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Prikladnaya Diskretnaya Matematika

The scientific journal Prikladnaya Diskretnaya Matematika has been issued since 2008. It was registered by Federal Control Service in the Sphere of Communications and Mass Media (Registration Witness PI FS 77-33762 in October 16th, in 2008).

The journal is a quarterly. All the papers to be published in it are obligatorily verified by one or two specialists. The publication in the journal is free of charge and may be in Russian or in English.

The topics of the journal are the following:

  1. theoretical foundations of applied discrete mathematics — algebraic structures, discrete functions, combinatorial analysis, number theory, mathematical logic, information theory, systems of equations over finite fields and rings;
  2. mathematical methods in cryptography — synthesis of cryptosystems, methods for cryptanalysis, pseudorandom generators, appreciation of cryptosystem security, cryptographic protocols, mathematical methods in quantum cryptography;
  3. mathematical methods in steganography — synthesis of steganosystems, methods for steganoanalysis, appreciation of steganosystem security;
  4. mathematical methods in steganography — synthesis of steganosystems, methods for steganoanalysis, appreciation of steganosystem security;
  5. mathematical foundations of computer security — mathematical models for computer system security, mathematical methods for the analysis of the computer system security, mathematical methods for the synthesis of protected computer systems;
  6. mathematical foundations of computer and control system reliability — mathematical models for functionally stable computer and control systems (that is for ones that are correctly function in the presence of faults, hazards and so on), mathematical methods for the analysis of the functional stability of computer and control systems, mathematical methods for the synthesis of functionally stable computer and control systems, mathematical methods for the verification of switching circuits and for program testing, mathematical methods for the synthesis of self checking and testable circuits;
  7. applied theory of automata — automaton models for net protocols, for cryptosystems and for control systems, information-lossless automata, experiments on automata, decomposition of automata, automaton equations, cellular automata;
  8. logical design of discrete automata — mathematical models and methods for analysis, synthesis, optimization and complexity appreciation of discrete automata, apparatus realization of cryptographic algorithms;
  9. mathematical foundations of informatics and programming — formal languages and grammars, algorithmic systems, programming languages, data structures, data processing algorithms, theory of computing complexity;
  10. computing methods in discrete mathematics — number theory methods in cryptography, computing methods in number theory and abstract algebra, combinatorial algorithms, parallel computations, methods for discrete optimization, discrete-event and cellular automaton models;
  11. mathematical foundations of intellectual systems — data bases, knowledge bases, logical inference, expert systems, mathematical linguistics;
  12. applied graph theory — graph models in informatics and programming, in computer security, in computer and control systems, in intellectual systems;
  13. historical records on discrete mathematics and its applications — in cryptography, in computer security, in cybernetics, in informatics, in programming and in reliability theory.
    1. Address: 634050, Tomsk, Lenin street, 36
      ISSN: 2071-0410 (print), 2311-2263 (online)
      Founders: Tomsk State University
      Publisher: Tomsk State University, Tomsk

      Web of Science: Indexed in Web of Science Core Collection
      Web of Science: Indexed in RUSSIAN SCIENCE CITATION INDEX
      Quartile in SJR Category: Applied Mathematics: Q4 (2019)
      Computational Theory and Mathematics: Q4 (2019)
      Discrete Mathematics and Combinatorics: Q4 (2019)
      Signal Processing: Q4 (2019)
      Theoretical Computer Science: Q4 (2019)

      Editor in Chief
      Cheremushkin, Aleksandr Vasil'evich

      Editorial Board
      Devyanin, Petr Nikolaevich, Deputy Editor in Chief
      Pankratova, Irina Anatol'evna, Executive Secretary
      Agievich, Sergei Valer'evich
      Alekseev, Valerii Borisovich
      Chebotarev, Anatolii Nikolaevich
      Evdokimov, Alexander Andreevich
      Fomichev, Vladimir Mikhailovich
      Kharin, Yurii Semenovich
      Kolesnikova, Svetlana Ivanovna
      Krylov, Piotr Andreevich
      Logachev, Oleg Aleksejevich
      Myasnikov, Aleksei Georgievich
      Roman'kov, Vitalii Anatol'evich
      Safonov, Konstantin Vladimirovich
      Sholomov, Lev Abramovich

Total publications: 728
Scientific articles: 711
Authors: 492
Citations: 1043
Cited articles: 338

Impact-factor Math-Net.Ru
for 2019: 0.449
for 2018: 0.507
for 2017: 0.370
for 2016: 0.303
for 2015: 0.315
for 2014: 0.453
for 2013: 0.264
for 2012: 0.283
for 2011: 0.213
for 2010: 0.305

Scopus Metrics
2019 SJR 0.157
2018 CiteScore 0.330
2018 SJR 0.265
2017 CiteScore 0.210
2017 SNIP 0.072
2017 SJR 0.200

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