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Mat. Biolog. Bioinform.:

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Matematicheskaya Biologiya i Bioinformatika

Mathematical Biology and Bioinformatics

The Journal was founded in 2006 and duly registered (current state registration number 0421100049).

Modern biology began to produce unprecedentedly huge volumes of experimental data. Comprehending of them is impossible without involvement of modern information technologies and effective mathematical methods of data analysis, of modeling of biological systems and processes.

Progress of the humanity in the XXI century will be inseparably linked with biology and informatics. Responses to many global challenges, which the contemporary civilization faces, critically depend on development of these sciences, of their interaction and application of their achievements.

As a response to this urgent need, a new scientific field — mathematical biology and bioinformatics — appears. This sphere of knowledge is aiming at solving of the task of studying of biological objects by the methods of biology and informatics. The most impetuous progress of information technologies occurred in the last decades of the XX century, coinciding chronologically with the revolution in biology. Among the most impressive achievements of informatics are:

  • personal computers with high efficiency, which allowed wide distribution of information technologies in all spheres of knowledge, including biology; superpower computing systems (supercomputers and super large computing clusters);
  • super large information carriers providing accumulation and saving of huge data volumes;
  • worldwide Internet providing access to global distributed information resources and software;
  • vast diversity of universal and special programming languages;
  • methods of data analyzing based on achievements of the artificial intelligence theory;
  • technologies of modelling of dynamics of supercomplex systems consisting of vast diversity of interacting elements.

Thereby possibility of mathematical way of assigning of the tasks of modeling of complex biological objects occurred. The tasks are related to solution of systems of equations of high dimensionality and nonlinear systems, to modeling of stochastic processes and other procedures, which are complicated in the sense of computation. The peculiarities of the problems, which are being solved, are: necessity to deal with large volumes of data, long times of computation, and special requirements to the productivity of computing equipment. Besides, latest network technologies and distributed resources (data bases, specialized computational servers) are actively used. To realize this new scientific field, integrating of efforts of biologists, mathematicians and professionals in information technologies is necessary. We hope that the new journal will help with this.

Address: 142290, Moscow Region, Pushchino, Institutskaya street, 4
Phone: +7 (4967) 31 85 37, +7 (4967) 31 85 18
Fax: +7 (4967) 31 85 00
ISSN: 1994-6538 (online)
Founders: Institute of Mathematical Problems of Biology
Publishers: Institute of Mathematical Problems of Biology

Quartile in SJR Category: Applied Mathematics: Q4 (2019)
Biomedical Engineering: Q4 (2019)
. : Mathematical Biology and Bioinformatics

Editor in Chief
Lakhno, Viktor Dmitrievich

Deputy Editors
Kolchanov, Nikolai Aleksandrovich
Rudakov, Konstantin Vladimirovich
Ustinin, Mikhail Nikolaevich

Editorial Council
Aleksandrov, Aleksandr Anatol'evich
Archakov, Aleksandr Ivanovich
Arsen'ev, Aleksandr Sergeevich
Berdyshev, Vitalii Ivanovich
Chetverushkin, Boris Nikolaevich
Degermendzhy, Andrey Georgievich
Evtushenko, Yurii Gavrilovich
Fedotov, Anatolii Mikhailovich
Frisman, Efim Yakovlevich
Il'in, Vladimir Aleksandrovich
Korotkov, Evgenii Vadimovich
Kozlov, Nikolai Nikolaevich
Levin, Vladimir Konstantinovich
Markhasin, Vladimir Semenovich
Markov, Alexandr Vladimirovich
Matveev, Sergei Vladimirovich
Mironov, Andrei Aleksandrovich
Riznichenko, Galina Yur'evna
Romanyukha, Aleksei Alekseevich
Rubin, Andrei Borisovich
Samsonova, Mariya Georgievna
Shabanov, Boris Mikhailovich
Shaitan, Konstantin Vol'demarovich
Shokin, Yurii Ivanovitch
Tumanyan, Vladimir Gaievich
Vasin, Aleksandr Alekseevich
Zhizhchenko, Aleksei Borisovich

Executive Secretary
Nazipova, Nafisa Nailovna

Total publications: 368
Scientific articles: 365
Authors: 652
Citations: 407
Cited articles: 167

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for 2010: 0.188
for 2009: 0.179
for 2008: 0.333

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