of the three-dimensional Ising model in the particular case $n=m=2$
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:3,  497–510
H. Wajahat W. A. Riaz, M. Hassan
Dressing method for the multicomponent short-pulse equation
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:2,  272–282
V. A. Seleznev, see N. S. Arkashov
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:3,  479–496
G. S. Setlur, see J. Das
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:2,  302–329
S. V. Smirnov
Factorization of Darboux–Laplace transformations for discrete hyperbolic operators
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:2,  175–192
A. N. Starostin, A. G. Sukharev
Refinement of the quantum scattering theory approximation for the Yukawa potential using the Meijer's-function technique
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:3,  460–478
A. G. Sukharev, see A. N. Starostin
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:3,  460–478
K. A. Sveshnikov, Yu. S. Voronina, A. S. Davydov, P. A. Grashin
Essentially nonperturbative vacuum polarization effects in a two-dimensional Dirac–Coulomb system for $Z>Z_{cr}$: Vacuum polarization effects
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:1,  69–103
A. A. Tolchennikov
Behavior of the solution of the Klein–Gordon equation with a localized initial condition
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:2,  330–340
E. D. Trifonov
Spin top (toward a theorem on the spin–statistics relation)
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:3,  399–404
A. V. Tsiganov
Superintegrable systems with algebraic and rational integrals of motion
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:2,  218–234
I. V. Tyutin, see V. V. Losyakov
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:1,  142–153
D. A. Vakhrameeva, A. V. Pereskokov
Asymptotics of the spectrum of a two-dimensional Hartree-type operator with a Coulomb self-action potential near the lower boundaries of spectral clusters
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:3,  445–459
G. A. Vinogradov, see V. N. Likhachev
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:2,  283–290
I. P. Volobuev, V. O. Egorov
Quantum field theory description of processes passing at finite space and time intervals
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:1,  104–122
Yu. S. Voronina, see K. A. Sveshnikov
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:1,  69–103
J. Wei, see X. Geng
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:2,  235–256
A. V. Zabrodin
Matrix modified Kadomtsev–Petviashvili hierarchy
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:3,  343–356
X. Zeng, see X. Geng
TMF, 2019, Volume 199:2,  235–256
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