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Matematicheskie Zametki

Mathematical Notes

The journal “Matematicheskie Zametki/Mathematical Notes” is a monthly journal of the Mathematics Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The English-language double-issue version of the journal is published simultaneously with the Russian version by “Pleiades Publishing Ltd.”.

The journal publishes articles by authors from all over the world containing rigorous mathematical results on algebraic theory, topology, differential geometry, group theory, number theory, functional analysis, logics, measure theory, probability theory, asymptotic methods, ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, mathematical physics, and spectral theory. The journal contains a special section called “Short Communications”; the contributions to this section must be submitted by members of the Editorial Board of the journal. Surveys are published by special requests of the Editorial Board.

At present, the Editorial Board includes 4 Members of RAS and 4 Corresponding Members of RAS. The Editor-in-Chief is Professor V. P. Maslov, Member of RAS.

About 180 papers are published each year. The time needed for evaluating papers, whose subject matter must correspond to the specializations of members of the Editorial Board, is at most 8 months. The TEX and PDF files of your papers must be uploaded to the site To do this, you must register on the site, indicating your login and code word (in future, these data can be changed in the section “Personal Data”). To upload your files, you must then click on “Upload the manuscript” line, choose the journal “Matematicheskie Zametki/Mathematical Notes” and follow further instructions. Note that, to accelerate the publication of you paper, you should abide by the submission rules for the authors and use the necessary style files.

The authors must sign the copyright transfer agreement with Pleiades Publishing and send it to the Editorial Board. The typical texts of such agreements can be found on the site of MAIK Nauka/Interperiodica Publishing House.

Address: 119991, Moscow, Gubkina, 8, office 217
Phone: +7 (495) 984 81 44
ISSN: 2305-2880 (online), 0025-567X (print)
Founders: Russian Academy of Sciences, Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS
Publisher: Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences
Copyright: Russian Academy of Sciences, Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS

Web of Science: Indexed in Web of Science Core Collection
Quartile in JCR Category: MATHEMATICS: Q3
English version: Mathematical Notes

Editor in Chief
Maslov Victor Pavlovich

Editorial Board
Dobrokhotov Sergei Yur'evich, Deputy Editor in Chief
Shkalikov Andrei Andreevich, Deputy Editor in Chief
Bezrodnykh Sergei Igorevich, Secretary
Adian Sergei Ivanovich
Chebotarev Alexander Mikhailovich
Dubinin Vladimir Nikolaevich
Fursikov Andrei Vladimirovich
Gashkov Sergey Borisovich
Ivanov Valeriy Ivanovich
Kashin Boris Sergeevich
Korolev Maxim Aleksandrovich
Kozlov Valery Vasil'evich
Kutateladze Semen Samsonovich
Mishchenko Alexandr Sergeevich
Orlov Dmitri Olegovich
Popov Vladimir Leonidovich
Sosinskii Aleksei Bronislavovich
Taimanov Iskander Asanovich
Treschev Dmitrii Valer'evich

Managing Editor
Ivanova Ekaterina Georgievna

Editorial Staff
Kulikova Tat'yana Yur'evna, scientific editor
Tolstova Olga L'vovna, scientific editor

 Mathematical Notes
Total publications: 10315
Scientific articles: 10128
Authors: 5651
Citations: 20265
Cited articles: 5518

Impact-factor Math-Net.Ru
for 2016: 0.523
for 2015: 0.424
for 2014: 0.332
for 2013: 0.387
for 2012: 0.430
for 2011: 0.386
for 2010: 0.384
for 2009: 0.375
for 2008: 0.314
for 2007: 0.266
for 2006: 0.253
for 2005: 0.205
for 2004: 0.208
for 2003: 0.215

Impact Factor Web of Science
for 2016: 0.484
for 2015: 0.425
for 2014: 0.334
for 2013: 0.259
for 2012: 0.239
for 2011: 0.295
for 2010: 0.344
for 2009: 0.337
for 2008: 0.270
for 2007: 0.251
for 2006: 0.172
for 2005: 0.156
for 2004: 0.159
for 2003: 0.168

Scopus Metrics
2016 CiteScore 0.320
2016 SNIP 0.677
2016 SJR 0.431
2015 CiteScore 0.240
2015 SNIP 0.542
2015 IPP 0.218
2015 SJR 0.382
2014 CiteScore 0.190
2014 SNIP 0.457
2014 IPP 0.180
2014 SJR 0.326
2013 SNIP 0.521
2013 IPP 0.159
2013 SJR 0.305
2012 SNIP 0.364
2012 IPP 0.154
2012 SJR 0.262

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