Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Russia
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Bauman Moscow State Technical University, RussiaFounded in 1830 as an Emperor's Vocational School and located almost in the heart of Russia's capital, Moscow State Technical University n.a. N. E. Bauman (MSTU) was always known as an Engineering University of educational excellence, having a potential for real greatness. A long-term history of University provides many examples of creating a number of the world-known scientific schools which contributed to developing in different fields such as space engineering, heating engineering, biophysics, aerodynamics, radio physics, radio electronics, optics, laser technology, dynamics and strength of machines.

The University has an outstanding faculty of 3500 men and women, many of whom are recognized for their scholarship. It numbers 350 Doctors of Science and 1800 Ph.D.s.

Presently there are approximately 18000 students, concentrating their studies in science and engineering, and 1000 post graduates, working on their Ph.D. thesises at MSTU. The most-stated reason for them to enter here was the University's academic reputation.

The University provides close co-operation activities with Russian Academy of Sciences and Industry.

Opportunities offered by MSTU attracted more than 300 international students from 20 countries all over the world.

According to MSTU curriculum, its academic offerings are: bachelor's degree programs, master's programs, Ph.D. programs, pre-University programs, and internship. All training programs meet state educational standards and carry national accreditation. Graduates of all degrees earn appropriate certificates.

MSTU curriculum offers a distinctive approach to education by combining the academic studies with fundamental and applied researches and design and experimental works, using a potential of appropriate Research Institutes set up for each Faculty of the University.



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  • Bauman Moscow Higher Technical School
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