Ural State University of Economics, Ekaterinburg, Russia
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Ural State University of Economics, Ekaterinburg, RussiaThe Urals State University of Economics (UrSUE) was founded on October 10, 1967 as the Sverdlovsk Institute of National Economy. Presently it is a large educational and research centre in Russia, a basic economic higher learning establishment of the Ural region which trains about 6000 students.

The University has trained more than 40 ths. specialists for national economy various branches. The University contains 7 faculties: those of

  1. Economics
  2. Finance
  3. Management and Global Economics
  4. Commerce
  5. Engineering,
  6. Extra-Mural Faculty
  7. Institute of Reduced Program.

Instruction is being conducted by 33 departments (15 of them have graduates) in 30 specialities and specializations: economics; theory of economics, labour economics and sociology; nature use economics; national economy (regional and municipal economics; social sphere economics, economics and law); economics and management at an industrial enterprise; information systems in economics; finance and credit (finance; banking); accounting and audit (industrial and agricultural); global economy (international businesses; external economic activity organization); management; economics and management at trade and public catering enterprises; commerce; commodity science and expert examination of food products and non-food products; food industry machines; technology of public catering products.

Since 1996 bachelors in Economics are being trained, external students education system is functioning. About 400 lecturers are teaching at the University, among them more than 50 Doctors of Sciences and Professors, more than 230 Candidates of Sciences, Assistant-Professors, 1 Correspondent Member of Russia Academy of Sciences, 4 Honoured Economists, 5 Honoured Men of Science; I Member of the New- York Academy of Sciences; 1 Honoured Physical Culture and Sport Worker; 11 persons are elected as Members of a number of different Public Academies. Professors from Germany, USA, Great Britain and France are constantly working as educators at the University.

The Ural State University of Economics has the following all -University departments: History, Higher Maths, Philosophy, Foreign Languages, Law, Computing Technologies and Design, Sociology and Social Psychology Department, Military Department, Department of Physical and Sport Education. A principle of continuous humanitarian training is being realized in the context of the world socio-humanitarian knowledge represented by versatile academic schools, trends, concepts.



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  • Sverdlovsk Institute of National Economy
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